My Zentangle® Story

I'm proud to say I am an official Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT).  I have taught more than 7,000 students Zentangle Art Method in San Diego between 6/14 to 10/17. 

Here are some of locations I've taught at:

San Diego Zoo - summer Zentangle classes 2016 (2500 students)
Teacher Continuing Ed/In service
City/County classrooms
San Diego City/County Libraries
Kaiser Pediatric Unit & families @ Zoo
Ronald McDonald House (for families with sick children)
Poway Unified Schools
Grossmont Unified Schools
San Diego Unified Schools
Poway Adult Schools
Foothills Adult Schools - El Cajon
County Mental Health Staff

Hospice Doctor
International Yoga Festival
San Diego Botanical Garden
San Diego Oasis (ages 50+)
La Jolla Community Center
Corporate (team building/wellness days)
Craft Store:  Artist & Craftsman Supply/Beverly's Fabric/Hobby Lobby
Special Interest Groups
Coming soon:  Museum of Man

Many students often ask how I found Zentangle.  I am a hairdresser by education.  A dear client, Rho, came to salon for her usual appointment sharing her story of finding Zentangle.  While on vacation in Italy, for a watercolor painting class, another student asked her "do you want to learn Zentangle during a break?"   Rho did learn and returned to the States yearning to learn more.

Rho found, one of the few CZT (Certified Zentangle Teacher) in San Diego and took a class.  She fell in love with Zentangle and went to Providence, Rhode Island for the 4 day seminar to become certified so she too could teach this method.  

During her hair appointments, I would watch her "tangle" while under the dryer. I began asking questions.  Well, as the story goes --- I also needed to learn more.

Rho came to my home and taugh myself and several friends the method.  Like Rho, I wanted to share with all who would listen.  Many friends and clients were asking about it, I thought I should become a CZT so I can teach with confidence and give forth to the founders of Zentangle and the trademark.

After waiting a year for an opening for the Zentangle 4-day seminar,  I invested $2000, plus $1000 travel from San Diego, California to Providence,  Rhode Island with my life long friend, Susan  Bowden, to the Zentangle Seminar.  I became certified on June 214.

We spent four amazing days with  co-founders, Rick Roberts, Maria Thomas and 108 men and women attendees from all over the world.  We were taught history, theory, instruction, in-sight, lesson plans, philosophy of this new art method so we could pass onto our students the dynamics of -  speaking this new language "Zentangle". 

Once you learn this art method, please share with your friends/family.  However, Zentangle is a trademark, you can not teach this method in a commercial way. unless certified.   


  1. You will love it! Rick & Maria's class really makes a big difference in your own work. I learned so much and had such a great time! I know you will too.
    Barb B. CZT

  2. Thank you, I have been waiting since last April to go to Rhode Island and see for myself these two amazing folks - Rick and Maria.

  3. I attended CZT 16 in 2015 and have loved every minute of it since! I am also able to attend the ZenAgain (CZT reunion) this coming November and looking forward to seeing friends from CZT 16 and others CZT's I know thru social media. Hope you will join us!