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include class title/date in the instruction box.).

If you cannot attend class you prepaid for on my blog:  you need to let me know before class by email or phone, I will credit you.  I cannot credit you if you notify me after class has passed.

Some classes you pay at the facility where I will be teaching - Locations & addresses below

Classes Coming Up

Poway Library  March 25th, 10:30-12:00   
Zentangle Fish
Call library to register  - 858-513-2900
No tuition for this class - thanks Poway Library  (materials on loan at class)

Lakeside Library  April 1st   2:00-3:00
Teens Zentangle Class  Register with Library  619/443-1811
No tuition - Thanks Lakeside Library

SD Botanical Garden  April 22nd, 2:00-4:00 
Zentangle Garden Class
$40 members, $48 non-members, plus $10 material fee to instructor
Poway Adult School  April 24th, 12:30 - 3:00  and May 1st, 12:30-3:00 
Introduction to Zentangle Art Method and Beyond Basic (this is two class series)
Register with PAS  go to website
See PAS spring catalog for tuition

Crest Library  May 2nd, 3:00 - 4:30 Crest Library -
Introduction to Zentangle
No tuition - Thanks Crest Library
Register with Library - 619/442-7083

Poway Adult School  May 8th  12:30-3:00
Zentangle Hummingbird
Register with PAS  go to website

Rancho Sante Fe Library May 13th, 11:00-12:00
Adult Zentangle Class
Register with Library 858-756-2512

Poway Adult School  May 15th 12:30-3:00
Zentangle Greeting Card

SD Botanical Garden  May 27th  2:00-4:00
Zentangle Garden
Members $40, Non-members $48 plus $10 material fee to instructor

Rancho Bernardo Adult School 
June 12-16th ,  9:00-12:00
Summer camp for middle school

Mt. Carmel High Summer Camps   Kids Grade 6th - 8th,
June 12 - 16th, 9:00-12:00  $159 (all materials included).
Zentangle® Art Method takes the "hard" out of art. Zentangle is an easy art method that creates beautiful images by drawing structured patterns. During the drawing, you relax focus and get into a sense of well-being. Kids LOVE Zentangle because there are no mistakes, no erasers, no rulers. All supplies will be provided.   Click below to register or go to Poway Adult School Posting.

Lakeside Library,  June 17th  2:00-3:30
Introduction to Zentangle Art MethodNo tuition - thanks Lakeside Library
Register with Library  619/443-1811

El Cajon Library, July 1st, 2:00-3:30
Introduction to Zentangle
No tuition - thanks El Cajon Library
Register with library

Poway Adult School  July 5th and July 12th, 12:30 - 3:00 (two series class)
Introduction to Zentangle (and Beyond Basic Zentangle next week)
Register with PAS  go to website

Ramona Library  July 14th  1:00-2:30
Introduction to Zentangle
No tuition - thanks Ramona Library
Register with library

Poway Adult School July 19th, 12:30-3:00
Zentangle Garden - welcome to my garden
Register with PAS  go to website

Ramona Library July 25th, 1:00 - 2:00
Zentangle and Kids
Call library for info.

Poway Adult School  July 26th  112:30-3:00
Zentangle Under the Sea
Register with PAS  go to website

More classes to come - keep checking back

 Class Location addresses

San Diego Oasis
 1702 Camino del Rio, SD, CA  92108 -  Moving to Grossmont Center - Spring

Mission Valley Location (NOT FASHION VALLEY)- use south door by Freeway 8 
3rd story of Macy's Department Store  --NOT the furniture store)
This site is for 50 and older group (45 will work too)
Classes  $40pp (includes materials)
San Diego Botanical Gardens (Encinitas) 230 Quail Gardens Drive, Encinitas 
Register on website:
phone:  760-436-3036  fee: member or non-member
Poway Adult School
Twin Peaks Middle School
14540 Tierra Bonita Road
Poway Ca 92064

Foothills Adult School
1550 Melody Lane
El Cajon, CA  92019


Call Library for registration for Zentangle Classes

Also available for classes/workshops:

Teacher Continuing Education (guided art for the kids), classroom, homeschool, after school 
Special interest groups/clubs
Office/corporate/organizations - team building/wellness
Girl/boy scouts - camps/retreats/meetings
Private groups: book clubs, meetup groups, bunco, art groups,  
All ages - girls and guys
Church groups
Couples evening
Girls night out
Home classes/family
Summer activities/camps/retreats
Families -learn together/reunions
Birthday parties classes -- personalized to fit your needs.

My Class Description

Introduction to Zentangle
    No previous art experience required                                                   This class invites all levels/ages - 10-up.                                              
A 2 hour workshop of basic Introduction to the Zentangle drawing method.  Class will cover
the history, the applications, and steps of creating an original Zentangle tile. Learn several
patterns and complete two tiles. Watch the smoke and mirror excitement take place when
you learn how easy it is and how good you feel while you are drawing in the ZENTANGLE
ZONE.  This class will leave you thirsty for more.

mini kit

Kids - Introduction to Zentangle       
Ages 8-17   
This 1 1/2 class brings kids into the field of art in a fun way.  Zentangle is so easy and promotes
self-confidence along with eye/hand coordination when creating a beautiful tile.  Zentangle method provides structured patterns broken down into elementary strokes.  Great for guided art in school.
Come have fun with me - let me know ages and I will fine tune class.
$30  tuition  (materials included)

Kids love this art form.  If you can write your name, you can "tangle".  No mistakes- no erasers. 

Beyond Basic Zentangle - Strongly suggest for your second class. This 2 hour class you will learn more complex patterns, tango (two patterns together), tangleations (variations),  tangle embellishments, shading, step-outs, string theory, and tracing.  Fun class
Beyond Paper  - This 2 hour class will be learning to tangle on surface other than paper.
The non paper surface could be canvas, ceramic, pumpkin, wood, etc.


Seasonal Classes 
Projects for seasons  (i.e,Valentine Day, St. Patrick's Day, Spring, May-flowers, July 4th,  Fall/Thanksgiving, Winter/Christmas and more.
ZIA (Zentangle Inspired Art)   This 2 hour class brings you more tangles and out of the box ideas.  Wait till you see what we can tangles.

Alcohol Inks Workshop   - This two hour class you will be working with Alcohol Ink. This is a new free flowing media with vibrant colors.  Painting with lcohol inks is delightful and mesmerizing.    Very vivid paints that you apply to ceramic tiles/paper, then draw tangles on them.  My favorite class. It is amazing the colors you can come up with.  Great gift giving idea. 
$40  tuition (materials included)

Black Tile  -  Time to reverse the rolls.  This 2 hour class, the students will be working on black tiles using gel pen, zenstone chalk and white charcoal along with grey Fabrico pen.              

Renaissance Tile    -  Journey back in the time of Leonardo de Vinci and Michelangelo. This 2 hour class is taught on tan tile with black, white, and sepia pen.

Hummingbird Delight   This two hour class will produce a beautiful hummingbird with new patterns and a little color).  
This is a class favorite!!!

Organic Garden  - This two hour class will show you how to create a beautiful garden  with structured patterns.  Introducing tan/gray paper to tangle on using white pencil and gray pen.

Under the Sea  - This two hour class will introduce you to tangles that resemble an ocean look.

Animal Tangle Class - This two hour class will take you into a larger world of Zentangle tiles.  The Opus tile is 10.5 x 10.5.  We will create an animal themed tile with new patterns to tangle.  This is a perfect gift for framing.
Tangled Poetry  - This is a ZIA (Zentangled Insprired Art) class. During
this 2 hour class you will find poetry in the most strangest place,
then tangle.

Zendala Zentangle  Step away from the square tile and jump into a circle Zendala tile. Two hour class.

Zentangle Personalized Greeting Cards
on't purchase a greeting card again.  This 2 hour class you will learn to make a personal
Zentangle card for your family/friends.  Look at the money you will save and that personal touch.  

Color Me Beautiful   -  Come out of the black and white and
jump into a world of color on your tile.  This is a 2 hour class
and will be working with watercolor pencils and a "magic wand".              

Journaling Class  - This two hour class you will learn new tangles and apply them in a journaling fashion to keep records or your work. 

Multi Generation - Introduction to Zentangle - NO ART EXPERIENCE NECESSARY
Kids/parents/grandparents come and learn together something you can enjoy thru drawing structured patterns.  So easy children to seniors can learn.  Fun way to share some time together.
Adults: $40 tuition 
kids       $30 tuition (ages 8-17

Tangle Folk - inspired by CZT, Billie Lauder. 
Tangle Folk are whimsical creatures that are created by using a Zentangle string method.  This fun class explores line movement and design while drawing the human body.

 ZenGems   - This class is working with watercolor pencils to produce gem looking pieces to add to your Zentangle tiles.

14 Shades of Gray -  NEW This class takes Zentangle shading to the next level.  Learn layering, lifting, mixing & matching micron pen and pencil.  .  After tangling, you will create a softer shade of the original tangle.



Zentangle Pop Art. - Working with watercolor pencils, we create a  Pop Art type piece with a "ZenGem" feel, and tangles.


NEW Zentangle Yen/Yang (black & @ White)
This class let's opposites attract. Using black and white paper, and black and white pens, we create an amazing piece of art.  My favorite class to date. YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS THIS ONE.

 Zentangle Dreamcatcher  - Create a Indian Dreamcatcher, Zentangle style and keep your dreams safe....This class will bring
the world of Native Indians together with Zentangle.  Let's make
an adult coloring page to color.  Listen to soft tribal music and listen to the history behind this popular symbol.

Coloring Book Page
The ever so popular "adult Coloring Book"  are an extension of the Zentangle Art Method.  Many of the books were written by Certified Zentangle Teacher.  Learn to create your own coloring pages by drawing structured patterns.  Let me teach you how easy it is to make your own coloring book page with the Zentangle Art Method. 

NEW African Mudd Cloth
Create a tapas leather like Zentangle piece of art with black, brown, white pens.

NEW   Gratitude/Dream Jar  
Put all your hopes and thank you's in a glass jar made with Alcohol Inks and tangle the outside in Zentangle style.
Zentangle for Groups/Companies/Corporations
Places of work can become stressful.  I love sharing Zentangle with coporate teams.  I will show you the relaxing benefits of this art form and during the process relax, focus and create a bridge from each employee to now have a subject to create talk amongst every level of employee. Have HR contact me and we can design a perfect venue for your business (large or small).
Team Building - Wellness day 
Reward Hard Working Employees, Build Creative Thinking & Problem Solving Skills....all while having a lot of fun!

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