Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Lower Blood Pressure with the Zentangle Method

Many of my students share with me how Zentangle has changed their lives.   I have an example that happened last week.

Recently, my doctor ask me to chart my blood pressure for a week.  Upon arriving home from driving 1/2 hour in San Diego traffic from babysitting at my daughters house, I took my blood pressure.  Wow, it was 159/107.  The traffic wasn't even bad.  

My husband said to wait a half hour and re-take.  During that half hour, I started "tangling" on a class I was going to teach.  After a half hour, I took my blood pressure again - 130/75. Thank you Zentangle.

Zentangle is de-stressing among other helpful benefits like:
pain management
fear of flying
essential tremors/Parkinson's (helps eye hand coordination)
Cancer therapy
addiction therapy
anger management
negative self images

Current research is being conducted to see if the Zentangle Method has effects on bipolar and schizophrenia patients.

Remember to tangle when you need a little break from stressful moments. It works.

Sunday, December 13, 2020

ZOOM Zentangle Class - Holiday Greeting Card


I taught my first Zoom class today.  It was so much fun.  I really liked the intimate setting with Susan and Barbara.  Barbara was new to the Zentangle Method.  Always fun to share this special gem with someone new.

We practiced Auraknot tangle (by Zentangle) for the top of the tree and added Showgirl tangle (by Vicki Bassett) for the inside of the tree.  Using black/red/silver pen, we created a great card to send out for the Holiday.

I think the girls did great. 

Next class on 12/16/2020 - Angel Ornament 

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

 I feel alive again.  Since March COVID-19, Zentangle classes came to a screeching stop.  I kept waiting for the ban of gatherings to be lifted but it never did.  Now it is end of November and there are more and more cases.  

I re-grouped and now will be offering a couple ZOOM Zentangle classes each month.  If you are not on my email list for my monthly newsletter - email me and asked to be added -  maseyjanet@gmail.com

Each month I will email my next months classes.  Each class will be $25 and you can pay on this blog by PayPal or debit or credit card.  I look forward to getting in touch virtually. 

Go to my calendar on front page of blog for class details:

12/12/2020 10-12 - Zentangle Holiday Card

12/16/2020 10-12 - Angel Ornament 

I will email you list of materials for each class to have on hand.  

Saturday, August 22, 2020

 It doesn't take much to find inspiration to spark your creative juices.  However, with COVID-19 circling our lives for the last six months, I found myself not noticing much but the four walls of my home. After 6 months of not tangling or teaching Zentangle classes, I was inspired recently by my high school friend and fellow Certified Zentangle Teacher, Susan Bowden. 

In 2013, when Susan and I was introduced to the Zentangle Method by my friend and Certified Zentangle Teacher, Rho Densmore, we couldn't stop talking about how amazing this new method to art was. We quickly signed up to become certified (we had to wait a year for an opening in classes).  

During this time,  Susan had lost her dear mother which was quite a blow to losing her Mom and best friend.  After finding Zentangle, she thanked me for finding a way to ease her mind off such a loss. That always made me feel helpful in her time of loss.  Susan returned the favor to me for getting me thru this COVID-19 slump.  She introduced me to a fun new way to spark a way to make tangling exciting with a new project.  

Jumping out of the square of 3.5 x 3.5 tiles, I purchased Chroma Blends Circular Watercolor Paper.  splashed some watercolor paints and let dry.  My tangles of choice for this project was a organic garden theme from my garden tangles.  Sometimes in down time, you just need a little bit of color to lighten your day.  

I hope you are able to find a little color in this strange time of our country.
Thanks Susan!  I needed a Zentangle lift.

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Hope this post finds you all healthy and safe. The pandemic has left me blank while waiting to  resume my teaching/sharing of my love of  Zentangle. I'm still thinking of new classes to share with you.  Hopefully, we can get back to soon to the world we once knew with gatherings and hugs to friends and family.

I thought I'd share a post from one of the co-founders of the Zentangle Method - Rick Roberts.

Creativity is not a Copy

The Zentangle Method is all about patterns. We deconstruct both familiar and novel patterns into their elemental strokes. Then we teach how to reconstitute those strokes so that you can “paint” with that patterned “color” which we call a “tangle.” New tanglers will say, “I see patterns!” as they become conscious of patterns which were always there.
Early oil painters made their own paints. I remember a scene in the movie “Girl with a Pearl Earring” where the artist ground a certain colored rock and mixed that powdered pigment with oils to make a particular color. In the Zentangle Method, we look at tangles as colors because, like paints, they are also made from basic elements put together in a particular way. We teach how to mix colors of patterns, but we do not teach what to paint.  More importantly, we encourage you to develop your own tangles. 

Every day, tanglers all across this world create something new and beautiful with existing tangles and create new tangles which they draw from the deep wells of their imaginations.
The Zentangle community is generous in its sharing of ideas and inspiration which inspire your own unique creations. Even when I follow the step-out (instructions) for a new tangle, I always interpret it, or add to it, in a way that only I could imagine and create.
As you learn the Zentangle Method and new tangles, please do not worry that yours do not look the same as someone else’s. YOU don’t look the same as anyone else. Why should your creations?
One purpose of the Zentangle Method is that you can use it to develop trust in your own imagination and build the confidence to express it in your unique individual style.

I used to make wooden flutes and ocarinas. I strove for a particular tone and range in my flutes.   After several years, I was able to consistently get the results I wanted. Once I had solved the puzzle of how to make that flute of my dreams consistently, I did not have the same passion to make copies. I continued to make beautiful flutes for a while, but it was not long before I connected with Maria and I stopped making flutes.

Creativity is not External

Creativity does not come from outside you. Yes, you choose tangles just as a painter chooses colors. But what you create with those tangles comes from within you. 
That is one reason we focus on tangling "one stroke at a time." It is much easier to experience a creative flow energized by an engaged imagination if you don’t have a pre-planned outcome in mind. 

Inherent in the Zentangle Method is the knowledge that you can imagine and create beyond what is offered or observed. You may even begin to create your own tangles.

I like to play with the word “responsibility” because it sounds a lot like “response ability.” As an imaginative and creative individual you have “response ability.” It is a gift and a “responsibility.” That responsibility can seem a bit scary because our schooling tells us there is only one right answer and that “right answer” is already known. We often see that play out in new Zentangle students who want to make sure they are doing it “right.”  However, there are no mistakes in the Zentangle Method; only opportunities — opportunities to call forth a response that you might never have considered but for that so-called mistake.

Zentangle Practice as Metaphor

Maria and I live in the same way we tangle. We focus on what is the next, most beautiful stroke that each of us can make at the moment that we are making it. We trust our ability to respond creatively and beautifully in the unfolding artistry of our lives and we strive to do that with gratitude and passion.

We invite you to consider applying the principals of the Zentangle Method to the artistry of your own life, one beautiful, creative moment at a time. 

Friday, March 27, 2020

Zentangle - COVID-19

Molly Hollibaugh, daughter of Rick Roberts  (one of the co-founders of the Zentangle Method)
writes during COVID-19: stay at home quarantine. 

 A No Mistakes Philosophy...On And Off The Tile.

Molly writes...
When someone asks me about the Zentangle Method, a few things come to mind. I usually talk about how it is a step-by-step approach to pattern drawing and then, depending on who I am talking to or what the circumstances are, I talk about some of the philosophy behind the method.

Practicing Zentangle is the best way to understand these philosophies. I think every artist that practices Zentangle brings their own interpretation to its definition and that adds to the overall meaning. One of the most valuable and important aspects of the Zentangle philosophy for me is the “no mistakes” philosophy. When we say there are no mistake in Zentangle, it is not intended to mean that there will never be an unintended stroke, spill, rip or a just plan “ugh”. What we mean is that when it does happen our reaction is not to react with disappointment, anger, or discouragement but rather to embrace it and see it as an opportunity.

This is a major shift in perspective that requires courage and trust. Once you trust and welcome that every stroke on your tile has purpose, beauty, and potential, you start to see your work differently. This can be hard at first. How can you say that what clearly appears to be a mess as potential beauty?
Sometimes, it takes time away from the work, sometimes it takes creative ideas for change and sometimes it takes a decision to go in a new direction. Once you open up your mind to this viewpoint you will also notice a new creative flow state. A creative flow state can only be achieved if there is nothing in its way. When an artist gets stuck on perfection, distracted by things that come out not as expected or if one places expectations on themselves that are so specific, you narrow down your success of finding a flow state in your creative process.

When you approach your work with openness and welcome all parts of your creative process, you start to understand their purpose and role in the bigger picture. If you believe that each stroke of your pen or mark of your pencil plays a role in all the marks that follow you start to see them differently. You see opportunity and potential. You learn to trust the creative process and embrace the humanness that makes it special. You can start to embrace how this new perspective allows you to focus on the present and then pushes you forward to the next step. Once you implement the “no mistakes” philosophy in your artistic process you might start to see and feel it trickling into other parts of your life.

Today, we find ourselves in days of “uncertainty”. While this might be true, and this might be part of our reality, what if we took this opportunity to focus on some of the beautiful things that are emerging and all that we are grateful for. I, for one have found gratitude in the extra time at home. I have particularly enjoyed the extra snuggles with my children, discovering a new trail in the woods, spending extra time around the dinner table, working on a jigsaw puzzle, watching a movie, and drawing. I am also finding gratitude in just stopping to take a huge metaphorical breath. Sometimes the world seems to be moving so quickly, and there is so much focus on what is next that we forget to focus on where we are. These past few days, I have appreciated not having any plans.

I believe and know that we will eventually return to our busy lives, but as for today I am feeling grateful for this opportunity to rest and recharge. I am trying to take note of how powerful this feeling is. I am feeling grateful for this opportunity to just take a break from it all … and knowing that I am not alone doing it. This experience will change a lot of things for a lot of people, and although there will be difficulties and challenges, there will no doubt will be beautiful things too. There will be discovery, renewal, and awesomeness …. You just have to look for it.

Friday, March 13, 2020

Cancelled Classess Due to COVID-19

I'm sorry to say that all my Zentangle classes with SDSU, Oasis Lifetime Learning Center and San Diego city/county libraries have been cancelled until further notice due to COVID-19.

My blog calendar reflects cancellation of Zentangle classes.  Keep checking calendar for up to date information as we get thru this difficult time.

Stay well, and hope to see you soon.