Tuesday, June 19, 2018

"Reading Takes You Everywhere" This Summer

The summer program at the San Diego city/county libraries are "Reading Takes You Everywhere".  Today at the University Community Library in UTC, San Diego, California we did just that.
Ten happy travelers hopped onto our Zentangle VW Bus and design an adorable (as one student called it) Beach Boys, 60's, beach mobile.  

The final touch was to add a little color for a vivid sunset. 

I think I take off and head to the beach after class today.  "GROOVY"

Monday, June 18, 2018

Poway Library Found and Tangle Zentangle Class

What do you do when you have a very old book? Don't throw it away... Create a beautiful ZIA (Zentangle Inspired Art).  Today, 6/16/18, at the Poway Library in San Diego County, CA, we did just that.  We created a poem/phrase/collage of words and then tangled around them with the Zentangle Method..  The libraries love this class - and so do I.

After  the Zentangle class today, the Poway Library had a party to celebrate this building:

Celebrating 20 Years in Poway

Image result for poway library images from 20 year celebration 6/16/18
If you haven't been to a library in the past 10 years... you gotta go.
The libraries have so much to offer all ages.  And you don't even have to whisper anymore.

Fantastic job everyone !!!
Thanks Poway Friends of Library for hosting this Zentangle class.
   Hope to see you in class next time.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Encinitas Library got Tangled Up Wth Zentangle 

The Encinitas Library in north county of San Diego, California, ask me back to their beautiful library to teach my second Zentangle class.  Seven lucky folks got to experience this SECRET GEM.  

I never get tired of sharing this new, unique art method that takes the HARD out of art.  For all those intimidated by art, or think they can't draw.... well now you can - thanks to ZENTANGLE.

Zentangle is an easy to do art method that creates beautiful images by drawing structured patterns.  During the process you relax, focus and get into a state of well-being -healing art.

Take a class and start your Zentangle journey. Look at "classes" above for one near you and see what all the talks about.

Tangles used:  Chainlea, Pia, Anidots, 'nzepple, Printemps.

Martha Stewart Living Magazine and Zentangle

Harley King found this Zentangle article in MARTHA STEWART LIVING:
An interview with Rick Roberts that appeared in Martha Stewart Living.
September 19, 2017

Try Zentangle: Your New De-Stressing Method

It's like coloring, but even easier. 

Ever caught yourself doodling on a notepad, moving across the page as you go, slowly tuning out the world? There's a word for that: you're "tangling." And you're not the only one who finds it meditative.

In fact, the Zentangle method, or the act of drawing patterns (and filling those patterns in with more patterns!) has been used by thousands of people worldwide as a form of self-help art therapy. "It's a mindfulness art form," one of Zentangle's founders, Rick Roberts, tells Martha Stewart Living. "And because it's so simple to do, accessible, and easy to understand, it appeals to many different kinds of people from wellness communities and prisons to grade schools and corporate offices."
It all began when his partner and fellow founder, Maria Thomas, caught herself immersed in adding patterns to a manuscript one afternoon in 2003. "I was drawing background patterns behind each letter and fell into a sort of trance," says Thomas, a calligrapher and former stationery shop owner. "It wasn't until Rick came in the room that I snapped out of it!"As she began to describe her experience, Roberts, who had spent years practicing meditation, realized she had been meditating without even realizing it "She experienced the same effect that people seek when practicing meditation while simultaneously creating beautiful art with simple strokes." After this shared ah-ha! moment, the two knew they had to share their findings with others.

Today, you can find Roberts and Thomas speaking, teaching classes, and even training others to become Certified Zentangle Teachers (there are over 3000 currently spreading the therapeutic art form across 40 different countries!)

"It's for people who want to be creative but maybe have always felt they had limited resources, skills, or experience," says Roberts. After all, you only need a black pen and paper in order to "tangle." While you're free to use colors if you'd like, the Zentangle method traditionally sticks to black ink. "We focus on patterns as colors. This way, you don't worry about picking and matching colors and can concentrate on the patterns you're making."

And these patterns are more than just pretty pen marks. Ikuko Acosta, Ph.D., and Director of the Graduate Art Therapy Program at New York University tells us, "Repeating something, like lines or colors, for even 30-40 minutes has the function of neutralizing anxiety and anxiousness. As humans, we often associate our feelings with our visual environments. Repetitious behaviors can therefore be very calming."

Compared the coloring phenomenon, Roberts describes the Zentangle method to be truly empowering for anyone and everyone. "Any art that puts pen to paper can be a wonderful thing! But with Zentangle art, you are the one putting down the lines, not just coloring them in."

Monday, June 4, 2018

San Diego Museum of Man

San Diego Museum of Man 02.jpg  THE MUSEUM OF MAN

I taught my second of four class series of Zentangle Method class 6/2/18, at the Museum of Man in San Diego California. My class was in conjunction with PostSecrets exhibit by Frank Warren.  Frank began a decade ago handing out postcards to folks.  Asking them to design a postcard and write down their "secrets" and mail them to him.  We all have secrets.  Sometimes we never share them with anyone and they become heavy on our heart.  Letting go of "secrets"  helps us let go of the guilt, fear, regret of those secrets.  Frank received so many postcards, he created books to share with others.  The purpose of the books is to let folks know they are not alone with their secrets.

The Frank Warren PostSecrets exhibit is amazing and will be at the museum till 2020.  Schedule a day to view the exhibit and the museum's other exhibits. I will be teaching two more Zentangle classes at the museum:  (different patterns to learn each class).
   July 8th   @ 11:00-12:00
   August 5th @ 11:-12:00

I saw familiar faces from the last class as they returned and brought family/friends to see the magic that Zentangle offers during the process of drawing structured patterns.  

Side note:  See the little boy in the center of the picture?  Every time I looked up in class, he was looking at me.  What an angelic face.  Kids LOVE Zentangle because there is no mistakes, no rulers, no erasers.  

When will you start your Zentangle journey?

This is Sierra.  She was my go to person at the museum today.  She had never heard of Zentangle.  Look how amazing her tile came out and that smile !!!  Good job everyone.

Kensington Community Church Volunteer Thank You

I've taught a lot of Zentangle classes all over San Diego and in a lot of different settings, but today was a first.  I taught a Zentangle class at a restaurant (Pub) - Way Point Public in North Park in San Diego, California.   Barbara came to one of my classes at a library.  She thought of me when she was creating something special as a "thank you" luncheon for the wonderful volunteers for the kids at the church. There was a private room (Bear Den), delicious meal, a little business, a lot of fellowship and Zentangle.

With the hustle and bustle of a restaurant, I didn't know if we would be able to get the "zen" feeling that a typical class brings to students.  I know at one point, someone said - "you should play some soft music".  I had my usual Hawaiian slack key music on but no way could you hear over the restaurant atmosphere from outside the big door. 

As in all Zentangle classes, the folks were able to get out of the room noise, and focus and relax with The Zentangle Method.  When you put pen to paper, you get out of your head (thoughts).  They learned the basic method - I like to call it Zentangle kindergarten.  Abstract, string, and tangle.

What a nice group of folks to spend a Sunday afternoon with.  Thank you volunteers for your self-less giving and thank you Barbara for inviting me to be a part of this day.

  Bear Den

Rancho San Diego Library

May 21st, 2018, I was asked to share Zentangle Method at a new location in San Diego County at Rancho San Diego Library.  What a big, beautiful library.
This class was INTRODUCTION TO ZENTANGLE.  Basic Zentangle is an abstract art piece that has no up or down.  Zentangle is an easy-to-do art method that creates beautiful images by drawing structured patterns.  During the process you relax, focus and get into a state of well-being - healing art.

If you haven't started your Zentangle journey yet, come to a class (see top of blog for class locations and times).  See why Psychology Today calls Zentaangle YOGA FOR THE BRAIN.  Zentangle is a secret gem.  You don't get it, till you do it.