Friday, March 27, 2020

Zentangle - COVID-19

Molly Hollibaugh, daughter of Rick Roberts  (one of the co-founders of the Zentangle Method)
writes during COVID-19: stay at home quarantine. 

 A No Mistakes Philosophy...On And Off The Tile.

Molly writes...
When someone asks me about the Zentangle Method, a few things come to mind. I usually talk about how it is a step-by-step approach to pattern drawing and then, depending on who I am talking to or what the circumstances are, I talk about some of the philosophy behind the method.

Practicing Zentangle is the best way to understand these philosophies. I think every artist that practices Zentangle brings their own interpretation to its definition and that adds to the overall meaning. One of the most valuable and important aspects of the Zentangle philosophy for me is the “no mistakes” philosophy. When we say there are no mistake in Zentangle, it is not intended to mean that there will never be an unintended stroke, spill, rip or a just plan “ugh”. What we mean is that when it does happen our reaction is not to react with disappointment, anger, or discouragement but rather to embrace it and see it as an opportunity.

This is a major shift in perspective that requires courage and trust. Once you trust and welcome that every stroke on your tile has purpose, beauty, and potential, you start to see your work differently. This can be hard at first. How can you say that what clearly appears to be a mess as potential beauty?
Sometimes, it takes time away from the work, sometimes it takes creative ideas for change and sometimes it takes a decision to go in a new direction. Once you open up your mind to this viewpoint you will also notice a new creative flow state. A creative flow state can only be achieved if there is nothing in its way. When an artist gets stuck on perfection, distracted by things that come out not as expected or if one places expectations on themselves that are so specific, you narrow down your success of finding a flow state in your creative process.

When you approach your work with openness and welcome all parts of your creative process, you start to understand their purpose and role in the bigger picture. If you believe that each stroke of your pen or mark of your pencil plays a role in all the marks that follow you start to see them differently. You see opportunity and potential. You learn to trust the creative process and embrace the humanness that makes it special. You can start to embrace how this new perspective allows you to focus on the present and then pushes you forward to the next step. Once you implement the “no mistakes” philosophy in your artistic process you might start to see and feel it trickling into other parts of your life.

Today, we find ourselves in days of “uncertainty”. While this might be true, and this might be part of our reality, what if we took this opportunity to focus on some of the beautiful things that are emerging and all that we are grateful for. I, for one have found gratitude in the extra time at home. I have particularly enjoyed the extra snuggles with my children, discovering a new trail in the woods, spending extra time around the dinner table, working on a jigsaw puzzle, watching a movie, and drawing. I am also finding gratitude in just stopping to take a huge metaphorical breath. Sometimes the world seems to be moving so quickly, and there is so much focus on what is next that we forget to focus on where we are. These past few days, I have appreciated not having any plans.

I believe and know that we will eventually return to our busy lives, but as for today I am feeling grateful for this opportunity to rest and recharge. I am trying to take note of how powerful this feeling is. I am feeling grateful for this opportunity to just take a break from it all … and knowing that I am not alone doing it. This experience will change a lot of things for a lot of people, and although there will be difficulties and challenges, there will no doubt will be beautiful things too. There will be discovery, renewal, and awesomeness …. You just have to look for it.

Friday, March 13, 2020

Cancelled Classess Due to COVID-19

I'm sorry to say that all my Zentangle classes with SDSU, Oasis Lifetime Learning Center and San Diego city/county libraries have been cancelled until further notice due to COVID-19.

My blog calendar reflects cancellation of Zentangle classes.  Keep checking calendar for up to date information as we get thru this difficult time.

Stay well, and hope to see you soon.

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Getting Luck of the Irish at Encinitas Library

Sunny California …. not today.  We can't say it never rains in Southern California anymore.
Today was one of ten day rain forecast.  On my 30 minute commute to the library - there was a 13 car pile up on the freeway closing the freeway for 3 hours.  Luckily, the pile up was on the opposite side of the freeway but still the lookie-loose slowed to check it out.  

Between the rain and the Corona Virus scare, I was concerned whether anyone would show up at Encinitas library today for a Zentangle class. Lucky, 12 brave folks began their Zentangle journey with me at this beautiful library by the ocean.

St Patrick's Day is just around the corner and who doesn't like to be a little Irish on that day? Our class today designed a green Zendala (Zentangle version of the Mandala).  As we listened to soft Celtic music in the background....we enjoyed this wonderful, meditative art method.

From dots to lines to tangles.  The Zentangle Method takes the "hard" out of art.

Typically, Zentangle is abstract, black and white art method.  Today, for the holiday, we added GREEN.  A simple technique to add color is to use a colored pencil to add a tangle (that's what we call the pattern).

 Zentangle was designed for those intimidated by art.  Ages six to seniors can complete this secret gem.  Whether adding color, or not, the tangles speak loud on your art. The Zentangle Method takes about 15-20 minutes to complete.  Hence, the mediation aspect.  The method takes all the thinking out of art.  All you have to do is pick a tangle. 

After completing our Zentangle tile (that's what we call the paper because it is small like a mosaic tile), they began to color.  They all agreed it was easier to draw with the Zentangle Method than add color.  When adding color, you have to think:  what color, how many colors, and where to put the color.  But I have to say - great art was completed at Encinitas Library today. Thanks to all who faired the weather and the germs who came to see what ZENTANGLE is all about. 

Students added a gold metallic Gelly pen to highlight art.  Well, what is a St. Patrick's Day project without a bit of gold for ye?  

Friday, March 6, 2020

Mira Mesa Library Finds Zentangle

Mira Mesa Library in San Diego, Cali, finds the Zentangle Method.

January was my first class at Mira Mesa Library, so we began at the beginning of the Zentangle Method.  Introduction to the Zentangle Method.  Just like kindergarten, you should start at the beginning.  Zentangle creates beautiful images by drawing structured patterns.  During the process you relax, focus and get into a state of well-being - healing art.  This meditative art method is unique and different to any other art method.  Each class will leave you thirsty for more.  

                      Welcome Mira Mesa Library as you begin your Zentangle journey.

Both kids and adults LOVE Zentangle.

Tierrasanta Library Gets Tickled Green Early

St Patrick's Day is just around the corner and the perfect time to bring color to our Zentangle tile.  How Green will you be for St. Patrick's Day?

For our Monthly Zentangle class at Tierrasanta Library in San Diego, California,
twenty "Irish today" folk designed an abstract "basket" of shamrocks using the Zentangle Method.
                                   Tangles used were:  Twing, Huggins, and Sh'rock.

Below, the colorful center tile is Alex, I believe he is 8.  The other tile in next frame is his sister, Cece's, colorful tile and she is 6.  Cailin, their Mom, said they love coming to Zentangle classes.  Truly states that Zentangle is multi-generation and fun to do together.

I encourage students to bring to class and share Zentangle art they have made.  Below is Richard.  He designed a tiny book - absolutely beautiful.  Thanks for sharing Richard.

MJ below, designed a new baby greeting card.  Adorable.  The other design is an origami that Karen made with her grandkids.  Great job all you tanglers.  There is no end to the use of tangles and this easy-to-do art method.

Today I was so surprised.  I have a grandmother and granddaughter, Leilani, that come to class.  Her daughter took her last class "tile" class project to show her teacher at school.  Here is the best part:  her teacher loved it so much, she said she was going to have get a tattoo made of the art.  Wow.  that's cool.  Here was the tile we did.  Can't wait to see her teacher's tattoo. If I get a pic, I will share it here.

Join us next month at Tierrasanta Library, 4/1 @ 4:00, for a Spring Bunny project.  

Saturday, February 29, 2020

Solana Beach Library Finds Zentangle

Today's class was at a new library for me to teach at.  Because not many people have heard of Zentangle, the class is few at the beginning, until the word gets out. ZENTANGLE IS SO MUCH FUN AND EASY TO DO.  Zentangle is a fresh, new unique art method that was design for those intimidated by art.  Even seasoned artist find a place to add a touch of Zentangle to their media.

                                                       NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY 


At Solana Beach Library in San Diego, California, four lucky folks joined me and began their Zentangle journey.  Basic or Introduction class is how you begin. Creating a original Zentangle tile, with five tangles (that is what we call the patterns):  Zander, Ambler, Tipple, Florz, and Barberpole.

After creating our first Zentangle tile, we started a second tile (that is what we call the paper), and applied those tangles we learned and created a ZIA (Zentangle Inspired Art) Tortoise.

Welcome ladies to the Zentangle Method.  Good job.

Thursday, February 27, 2020

Zentangle Classes at SD State University

Aloha Tanglers, I have a special offer for you.
Whether you attended college or never had the chance – here is a wonderful opportunity.  It is never too late to make that dream happen at Osher Lifelong Learning Center (50+) at San Diego State University.  If you would like to be a student at SD State University – I’ve got just the class for you.

I know a University campus can be intimidating.  SDSU
has a building/parking structure right on campus dedicated to 50+ folks to continue their education without stress of exams, homework and just learn from current and retired SDSU professors, faculty from other Universities, and recognized experts in their field.  That’s where I come in.

Many of my students do not know that I teach the Zentangle Method classes at San Diego State University - Osher – Lifelong Learning Center.  I will be teaching four series of classes: $74 (includes all materials).
3/ 24,  (no class 3/31 Cesar Chavez Day), 4/7, 4/14, 4/21  All Tuesday’s @ 11:00-1:30
-Introduction to Zentangle – history, philosophy, and creating an original Zentangle tile.
- Zentangle Gray Toned Zendala (Mandala in the round)
- Zentangle Found & Tangled (using book page, find a phrase/poem and then tangle/color.
- Zentangle Elephant

Registration ends for these classes March 17th
St. Patrick’s Day
Join me at the University – specific building dedicated to Lifelong Learning Center and attached parking to bldg.
Easy to get to, and beautiful classrooms with executive tables and chairs. 
Go back to college and continue learning in a wonderful environment of like minds.

You have to first register with Osher and that fee is $30 before you can take a class.  Let me tell you benefits of getting a student ID card when you register.  Many free lectures, SDSU Love Library privileges, connection to academic and cultural resources at SDSU, free convenient on-campus parking,
Also:  free tickets to regular season Aztec athletic events, (one time fee of $18), discount rates at Aztec Recreation center, local theatres, museums, etc, student pricing  (half price) on Amazon Prime (I think it is valid for 3-5 years?) Amazon will credit you back if you have already paid, Free Microsoft Office 365 (Word, Excell, PPT) – this is $100 discount).

Register for class at:
or call office 619/594-2863 
Check out all the interesting other classes they have to offer like:
to name a few
The Beatles - 1966 North American Tour
Vietnam and the American War
Culture and Cuisine of Italy
Living Forever
Music and the Brain
Native Flora & Fauna Of San Diego
Kumeyaay Life Prior to the 1769 European Arrival
Introduction to Philosophy of Mind
Wine Tasting:  Old World vs New World
Eastern Philosophy - Introduction to Taoism

Hope to see you at class - you won't be disappointed.