Monday, August 31, 2015

Zentangle on my lanai

                Super nice group of ladies at my home today to share this art form Zentangle.  

Before the class!!!

What they did ...

After class...

Thanks for a great Monday morning ladies!!!

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Sunday Funday at Beverlys Fabric for Introduction to Zentangle Art Method.

Seven women and two men began their Zentangle journey today (Albert was shy for picture)
We completed one Zentangle tile and a Zentangle turtle tile
just because who doesn't like a honu (turtle in Hawaiin) !!! 

Thanks for joining me today folks !! Good group      TANGLE ON

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

San Diego Oasis First Open House

Monday 8/24.  What a great turn out for San Diego Oasis first ever open house.   Oasis is a place for 55 and older to take many wonderful classes.  All the teachers/instructors were at this event and shared their up coming classes in the new semester !!!  Oasis gave away free tote bags and coffee/cookies/cupcakes/pastries and lots of information.

Zentangle® Art Method was a big hit.  If you can write your name - you can learn Zentangle Art Method. That's me at the easel sharing the most amazing thing I've ever been introduced to.  I think a lot of the observers today had the same "ahhhh" moment. 

 Here are some very curious folks to learn Zentangle.

One of the students did her own design on the bookmark demo.  Awesome !!!  After this demo, lots of folks want a Introduction to Zentangle Class. Check my blog classes.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Diva Challenge #231

The diva challenge this week is
"The undulating tangles in C & S minor" by guest blogger Sharla Hicks CZT. 

Hmm undulating?  Rolling...wave form...ocean

After spending many hours at my salon, when I think of waves, it reminds me the movement of lucky folks that have beautiful hair represented in a hairstyle.


Sunday, August 16, 2015

It's All About The String

Corner dots, border and the string is the basic for all Zentangle art. 
The string is what builds the foundation for your tile.  
Rick and Maria (the co-founders) took the difficult choice of what to draw by giving us
Zentangle Art Method.  The only hard part is choosing which pattern !!!


Friday, August 14, 2015

Tints on Tan

Today I spent three hours with two fellow Certified Zentangle Teachers and had fun working on a new class for my students !!  Thanks Char.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Well deserved gifts for my surgeon !!!

After my surgery two weeks ago -- my surgeon took me from a colon to a semi-colon...
I made a couple Zentangle gifts for her at my post op visit today.

 I think she will love my Zentangle version !!  I appreciate her sooo much.  Awesome job done.  I feel so much better and the recovery is going by fast.  (I did receive a giant hug from her for my gifts).

Sukura Micron Pen Tip

I mention this info in my Zentangle Introduction classes but it is a lot to take in those two hours.

Sukura invented Microns as an inexpensive and diposable alternative to high-priced technical pens.  The micron are best used on paper.  The nibs are essentially "micro size plastic tubes" which allow pigment ink to easily flow from barrel to paper.  If a foreign matter clogs tubes, the ink gets blocked. 

Microns are designed to held at a 90 degree angle  (like a technical pen), not a normal writing implement.  Also, they need to be used with a very light touch.  You will know if you are holding too tight if your hand cramps or the nib bends/breaks off.  You can help this by switching to a thicker nib size (instead of 01 try a 05) and using lighter hand pressure when drawing.


Zentangle isn't only for adults!!!

Another children's class in the art of Zentangle.
My favorite part is when kids see how easy it is to be an artist !!!

Monday, August 10, 2015

Diva Challenge #230. "Let's All Be ZenDivaDala"

This weeks challenge is by guest blogger Erin Olson CZT.  Erin asked us to copy a pattern, apply on a Zendala (round) tile and tangle !!!

I choose to go to the dark side with a black Zendala and used a white Gelly roll pen along with a white charcoal pencil.  

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Diva Challenge #229 "+/-"

This weeks Diva Challenge #229 is by guest blogger Sandy Hunter. Sandy suggested when tangling this week provide a "white" space (blank if you will)

Tangles used:  Fassett (with Betweed), Mooka, Footlites.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

So many tangles -So little time

My friend  and fellow CZT, Susan Bowden, gave me a visit at my home yesterday and shared a tangle with me that she new I'd LOVE. She was right !!!  The tangle is Fassett (go a head - try it) it is one of those magical tangles which means it turns into something way cooler than many other tangles with the last few strokes of your micron pen . I have to incorporate this tangle into my Introduction classes just to blow the students away from the get go !!!. Love it ...thanks Susan.

Other tangles used:  Crescent Moon, Poke Root, Flux, Onamato.

Green Green - It's Green They Say

California will be going greener and getting rid of plastic bags soon.  
My step mom sewed some muslin bags to replace the plastic bags and ask me to tangle one for her.  

Here is during and finished item.
Tangles used were:   Bales, Flux, Tripoli, poke Root, Poke Leaf and Henba Drum.