Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Poway Library - Under The Sea Zentangle Class

UNDER THE SEA was today's (7/15/17) theme for Poway Library (San Diego, CA) Zentangle class.

We applied Zentangle Tangles (patterns) and created a ZIA (Zentangle Insired Art) piece.  Multi-generations join in he class to create this whimsical art piece. 


Speaking of ocean ... after teaching this class, the next day I had to hit the beach.  Low and behold, sand dollars were right in front of me as I walked in the ocean.  Gotta take the grandkids back.  So much fun looking for these gems.  The key is to find an entire sand dollar. 

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Ramona Library Zentangle Class 7/14/17

Zentangle fun at Ramona Library in San Diego, CA county, 7/14/17.  Beautiful large facility with friendly staff and visitors. 

When I went to the community room to set up, they were having "free" pizza day for the kids.  Who doesn't love that?

Great group of kids and adults.  Some shy folks for picture taking - I get that.  The most shy was a little girl that was 5 or 6.  She sat thru the whole 1.5 hour adult class and her art work was amazing.  I adored her.  Best student of the day.  One of my students, Sylvia, said she just won a trip to Hawaii on the radio.  Dang.  Lucky her.   One student played her ukulele at end of class for a minute.  Fun class.  Luck and talent is in the air today.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Vista Library

Today, 7/6/17, I took a drive today to Vista, California, to teach Introduction to Zentangle Art Method at Vista Library.
Great group of kids, teens, and adults who started their Zentangle journey with me today.
If you haven't had a class with a Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT), do it now.  We are certified in the Zentangle Art Method and have been trained by the co-founders of the art method in the instruction that you will not get froom the internet or a book.  Join me or an other CZT and have fun and relax at the same time with the Zentangle Method.

Check out my classes to see if one is near you !!! 

Sunday, July 2, 2017

El Cajon Library in San Diego has it going on. 
Saturday, 7/1/17 I was asked to teach a Introduction to Zentangle class. 
What a surprise to arrive and see all the rooms and centers and library station being used. 
Folks were reading, on the computer, and using all the facilities advantages to their upmost. 
I've been teaching Zentangle classes at the libraries in San Diego now for a year,
and the libraries have so much to offer.
You have to check out the county or city libraries in your area
and see what are on their "events" for the one closes to you

       This is a couple of the basic tiles we completed today.  Great class, great folks, and great room to teach in.


This gentleman wanted to preserve the outline we worked on and drew his own tortoise.
I hadn't see that before in one of my classes.  Good job.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Diva Challenge - Weekly Challenge #322: Trying Aquafleur"

This week's challenge.  Aquafleur (step outs here) .

I felt my Aquafleur was more organic, so I went to the garden with my tangle.