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(hard to believe, but true)
Also available for class/workshop @ office/corporate/home/event/facility
All ages - kids/teens/men/women/seniors/multi-generation
Libraries - city/county
Senior Communities
Teacher Continuing Education (guided art for kids)
Classroom, homeschool, after school program
Wellness events
Hospital/medical facility/eating disorders/addiction recovery
Special interest groups/clubs
Office/corporate/organizations - team building, wellness, thank you to employees/volunteers
Girl Scouts/Boy Scouts
Private groups:  book clubs, meetup group, bunco, art groups
Church Groups
Couples evenings
Girls Night Out
Home classes/family
Summer Activities/camps/retreats
Families - learn together/reunions
Birthday Parties Classes - personalized to fit your needs
Zentangle Club - weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly

All ages - girls and guys

Zentangle has been proven to help with:
Anxiety (i.e. fear of flying),  Depression,  Bereavement,  Cancer (Dialysis) therapy,  Any Addictions,  Parkinson/essential tremors (helps eye-hand coordination),  ADD/ADHD (helps to focus),  PTSD,  Eating Disorders,  Chronic Medical Conditions,  Insomnia and mrore

Kids & Zentangle - early art development, guided art, focus, relax, calm down

 (helps with self-confidence, self esteem -- Kids love that Zentangle has NO MISTAKES

                                            Best yet - it is FUN FUN FUN
Janet's Class, Dates, Locations & Time:  check back often for updates
*All library classes are no fee:  class limited to 25 students  
Call library to register just to be sure

Skyline Hills Library, January 19th, Saturday @ 10:30-12:00
Introduction to Zentangle

University Community Library, January 24th @ 1:00-2:30  (UTC by Carl's Jr)
4 series Zentangle class - #1 Introduction to Zentangle
Learn the history and create an original Zentangle tile
Take one class or all four call to register: 858/552-1655

Kensington Library, January 26th, Saturday @ 10:30-12:00
Zentangle Journaling Class - a place to keep all your patterns
Call library to register - only 10 seats   619/533-3974

San Diego Oasis - (55+) La Mesa, January 28th, Monday @ 1:00-2:00
Only $15  Register online or call 619-881-6262

Koi Zen Winery, January 30th, Wednesday @ 6:30-8:30
Zentangle Winery Landscape - using The Zentangle Method, create  "at the vineyards" piece of art.
$38 (includes materials and glass of wine)
Register on line or call  858-381-2675

Oak Park Library (new location)  February 2nd, Saturday @ 2:00-3:30
Introduction to Zentangle   619/527-3406

Lakeside Library, February 4th, Monday 3:30-5:00
Valentine Zendala

Poway Library, February 7th, Thursday @ 5:30-7:00
Canvas Valentine Bouquet

onita Library, (new location) Februrary 9th, Saturday @ 1:00-3:30

Introduction to Zentangle - learn the history and create an original tile.

Skyline Hills Library, February 16th, Saturday @ 10:30-12:00
Beyond Basic Zentangle

North Clairemont Library , February 21st, Thursday @ 1:00-2:30
Zentangle Found and Tangled My Heart -
Tangle a book page with a heart felt  piece
Call to register:  858/581-9931

Kensington Library, February 23rd, Saturday @ 10:30-12:00
Zentangle Zendala  - Zentangle idea of "mandala" in the round
Call library to register - only 10 seats    619/533-3974

San Diego Oasis, (55+), La Mesa, February 25th, Monday @1:00-2:00
Only $15  Register online or call:  619-881-6262

University Community Library Februrary 28th, Thursday @ 1:00-2:30
(UTC by Carl Jr's)

4 series class - #2 Beyond Basic Zentangle  (take one class or all four classes)

Oak Park Library, March 9th, Saturday @ 2:00-3:30
Beyond Basic Zentangle
Learn more about string theory, tangleations, tango's, shading, tracing, and more  call to register:  619/527-3406

Crest Library,
March 12th, Tuesday @ 6:00-7:30pm

Introduction to Zentangle

Rancho Penasquitos Library, (new locations),  March 16th, Saturday @ 10:00-11:30

Introduction to Zentangle

Central Library, March 19th, Tuesday @ 4:00-5:30

Mental Health Day

Koi Zen Winery, March 20th, Wednesday @ 6:30-8:30pm

Zentangle Spill the Wine Workshop - use wine to create a Zentangle art piece
$38 includes materials and glass of wine)Call winery to register or go online

Allied Gardens Library, March 22, Friday @ 2:30-4:00
Zentangle Forest for the Trees Workshop  619-533-3970

Skyline Hills Library, March 23rd, Saturday @ 10:30-12:00
Zentangle Spring Bunny 
San Diego Oasis (55+), La Mesa, March 25th, Monday @ 1:00-2:00
Only $15  Register online or call  619-881-6262

University Community Library, March 28th , Thursday @1:00-2:30
4 series class - #3 Zentangle Spring Bunny in a Basket
(Take one class or all four)  858/552-1655

Kensington Library, March 30th, Saturday @ 10:30-12:00
Zentangle Found and Tangled - using an old book create a poem/phrase and tangle
Call to register - only 10 seats  619/533-3974


Oak Park Library, April 6th, Saturday @ 2:00-3:30
Zentangle Butterfly class  619/527-3406

North Clairemont Library, April 11th, Thursday @ 1:00-2:30

Zentangle Spring Greeting Card  call to register: 858/581-9637

Private Class- (closed), April 12th, Friday 7:00-8:30
Class Subject Pending

University Community Library,
April 25th, Thursday @ 1:00-2:30
 (UTC by Carl Jr's)

4 series - #4 Zentangle Butterfly with color
Take one class or all four  858/552-1655

Kensington Library, April 27th, Saturday @ 10:30-12:00Zentangle Hummingbird
Call library to register - only 10 seats  619/533-3974

Oak Park Library, May 4th, Saturday @ 2:00-3:00
Zentangle Hummingbird Class  619/527-3406

Vista Library,
May 8th,  Wednesday @ 1:30-3:00

Zentangle Dreamcatcher Workshop

Kensington Library, May 25th, Saturday @ 10:30-12:00
Zentangle ZenButton - try a new way to shade a Zendala (round) tile
Call library to register - only 10 seats  619/533-3974

Oak Park Library, June 1st, Saturday @ 2:00-3:30
Zentangle Garden Hand Fan Class  619/527-3406

North Clairemont Library, June 20th, Thursday @ 1:00-2:30

Zentangle Color Me Beautiful - go beyond black and white and add color 858/581-9637

Kensington Library, June 29th, Saturday @ 10:30-12:00
Zentangle Pop Art -using color to get a new look with Zentangle Method
Call library to register - only 10 seats  619/533-3974

North Clairemont Library, July 18th, Thursday @ 1:00-2:30
Zentangle Garden Hand Fan to cool off those hot summer days
Call library to register  858-581-9637


North Clairemont Library, August 15th, Thursday @ 1:00-2:30
Zentangle  - Stacked and Tangled - Princess and the Pea

Call library to register  619/527-3406
North Clairemont Library, September 19th, Thursday @ 1:00-2:30
Zentangle Apple Harvest
Call library to register 619/527-3406

North Clairemont Library, October 17th, Thursday @ 1:00-2:30
Zentangle Day of the Dead Mask
Call library to register 619/527-3406

North Clairemont Library, November 21st, Thursday @ 1:00-2:30
Zentangle Fall Coloring Page
Call library to register619/527-3406


North Clairemont Library, December 19th, Thursday @ 1:00-2:30
Zentangle Angel Mason Jar Ornament
Call library to register

Class locations:

Multiple Library locations:
Check Internet or call specific library to see if registration is required

Koi Zen Cellars Winery
12225 Worlds Trade Drive, Suite P
SD, CA  92128

Oasis - La Mesa 
5500 Grossmont Center Drive, Suite 269
La Mesa, CA 91942

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