My Zentangle® Story

Many students ask me how I found Zentangle.   Being a hairdresser for 44 years, Rho, a client,
was vacationing in Italy for a watercolor class and during a break someone asked her if she wanted to learn Zentangle. She did learn.  Rho came back to States, thirsty for more.  She was able to find one of the few Certified Zentangle Teachers in San Diego,  took a class, then signed up to go to one of the four seminar the co-founders of Zentangle have each year.  

When she returned from Rhode Island, with her certification, Rho taught a class with eight of my friends, at my home.  After the class, I too, wanted to share this amazing art method that made art easy and was very relaxing.  I was on the waiting list for one year before I could become certified, but it was worth the wait.  I travel from San Diego, California to Providence, Rhode Island with my life long friend, Susan Bowden, to the Zentangle Seminar. We became certified -  June 2014.

We spent four amazing days with  the co-founders, Rick Roberts, Maria Thomas, along
with 108 men and women attendees from all over the world.  Rick was a Monk in India
for over 14 years (he is the Zen part of Zentangle). Maria is an illustrator (she is the tangle
or pattern part of Zentangle).  We were taught history, theory, philosophy, in-sight, lesson plans, philosophy of this unique method so we could pass onto our students the
dynamics of -  speaking this new language "Zentangle" in the manner it was designed.

                Zentangle is much more than an art method, it is a mindful practice.
Mindful drawing is helpful to quiet the mind.  Zentangle is a wonderful stress relief.
There is so much research indicating tremendous health benefits from tangling - healing art.  
I'm proud to say I am a Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT).  I have taught over 10,000 students Zentangle Method between 6/2014 to 12/19.

Take a class from a CZT, (Certified Zentangle Teacher) and get the entire experience you can not learn from a book or Internet.   Find a teacher in your area at 

Once you learn this art method, please share with your friends/family. Zentangle is a trademark, copyright.  You can not teach this method or use the word in a commercial way unless certified. 

uly 2018, I retired as a hairdresser after 44 years.  I am now focusing on sharing the Zentangle.  

Here are some of locations I teach/taught at:

Coronado Library
San Diego City/County Libraries
San Diego Zoo - summer Zentangle classes 2016 (2500 students)
San Diego Museum of Man
Teachers Continuing Ed/Development Day
City/County class rooms
Kaiser Pediatric Unit & families @ Zoo
Ronald McDonald House (for families with sick children)
Poway Unified Schools/Poway Adult School
Grossmont Unified Schools
San Diego Unified Schools
Poway Adult Schools Foothills Adult Schools - El Cajon
Vista Boys/Girls Club
Sharp Mesa Vista - staff
County Mental Health -  Staff 
Koi Zen Cellar Craft Winery
Hospice Doctor
Soroptimist of Vista/North County
Eating Disorders Group

International Yoga Festival
San Diego Botanical Garden
San Diego Oasis (ages 55+) - Grossmont/North County
Osher Foundation (State University) Lifelong living (50+)
San Diego Law Library - Wellness Day

La Jolla Community Center
Corporate (team building/wellness days)
Craft Store:  Artist & Craftsman Supply/Beverly's Fabric/Hobby Lobby
Special Interest Groups - Book Club/Bunco/Poker Night/Geeks of San Diego/Red Hat, etc.

Pending:  UCSD Moore Cancer Support  

When will your Zentangle journey start?  Email me and ask me how


  1. You will love it! Rick & Maria's class really makes a big difference in your own work. I learned so much and had such a great time! I know you will too.
    Barb B. CZT

  2. Thank you, I have been waiting since last April to go to Rhode Island and see for myself these two amazing folks - Rick and Maria.

  3. I attended CZT 16 in 2015 and have loved every minute of it since! I am also able to attend the ZenAgain (CZT reunion) this coming November and looking forward to seeing friends from CZT 16 and others CZT's I know thru social media. Hope you will join us!

    1. Maybe I will see you in Arizona 2020 TangleU

  4. I've been to two classes and love it. I'd like to find out about how to get you to come to my parish seniors group and teach them to do it some second Wednesday of the month from 1-3pm. I'm sure we could all benefit from your expertise. I'm also interested in learning to become a teacher of this art.