Saturday, May 8, 2021

Mother's Day Zentangle Floral Mason Jar

5/8/21  Devon, Kristen and Julie join me to create a floral mason jar greeting card using the Zentangle Method.  I choose to go rustic with the project today.  Off white cardstock, kraft blank envelope 
we added raffia, twine or ribbon to get that country look. 

                                                HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY

Zoom is hard to get clear pictures of art, but here is the best.

Check out my calendar on Ipad or PC to see my calendar coming up.

Zoom Walk in the Rain 5/22/21

Zoom Koi Fish 6/5/21
Zoom Flower Collage 6/26/21


Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Zentangle Class from a Distance for the White Family

4/24/21, Carol has taken several Zentangle classes from me and thought her family would enjoy learning about Zentangle as a fun family time together.  

Today in class was Carol, her husband Lee,
daughter Cheryl  (from Portland, Oregon) with boyfriend, son 10 and daughter 8 
Marcy (from Anchorage, Alaska) with daughters, 15, 9 and 6. 

Marcy recently had knee surgery on pain meds and was still able to create our project today. By the way, Zentangle is a great pain management therapy.   

With so many different ages in class, I geared this class to the youngest age (6).  This is a class is a favorite for first grade classes, so it was perfect.  Adults also like taking this class because you still learn tangles, but are applied to a "string" that looks like a dragonfly instead of typical abstract string.

Side note:  This family was very colorful - great hair color choices. 

When coloring with Zentangle patterns, you don't need too much color. 
 The patterns speak for themselves.  Just a hint if any, of color does goes a long way. 
This yellow background really does highlight the tangles.  Good job.


We had some extra time after class so I shared a couple garden themed tangles.  

Thank you Carol for sharing Zentangle with your family.  


Sunday, April 25, 2021

Zentangle and Covid Masks

4/24/21  The Zentangle class today we used a "string" that looked like someone in the medical profession with a mask on. So easy to create a simple greeting card for a person in your life to say I think you are awesome.

Thank you to all the medical and front line workers for coming to our needs this pandemic.  I just had to create a class that referenced our time during COVID.  A shout all to all that made us safe and helped us heal.

Kids to seniors LOVE how easy Zentangle is.  Zentangle is so easy, you just have to choose some "tangles (that what we call the patterns) and put into sections.  

This pic is Jen and her Mom's art.
Caitlin !!!!!! Love it.


Fun sharing Zentangle with all of you today.

Sunday, April 18, 2021

Why Zentangle?


Kids, women, men and seniors ­čĺôLOVE Zentangle

Therapist are telling patients to try Zentangle for therapy.  Zentangle has been proven to benefit, anxiety, depression, chronic medical conditions, bereavement, insomnia, cancer/addiction/anger management therapy, PTSD, ADHD, ADD, essential tremors/Parkinson's Disease (helps eye-hand
co-ordination), self confidence and self-esteem.  In a corporate setting, Zentangle encourages team building and is great for a wellness day.

Zentangle was designed to take the difficulty or "hard" out of art.  The co-founders later found that Zentangle was also meditative. During the process of drawing structured patterns, you relax, focus
and get into a state of well-being - healing art.

While beneficial for all ages (6-100), Zentangle can be especially beneficial for seniors.  Zentangle is a great brain activity while helping to focus and relax.  Zentangle also helps with boredom or waiting in a doctor's office, airport, activity to do with grandchildren, social time with friends to "tangle" and share art pieces.  Zentangle raises self-esteem, confidence and opportunity to bring folks together and meet new friends.  Zentangle is also great for caregivers.  All those long days/nights caring for someone leaves a lot of time on your hands.  You can also tangle with loved ones/patients and bring you closer together.

My name is Janet Masey, Certified Zentangle Teacher since 2014.  I was certified by the founders that designed the art method - Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas.  Many folks think art if difficult.  What to draw/paint?  What paper/media do I use? Pencil or pen?  Colored pencils? Markers? What color?  How many colors?  Where do I put color?  Zentangle using simple materials and can be completed in 15-20 minutes.  Zentangle gives everyone a chance to succeed at art. All you need is 3.5 x 3.5 paper, pencil, pen and patterns. So simple, so easy, just "tangle".

The point of Zentangle is to slow down, take a step back from the mad rush of digital society.  
                           Zentangle motto is "anything is possible, one stroke at a time"

Zero art experience necessary - no erasers, no rulers, no mistakes.  If you can draw a circle and a straight line - you got this.  People tell me "I can't draw".  I love to proved folks wrong.  Zentangle
was designed for those intimidated by art.  

Let me describe a typical Zentangle class. 
When students arrive to class, they will hear instrumental Hawaiian slack key music playing softly in the background.  I ask everyone to take a deep breath and start their Zentangle journey.  The rest of the class is quiet as I instruct how to apply structured patterns they will learn.  When you put paper to pen, you get out of your head (healing art).  That's why Zentangle is called "yoga for the brain".

A few reaction from my students:
"ohhhh, this is cool"
"wow, look what I did"
"best cancer therapy I got"
"this helped me thru two knee replacements"

My favorite story is when a 65 year old student finished my Zentangle class and cried.  She said that early in school a teacher told her never to do art because of how awful her art work looked.  Zentangle was the first time she had tried art since then and was so happy to know - that teacher was wrong. 

Zentangle isn't about the results but the process.  Start your Zentangle journey today and see what all the talks about.  Whether young or old, Zentangle is fun and relaxing.  Look on my calendar to find a class for you.  I teach over 50 different classes.  

Tangle hugs! 


Zentangle versus Doodling


Zentangle is mindful, doodling is mindless
Sign up for a class from a Certified Zentangle Teacher
and see for yourself the difference between the two.  

Saturday, April 17, 2021

COVID Feelings and Zentangle

Zentangle is a meditative, easy-to-do art method that creates beautiful images by drawing structured patterns.  While you are drawing, you relax, focus and get into a state of  well-being - happy place.

Kids LOVE Zentangle.  No experience necessary - no rulers - no mistakes - no erasers. 

When Carol Shear (a teacher from Bird Rock Elementary School in La Jolla, California) that had taken several of my Zentangle classes prior to, asked me if I would teach a Zoom Zentangle class for the third Grade Level, I  quickly responded  "of course".    

The three third grade teachers, Angela Volk, Kim Williams and Carol Shear, had a great idea. They wanted to combine an art class with a writing class. After the Zentangle class the kids were asked -  "what are your feelings behind the mask"? 

I designed a boy/girl template for the kids to "tangle".  The kiddo's drew the same tangles to their art piece.  Great class with about 61 students.  I love sharing Zentangle with the kids.  

Thanks Carol for including me in one of your Zoom and in-school class.  

Maybe you can think of a way to include Zentangle for your classroom? 
Email me how @

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

SDSU Detangle with Zentangle

3/22/21, I was asked to teach a Zentangle class for SDSU Allies for Education.

                        SDSU -  AFE's March Mindful Monday Zentangle Event tonight
                   Topic - Zentangle to Detangle

Basic/Introduction to the Zentangle Method was the topic for class today. Sharing the history, philosophy, applications, and steps to create an original Zentangle tile. Zentangle was design for
those intimidated by art.  No rulers, no erasers, no mistakes. 
This method is different than any
other art media.

                                     When will you Zentangle journey start?