Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Lakeside library found angels today 

Eight lovely ladies joined me to bring angels to the Lakeside Library in San Diego County.  Love watching the other patrons at the library as they walk by looking at my screen as I instructor the students.  Zentangle is so easy. This simple mason jar lid holiday ornament was fun to create and a great housewarming gift or attach as gift ornament.

I brought my Step-Mom, Sharon to help with glue gun today. Didn't want any injury's from that HOT glue. Those things are dangerous.


The first ornament below, was by a woman that thought she couldn't complete an art project. She said her hands didn't work well enough to draw or her anxiety level keep her from trying.  Love to prove those folks wrong.  Anyone can create Zentangle art and during the process, relax, focus and enjoy the moment.  I love her art piece.

One student was going to use mason lid for the top of a mason jar with hot chocolate mix inside.  Great idea.  Below is Sylvia's ornament.  She wanted to be an animator when she was young.  I love her faces on her work at some my classes.  Adorable.  You missed your calling girl.

The student in the center with her holiday hat on, just happened to be at the library at the right time, and found out - SHE LOVED ZENTANGLE. 


Monday, December 10, 2018

Poway Private Class

December 9th, I returned to teach a private class at a beautiful home in Poway.  Shane wanted a class on mandala's.  Well, in the Zentangle world we call a tile in the round a Zendala.  I will away say yes to a class at her house.  Look at her sweet dog.  He is a gentle soul and I love him.  

The class was drawn on a grey tone paper with black Micron Pen and White Gelly Roll pen. Beautiful work.   Patterns: Ranking, Diva Dance, Vitruvius, Hurry and 'nzepple.

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Rancho Santa fe Library Holiday Art

The Holidays are here.  Greeting cards are a very popular Zentangle class each year.  Today, at the adorable, Rancho Sante Fe Library, we created a snowman greeting card.  Thanks for all that joined, especially the grandkids.  Kids LOVE Zentangle.  No mistakes.   I want to thank the Rancho Santa Fe Library Guild for hosting me. 

Beautiful card, beautiful person - Barbara !!!.

Had to share my daughters kitty, Koa, and her chocolate Lab, Marley.  They were both sleeping together.  Soooooooooooooooooo cute.

Wouldn't be the holidays without a sleepover with the grand girls.  Of course after dinner we decorated sugar cookies before we went on a stroll to look at the holiday lights in the nearby neighborhood.

Image result for Christmas lights on houses

Monday, December 3, 2018

The Gift of Zentangle

Give yourself/friend/family the Gift of Zentangle this year?  The days are getting cooler, and the holidays are right around the corner.  Although most of us enjoy the holidays, they can be a stressful!  How do you manage the stress?

What is Zentangle?  Zentangle is a meditative art, using structured patterns that look intricate and complicated, yet easy enough for kids to complete.   Created by Rick Roberts (a Monk for 14 years in India) and Maria Thomas, a calligrapher/illustrator, they created a new method to take the hard out of art.     NO ARTISTIC EXPERIENCE REQUIRED! 

What are the Benefits of Zentangle?   Many of my students have told me how Zentangle has helped them.  Zentangle will change your life in some way when you start your Zentangle journey.
It’s been proven that Zentangle Method benefits the following. 

·         Relaxation & Stress Relief             

·         Mindfulness

·         Focus

·         Confidence, Self-Esteem, & Empowerment

·         Enhanced Awareness

·         Others have also seen benefits using Zentangle as a supporting therapy for anxiety relief,         fear of flying, Insomnia, anger management, addiction therapy, eating disorders, Attention    Deficit, PTSD, cancer treatment therapy, bereavement, negative self -image, autism,              memory care and more.
Janet Masey is a Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT), trained by Rick Roberts & Maria Thomas, the founders of Zentangle, in Providence, Rhode Island USA.

Janet has been sharing The Zentangle Method since June 2014.  She has taught over 10,000 kids/women/men/seniors till December 2018.  Janet teachers throughout the San Diego area.

When will your Zentangle journey start?  Let's schedule a class for you.

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Vista Library - Welcome to Zentangle

San Diego, Calfornia

You know it's the holidays when a normal 1/2 hour drive, to teach my class,  turns into a 1.5 hour nail biting - "OMG, am I going to get to class before it starts".  I made it by the hair of my chinny chin chin.  Whew.  I had ten minutes to set up. I took a deep breath, turned on the Hawaiian slack key music, and everything slowed down as I joined the class into an hour of relax, focus and enjoy Zentangle.

As usual, Zentangle was well received by 13 Vista library patrons to learn what all the talk is about. Zentangle is a secret gem that many folks haven't heard of. I love sharing the "magic" that happens when you "tangle".

We had three men start their Zentangle journey today.  I get excited when we men join the class.  Zentangle isn't a craft - it's an art method.  Guys love Zentangle.  It's all about lines and circle.  A lot of the men and women mention that Zentangle reminds them of their architect classes. 

Below meet Joe.  He said he was intrigued by the class description  - NO ART EXPERIENCE NECESSARY.  Joe mentioned he had a lot of artist friends and thought he would come to class.  I told Joe that Zentangle was designed for folks like him that think they can't create art.  Did you know the definition of ARTIST is - one that engages in art?
The co-founders (Rick and Maria) designed an art method that takes the HARD out of art by making the process and materials so simple that everyone - kids, adults, seniors, can complete.  The finished art piece looks complicated and intricate, yet easy-to-do.  Zentangle motto is "anything is possible, one stroke at a time".  You have no idea what your art piece is going to look like until the end. No worries, no rulers, no erasers, no mistakes.  ❤

Check out Zentangle.com to learn more about Zentangle.

Zentangle is more about the process than the beautiful results.  While drawing, you relax, focus and get into a happy place.

Did you see all those smiling faces above?

If you haven't yet, attended a Zentangle class from a Certified Zentangle Teacher, I would encourage you too.  CZT's were trained by the co-founders that design the art method.  We were taught the history, philosophy, lesson plans to teach the art method in the way it was designed.

A basic Zentangle tile (that is what we call the paper because it is small enough to finish in 15-20 minutes and you can group them like mosaic tiles) is abstract (no up, down).  Nothing is too stressful for 15 minutes.  All you need is paper, pencil, and pen.   Hence, the meditation art.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Holiday Me An Angel

With the holidays right around the corner, four beautiful ladies join me today at Nansea's house in the lovely beach community in Point Loma (San Diego), California. 

Nansea (cool spelling of her name), is getting ready to make her Christmas cards for 2018 holiday and wanted me to teach the Zentangle Angel Greeting Card Class.  Cheryl, Donna, Ursuala, Nansea and I had a lovely evening together.

Thanks ladies for a delightful evening. Happy tangling.

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Spider vs Jack-o-Lantern

Kensington -Normal Heights Library comes with a flair of that neighborhood feel in
(SoCal) - Southern California.

With less than a week before Halloween, thought I'd bring the spider and web out in our drawing.  I brought grey toned paper to class and the students will use their black pen with white Gelly Roll pen to create web and highlight.

Drawing a pumpkin is easy (or I couldn't have done this free hand).  Create the center arch, then aura out on each side till you like your pumpkin shape.  Add stem and whaaa laaaa. Mr. Jack-o-Lantern.

Happy Halloween Folks !!