Thursday, August 17, 2017

Oasis - Grossmont and Zentangle Horsing Around

Today, we got our giddy-up on with Zentangle ZIA (Zentangle Inspired Art) at the brand new Oasis Grossmont Location in La Mesa, California (San Diego).

A while ago, I came across Catherine Wilson's beautiful Zentangle horse on the Internet, and she inspired me to share a great project/workshop with my students.  I changed it up a little and the students loved it.  Thanks Catherine for your idea.

We created our ZIA on a Opus Zentangle Tile (10.5 x 10.5). 
Perfect tile to place inside Costco frames (2 for $20)  11 x 14.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

La Mesa Library and Zentangle

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Today was my first Zentangle class at the La Mesa Library in San Diego, California.  Wow.  Great group of 24 eager folks wanting to see what Zentangle is all about and yeah, some men attended too.  Love to have the men join us.  Zentangle is an meditative art method - not a craft.  Ladies bring those husbands/boyfriends/sons - they love Zentangle too.  Guys are always welcomed. Thanks for coming guys and ladies.  P.S.  Kids love Zentangle too - there are no mistakes when you tangle.. 
This was the beautiful art of one of my students.  She had never been introduced to Zentangle before.   Didn't she do a GREAT job? 
 Todays Tangles were -  Paradox, Echoism, Tipple, Knightsbridge
I have been teaching Introduction to Zentangle Art Method at many San Diego city/county libraries this year. The classes are a big hit.  I try to change tangles with each class if you want  to join me at another Introduction class and learn different tanlges.  When/if the library budget can ask me back to teach more classes, we will head out of "Kindegarten" beginning Zentangle and get into lots of different pieces to "tangle". If your library hasn't had a Zentangle class, ask them to get in touch with me -
Look at all those happy smiles after class.  That's my favorite part.  Leave them thirsty for more. 
WARNING COMES WITH CLASS: Zentangle can be addictive.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Mission Valley Library Gets Tangled Up in Zentangle

Hidden and tucked away behind Costco, Lowe's and IKEA stores is the Mission Valley Library.

You probably never noticed this modern design library to the west of IKEA store in Mission Valley (San Diego, Cali).  Today, I had a  senior moment about time, and barely made it to my class.  Thanks goodness for GPS and my Nissan Maxima "four door sports car".  I made it just before class was to start.
Normally, I arrive 30/45 minutes prior to class to set up and get into a "Zen" mode and have the room ready to great the students with quiet instrumental Hawaiian slack key music.   Today, I ran into the library and was as far away from Zen as you could be. I couldn't even tell you what the inside of the library looked like before I was swept away to the community room where I would be teaching.   As I ran into the room, I saw 10 students sitting and waiting for their Zentangle class.  Thanks goodness some return students came to my aid to help pass out tiles and materials (thanks Sylvia).  We started 5 minutes late, but I think I made up for being tardy with an amazing new art method to share and the magic of Zentangle.
Here are some of the very patient gals and some of their art work. 
After all that stress and hurrying, class turned out great.  Good class.
  Can you say check and double check time of class from now on?

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Zentangle Art Method 4 Day Class Series

Great opportunity to start off or continue your Zentangle journey... this is the class  for you. 
Four Saturday classes at Poway Adult School, North County in San Diego, Cali

Poway Adult School
13626 Twin Peaks Road
Poway, CA 92064
858-668-4024   $115 (mini kit included plus, all the materials you will need for all 4 classes)

Don’t miss this , join me 9/30/17 – 10/21/17   Saturday morning class 9:00-11:30
Let's do Saturday together.

All in one class - 4 days (2.5 hours each day),
4 different classes  Zentangle Art Method
with Janet Masey, Certified Zentangle Teacher 
(Pic is example - not project)
Introduction to Zentangle
--History, basic Zentangle instruction

Beyond Basic Zentangle (pic is example)
--Jump out of kindegarden and into sixth grade Zentangle.  Learn more complex patterns,  embellishments, shading,
  string theory, step-outs, tangelatons and tango’s, creating unique strings to tangle. 

Animal Tangle (this pic is an example)
--Design a ZIA (Zentangle Inspired Art) with the method in mind on a large 10 x 10 art piece.

Zentangle Coloring Page
--Design your own coloring page with watercolor pencils and magic wand

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Encinitas Library and Zentangle Art Method

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Beautiful Library in Encinitas near the Pacific ocean (can you see in the pic?).  Todays, adult Zentangle class, I saw some familiar faces I've seen in other of my classes.  That put a smile on my face.  I love to leave them thirsty for more at each class. 

Below are several of the students art work.  Many of them were still finishing up with their shading.  Thank you all for joining me today and starting/continuing your Zentangle journey.


Kensington Library and Zentangle Art Method

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What a beautiful Saturday summer morning at the Kensington-Normal Heights Library in San Diego, Cali.  Today's Zentangle class was for the young folk, 7 years old and up.  There was a playground next to the library and I recruited several students from the jungle gym.  The best part is a couple adults came to class and of course, I let them sit in because any project I teach is fun for kids and adults alike.  We "tangled" a dragon fly today. 
Zentangle isn't just for kids -  kids/tweens/teens/ men/women and seniors LOVE Zentangle
This little boy couldn't pull himself off the jungle gym when class started and came in half way thru the class, but still enjoyed making his "own" tangles.
Good job everyone.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Oasis Senior Center - Zentangle Class

Today was my second class at the new location for Oasis - Grossmont  50+ folks
(location used to be in Macy's 3rd floor in Mission Valley).
What a wonderful art studio they have for us to teach in.
In 2015, the Adult Coloring Books came out and were quite popular.  There was even a shortage/backorder of colored pencils.  I tell my students that the adult coloring books are an extension of the Zentangle Art Method.  Many of the coloring books were authored by CZT's (Certified Zentangle Teachers).  Why buy a coloring book, when you can create your own with the Zentangle Art Method.
I like to create a theme for each season for a coloring page and today was a "Tropical Coloring Page".  Being a lover of the Islands myself, what shouts aloha more than ukulele's, and tropical drinks?  Homework for students is to enjoy coloring their very own coloring page.    Good job ladies.