Saturday, July 20, 2019

Zentangle Labyrinth

Have you ever walked a labyrinth path?  

Why do folks walk their path?  A labyrinth is a winding pattern whose single path leads to a central core.  Unlike a maze, a labyrinth holds no false paths or dead ends.  It is not a puzzle.  Walking in a labyrinth, one is always certain of being on the right path.

What is the purpose?  Answers vary:  a relaxation technique, a path of prayer.   It represents an opportunity to listen deeply, to walk deliberately, yet without conscious thought.  A labyrinth is a meditation tool/technique for people who are unable to sit still, and/or unable to stop thinking.  It is a time for reflection.

Allied Gardens/Benjamin Library in San Diego, walked a labyrinth path today while applying Zentangle patterns.

One of the students brought her two young children to class.  I was a little concerned because this class was a two hour class and lots of new tangles.  Typically, kids classes are one hour with larger areas to tangle.  I gotta give it to the kids.  They came in after class started so I didn't get their ages.  I'd guess they were 6 and 8/9? They caught up with us and finished.   The first piece below is the girl's.  She did fantastic.  Her younger brother also finished the two hour class.  Not a peep, just tangled.  Wow.  Impressed.   

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  1. I love these. Everyone did such beautiful work. Did you draw the labyrinth or is there a template for this? Well done everyone ♥