What's It All About?


                                            NO ART EXPERIENCE NECESSARY 
 Kids, teens, men, woman and seniors LOVE Zentangle.

Welcome to an amazing new art method - the Zentangle Method.  Zentangle is an easy-to-do art method that creates beautiful images by drawing structured patterns.  During the process you relax, focus and get a state of well-being - healing art.  If you can draw a circle and a straight line - you can tangle. All you need: 4inch square tile, pen, pencil and 15 minutes of time. 

Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas are the co-founders of the Zentangle Method.    Rick was a monk in India for over 14 years (he is the "Zen" part of Zentangle).  Maria is an illustrator, (she is the "tangle" pattern part of Zentangle). They designed a method to take the "HARD" out of art.  
Not only does Zentangle create beautiful pieces of art but
it is changing lives.  The
Zentangle Art Method is meditativeZentangle is a secret gem.

Psychology Today calls Zentangle "Yoga for the brain".

It has been proven and I've witnessed Zentangle to benefit: anxiety, depressions, panic attacks, reduce/relieve stress, improve eye/hand coordination, addiction therapy, chronic pain management, cancer therapy, bereavement, increase attention span and ability to concentrate, insomnia, modify behavior (anger management/addictions),  ADD/ADHD, PTSD,  kids self-esteem, early art development for kids, guided art, journaling and more.  
You can apply the patterns (tangles) on any media.  This new art form will change your life in some way when you begin tangling.   You have heard of the adult coloring books?  Many of the book were authored by Certified Zentangle Teachers(CZT's). I teach over 30 different classes with the Zentangle Method in mind.
                               Anything is possible, one stroke at a time!
Once you learn this method, please share with your friends/family (one on one) 
However, Zentangle is a trademark, copyright.  You cannot teach the Zentangle Method commercially unless certified.
For more information go to the official site:  Zentangle.com