Monday, July 30, 2018

Zentangle Club at Oasis - La Mesa

The heat is still turned up in San Diego. Typically it doesn't get higher than low 80's, hence the cost of housing  - we are paying for great weather.  Yesterday at my daughter's bridal shower, it was 100 and we were all melting outside with our pretty clothes with no air conditioning to run to.  Crystal still looked beautiful as always.

I've lived in San Diego, California for 60 years, and 55 years of that, no need for air condition.  We always got that ocean breeze with your windows open.  After two years of 90 degrees heat for three months, I convinced my hubby that we needed air.  It wasn't a day too soon.  Now we have the comfort of being comfortable without being sticky.
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I know most folks have hot weather, but when you can't get out of it, makes a long day and a lot of cold showers.

Okay, no back to Zentangle.  This morning at Oasis (classes for 50 plus) had air conditioning (thank you).  We had five participants for class: three new to Zentangle and two newly addicted.  I always say:  Warning comes with Zentangle class - this can be addictive.

I started a new class at Oasis this semester.  Each Zentangle club I bring a new surprise project.  Each hour long class, we will new patterns (tangles).  Next class is August 20th, 2018 @ 10-11.
NO EXPERIENC NECESSARY. Come join us and start your Zentangle journey.  

Today we created a post card.  I wonder who they will mail their cards to?  Lovely group of ladies today. Thank you for joining me.

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Traveling with Zentangle @ Lakeside Library

 The summer reading program at the city/county libraries this summer is "Reading takes you everywhere".  Our Zentangle project today was a VW Bus.

We hopped on our VW Bus and "tangled" our way to a fun day.  Lakeside Library is a small quaint library, but today we had a BIG turnout to start our Zentangle journey.  The front room of the library was full of 23 students waiting to get on board the magical bus and learn about Zentangle.

This is the Lakeside Library in San Diego (East County), California.

If you come to visit this library - you might stop by Lindo Park behind the library.

Because of Zentangle being a meditative art method, typically Zentangle is black and white.   When you start adding color - you have to decide on what type of color media, what colors, where to put the colors, how many colors.  This takes away from the just simple basic Zentangle method - drawing structured patterns.  

However, a little color goes a long way.  The patterns speak for themselves - a little color is all you need.  Today we colored just the sunset. 

This lovely couple had a British accent, but I didn't get to ask them where they were from.

Friday, July 27, 2018

North Clairemont Library starts their Zentangle journey

Lucky me, today I shared Zentangle Method at a new location, North Clairemont Library in Clairemont, San Diego, CA.  Sixteen eager to learn folks, including Arianne, branch Manger, enjoyed the magic of finding out what Zentangle is all about.

By the way, where did the name Zentangle come from?  The co-founders, Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas design the art method for those that were intimidated by art. Rick was a Monk in India for 14 years (hence the Zen part of the title).  Marie is an illustrator/calligrapher (hence the tangle - pattern part of the title).   They created a method of designing beautiful, intricate pieces of art by drawing structured patterns in an abstract form that easy-to-do, even children can complete.  During the process you relax and get into a state of well-being - healing art.

Some folks might call it glorified doodling if they have not had a class from a Certified Zentangle Teacher.  There is a method with the process that is unique to any other art form.  Doodling is usually mindless.  Zentangle is mindful.  When you put pen to paper, you get out of your head (thoughts) and focus on drawing the structured patterns. They look intricate and complicated, yet easy to do with step-outs for each pattern.

Today's class was Introduction to Zentangle Method.  After teaching classes since June 2014 and over 8,500 students, I'm still surprised maybe one or two students at each class have heard of Zentangle but not sure what it is.  I LOVE sharing the secret gem.

I call Introduction to Zentangle - kindergarten.  Learning the basic method and all the other classes are more detailed.  

After learning four basic patterns (tangles) we applied those patterns to a fun project - Mr. Tortoise.  

After class, it is always fun to look how different everyone's art is with the same instruction.  

Next time... bring your husbands/boyfriends.  Men love Zentangle too.

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If you haven't visited your local library lately, don't walk, run to your nearest one.  The libraries have so much to offer the public these days and without a fee.  Below is example of music being played at N. Clairemont Library.  Another example is my classes are usually $35 per person, and the Friends of the Library and City, make it possible for me to share this art method for those that maybe couldn't afford classes.  Thank you Friends of the Library.  Support the library and purchase their books on sales - they are usually only $1.

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Museum of Man

I love teaching Zentangle classes at the Museum of Man, in San Diego Balboa Park, California.

This was my third Zentangle Postcard class I have taught at the Museum of Man.  I have one more class scheduled on 8/1/18 @ 11:00-12:00 ( hoping to add more).

The Zentangle Postcard class went hand-in-hand with another exhibit of Frank Warren's POSTSECRETS at the museum.

Ten years ago, Frank started handing out postcards to folks and asking them to write down their "dark secret" and mail them back to him.  Frank received thousands of postcards monthly. Frank would select and arrange a composition of secrets for his award-winning blog.

To date, the project received over a million submissions, some of which have been displayed at the White House and featured in six best-selling books.  The concept is that you are not alone in your secrets. When you write down that dark secret and let go of it, your shoulders relax and that secret held over your head for so long, isn't so hurtful anymore.

Today, 15 students "new to The Zentangle Method", found out why people call it a secret gem.  Even, Felipe, a museum associate that sat in on class, was surprised how interesting Zentangle was.

Did you know what every third Tuesday of the month is FREE DAY at the Museum of Man for San Diego county/city residence?  Click below for details.

After completing their first Zentangle tile, the students were given the choice to write their darkest secret and take postcard upstairs to the Postsecret box at exhibit, mail it to Frank, or mail to a loved one with a note of your own.  Mine below, was meant for a far away family member.

Even this 1-2 year old child got to try his hand at drawing.

Monday, July 2, 2018

Oasis Zentangle Club

I've been teaching Zentangle Method at Oasis in San Diego, California since June 2014. Oasis is for folks 50 plus.  If you haven't checked out their summer catalog, go online and look at the amazing classes they offer.

Today was the first day of a new Zentangle class that Brandon, the Director of Lifelong Learning and I decided to try --

Z ENTANGLE CLUB -  Healing Art thru  Zentangle    
Description in catalog:  Therapeutic, healing art through Zentangle. No experience necessary. Any level welcome. Zentangle takes the “hard” out of art.  Join Janet Masey, Certified Zentangle Teacher, as she leads you through each creative, relaxing workshop. New patterns and projects in each class. Attend all classes or individually.  All materials will be provided. If participants would like to purchase materials to continue creating at home, basic kits will be available for purchase. Kits are $5, paid to the instructor, Janet Masey.  

Seven wide eyed students came and only one had previous knowledge of what Zentangle is (thanks for coming again Ruth).  I'm used to that, Zentangle is a secret gem and not many folks know what it is or how beneficial it is to each person.  Remember it isn't about the art, but the process during the drawing.   But mostly - IT'S FUN and EASY.
                   Warning comes with class: 
Zentangle can be addictive.

Below, are pictures from class in this beautiful art studio I get to teach in.  Today was a basic Zentangle class. I have two more classes this quarter coming up.  Won't you join me next time?  Learn new patterns (we call them tangles) each class.

Next classes
7/30/18 @ 10:00-11:00
8/20/18 @ 10:00-11:00

Oasis - La Mesa
5500 Grossmont Center Drive #269
La Mesa, CA 91942-6262

Call:  619-881-6161 and register

                            Lloyd's smile, below says it all.