Sunday, January 31, 2016

Up Up and Beyond Introduction to Zentangle (Beyond Basic Zentangle Class)

Sunday, fun day with Terri and Marie.  We went well beyond what you learn in Introduction to Zentangle class and jumped head first into the Beyond Basic Class.  There is never enough time to fit all I want to teach students in this class. It is like going from kindergarten to six grade in one step.  The concept is to start thinking more on their own with tangelations new ways to incorporate different tangles and embellishments, and strings and so much more.  That is why I say this is a MUST HAVE 2nd CLASS. 
 Have you gone beyond yet?  I have a couple Beyond Basic Zentangle classes coming up in February if you want to jump in too.  Take a look at my class page.  Find one near you !!! 
What a great way to spend a Sunday.... tangling.

Friday, January 29, 2016

What now, after I had the Zentangle Introduction Class ??????

Zentangle and BEYOND !!!

What now after Introduction to Zentangle Class?  Run don't walk to a Beyond Basic Class.  Here you will graduation from kindergarten and really start having fun with this art form.  Now that you have the introduction out of the way let's create more detailed pieces.

I will teach you more string theory (what's in a string - a lot), embellishments (make that tangle pop), shading (the 3rd color), tangleations, tango's, and more complex patterns (tangles).  This class will have you thinking way beyond the simple tile we learned in Introduction to Zentangle.  A MUST 2nd CLASS.  Come, let me show more fun exciting ways to enjoy this art form. 

If you live in the San Diego California area, check out my classes or find a Certified Zentangle Teacher in your area. 

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

New Location to Teach At - Zentangle® at Oasis - North County @ Escondido Joselyn Senior Center

Today I welcomed seven more lucky folks into the world of Zentangle !!!  I've been asked to teach Zentangle Art Method in the north county area of San Diego for a while, it was worth the drive.  It never gets old sharing the Zentangle Art Method.  I mean.... look at those smiles. 

A lot of people think Zentangle is just glorified doodling.  Doodling is mindless (often drawing the same type design (squares/triangles/circles) while doing something else - phone call, listen at school, etc.  However,  Zentangle is mindful.  When you put pen to the paper you get out of your head and focus on the strokes you are drawing.... "art therapy".   During that process you create something intricate and complicated looking yet easy enough for most anyone (even children) to create. Anything is possible one stroke at a time®. 

Don't knock Zentangle until you have had a class from a Certified Zentangle Teacher.  We were taught from the co-founders all the detailed instruction that will make your art pieces pop more than just learning from a book or the Internet.  I've had several emails from folks saying they don't need the Introduction class because they have been taught on the Internet or from a book.  Trust me.... take a Introduction Class from a CZT.  I will tell all of them I will give you your money back for the class if you think it was a waste of time. To this day,  I never have given any money back yet. 

The secret of Zentangle is Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas (the co-founders) found a way to take the "hard" out of art and create something that looks amazing.

Back to my class:  
Didn't they do a good job.....  "high five" Kaye, Nancy, Maryanne, Ann, Cathy, Jennifer and Joan.

Great group of ladies.....Joan is missing - she had to leave early for a vacation in Hawaii.  One of my favorite places.  She was excited that she will be able to "tangle" on her trip. 

Welcome to Zentangle ladies.

Have you got your Zentangle journey started?
If you live near the San Diego area, check out my classes coming up. 

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Zentangle Journaling class today

I lovetthe journaling class.  A great way to organize your tangles in one place as well as refer back to new tangles you have learned. We agreed to learn the tangles and then have homework to tangle  each group into a tile.   Great job today Tina.  Boy, did we learn some tangles or what ?  It was like a tangle marathon.  LOVE sharing all them with you.  Now get to tangling. 

Remember:  we don't say Zentangling.... we say tangling. 

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Zentangle class for Sunday 1/24

I still have two seats left for this NEW class.  Zentangle Journaling Workshop.  San Diego Calif.

This two hour workshop we will be learning some new patterns and incorporate them into a journal.  The best part about journaling is that you have lots of patterns in an organized area and also example of using them in a tile.  LOVE MY JOURNAL. 

Have you tangled new patterns of late?  Come let me show you some fun new tangles.
Call/text me if you can join us - 1/24, Sunday -- 11:00-1:00   $35   858-505-9611

Sunday, January 17, 2016

San Diego Botanical Garden Zentangle Class

San Diego Botanical Garden located in Encinitas California, asked me to teach an Introduction to Zentangle Class today.  What a beautiful location to teach at.  If you haven't ventured to the gardens before, take a day to stroll thru this lovely place.  Kodak moments everywhere. 

Eva, age 8,  was the youngest student today.  I gave her the 4.5 x 4.5 tile to use with the 05 pigma pen because of her age. She did a heck of a job. Tangles taught on the first tile were Hollibaugh, Poke Root, Crescent Moon and Zander.

Eva's is the large tile.  Good job Eva !!!
Our 2nd tile was just two tangles, Twing and Nymph and just as interesting 

Hey, I finally got in a picture !!!
Welcome to your Zentangle journey today Linda, Marcy, Marina, Lisa and Eva.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

San Diego Oasis Introduction to Zentangle®

     I love sharing this amazing art form. Today at San Diego Oasis - Mission Valley, I taught INTRODUCTION TO ZENTANGLE art method.   One student came into class saying "I shouldn't be here, I draw stick people".  I told her she was my favorite student. I get to prove to her -no art experience necessary - for this art method.

     When Terry finished her first tile, she text a pic to her "artist" friend and impressed him with a WOW response..  After she finished her second tile - during the instruction Terry said ahe wouldn't send that one to him. She didn't like how it was turning out.  Then,  just like I said "don't judge your tile till you finish" - she ended up sending her 2nd tile to her "artist" friend again.  Terry (the 5th one person from the left in the above pic - with the BIG smile) impressed herself and her friend. I rest my case.  If you can write your name... you can "tangle" and make a beautiful piece of art.

      So fun to watch a person that hasn't been successful in art before -- finish a Zentangle tile that looks complicated and intricate.  The co-founders, Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas found a way to take the "hard" out of art.  "Anything is possible one stroke at a time®".   Just breakdown the pattern and draw line to line.

Good group of ladies today. Thanks for coming Kathleen, Judy D., Judy J, Terry, Cheryl and Gay

Patterns tangled on this tile were:  Twing, Onamato, Hollibaugh, Flux, Meer, 
Can you pick them out?

One of the interesting spots in the two hour class is to see them admire the other tiles and then try to find their own.  Wasn't so easy, was it ladies? 

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Animal Tangle Class

Today, the Zentangle class I taught was ANIMAL TANGLE.
Each student chose their favorite animal and we used the NEW" OPUS" tiles from Zentangle.
  This is a new larger tile (10.5 x 10.5).  Perfect for framing in a 11 X 14 frame
(Costco has them for 2 for $20 last time I looked). 
These make great gifts for friends and family.  Who doesn't have a favorite animal/pet?
All the ladies have homework to do.  No way can you finish a project like this in two hours (from the beginning;  to deciding on animal choice and drawing the image, tangling and of course admiring everyone else's work).  So fun   Super start Sonya, Joan, Sharon, Susan, Jayne and Camille

We did learn several new tangles of course:  One of them was Maryhill, (this is Maryhill in center and Lokomotive for border)

Shout out to Betsy Wilson for designing this tangle.
and Strircles (might be my new favorite tangle) were just two tangles I introduced today



GEEK GIRLS OF SAN DIEGO - Private Zentangle Class

I met a great group of ladies today at my house - Geek Girls of San Diego.   They registered to learn Introduction to Zentangle Art Form as one of their events for this month Each tile they tangled were amazing and they picked up the concept so quickly.  Best class ever. Let's hear it for the Geek Girls of San Diego.  Now that's a group I would want to be in !!!     Thanks for coming ladies !!!

Have you taken your Introduction to Zentangle Art Method class yet?

Maybe you have a group
(corporate retreat/book club/bunco/investment/social/church/kids/convention/family 
that wants to learn something new and exciting together.
Check my classes out and register today.  

 look at those smiles !!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Zentangle Garden anyone?

                                 HAPPY NEW YEAR Tanglers !!!
I brought the New Year in by teaching a Zentangle Organic Garden class @ Beverlys Fabric in San Diego California. We had fun learning new tangles on the organic looking side and combined this class introducing watercolor pencils and "the magic wand". A little color goes a long way in tangling.
The girls wanted to learn more tangles, so they have coloring their tiles for "homework".  I love this class. 

Tropical Garden (more of the Hawaiian flair) coming in February.
Start your year off with a Zentangle class. Check out my classes above under "classes".  Join the fun.  
  Nice job ladies.