Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Diva Challenge #241

Weekly Challenge #241: Guest post "Stones and Ceremony" 
Paula Bramante, CZT


Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Zentangle® Beyond Basic Class

Today's Class "Beyond Basic Zentangle®" takes you from let's say "Kindergarten" beginner basic ... to more complex patterns, string theory, embellishments, tango's (two tangles together) and more.  This is a must have class to start you thinking on your own how/which strings & tangles to put together. We used an apprentice tile (4.5 x 4.5) just to give us more room to tangle on. 

If you haven't tried all the different tiles Zentangle has to offer:  original (3.5 x 3.5), apprentice (4.5 x 4.5), Bijou (2 x 2), black, tan, Zendala (in black and white), and Opus (10 x 10).  Try them all.   Get started and tangle. 

There is a Facebook page called "Ornation Creation"  by Ben Kwok, that has amazing traceable art outlines perfect to put tangles in... (all you do is ask to join the Facebook page).  This art was the one I shared with the group today. Their homework was to apply some of the patterns they were shown today after learning how to trace the design. 

Being a hairdresser by trade... I used a color wheel and applied some tangles for a quick reference guide to build your first tangles on.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Alcohol Ink Class

Below is Susan's beautiful tangles using Identipen on interesting Alcohol Ink background color.

This might have to be my favorite of the day.  Love the tulip look of drops place on Yopu paper. Nice work as always Denise !!! 

Patti's background work with gold and silver metallic using the felt stamp is amazing.  Can't wait to see what she tangles on it.

A Big thumbs up for a super fun day !!!

San Diego Oasis Zentangle/pumpkin class

Today I combined two classes.  Introduction to Zentangje and design a pumpkin.
We had a lot to do in two hours but we did it. Students left with homework - to finish their pumpkin. I taught tangles that worked well on sections of pumpkin.   I'd rather show them as many new patterns and get them started on their pumpkin than watch them design Mr Pumpkin.
It does take a while to get all those tangles on a pumpkin.  Fun group. 

Admiring their completed tiles. All the same tangles, yet all different because of interpretation. 

Pumpkin designers hard at work.

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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Color Me Beautiful Zentangle®

During class today @ Beverly's Fabric in San Diego, California,
I shared that too much color on a Zentangle tile takes away from the tangles.

                        Mary, Denise and Chris getting their color on tangles .


Chris (her fish matched her top).



A little Color Goes A Long Way

In my classes "Zentangle® Color me Beautiful"
working with watercolor pencils and blending pen, 
I emphasize, just a little color will pop one thing out you want to highlight on your tile. 
Seems most folks like to see to a little color. 
First response when you start working with color, is to color all of it. 
No need, it takes away from patterns (tangles).
Not sure what color to use?  Make a copy of your tile and try different colors.
The patterns pretty much stand alone. 
Today's hint:  just a little dab of color will do ya !!!

 This is perfect example of a hint of color.
This is by Creations by Kelli.  Awesome

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Inspirational boost #7 MONOTANGLE. - give it a try !!!

Let's keep it simple:  Choose a tangle (pattern) and apply to tile for a monotangle.  One tangle can make an interesting tile just as if you had a string of different tangles. 

I choose Tripoli... if you like jigsaw puzzles (and I do) you can fit Tripoli into any section if you just think of fitting puzzle pieces.  I also used a Bijou tile (2 x 2) and with this small tile, I pulled out my Sukura Micron Pen #.005 which works on smaller areas (I added lots of different variations you can fill in with below.

My second tile is Tripoli gone floral !!!  Who doesn't like flowers? 

        Now your turn:  pic a pattern and make a monotangle.


Saturday, October 17, 2015

Color Me Beautiful Zentangle® Class

This Sunday, 10/18/15, I will be teaching a COLOR ME BEAUTIFUL Zentangle® class at Beverly's Fabric on Balboa Avenue in San Diego, California @ 10:00-12:00 (Bring your mini kit with you).

This two hour class you will learn some new tangles, and step out of the black and white original Zentangle tile and jump into the world of color with watercolor pencils and "the magic" pen.

Register with me by email if you want to attend.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Weekly Diva Challenge #239

Munchin Play.  Molly Hollibaugh (daughter of co-founders of Zentangle®) demonstrates her tangle called Munchin.  Me Likey. Not my favorite tile I've completed, but I did love learning Molly's tangle.  I used a black Zendada tile.

Look at other tiles from the Diva Challenge page:  go to:

Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT)

This July, a count of Certified Zentangle Teachers from all over the world that has received their certification to teach Zentangle was published from Headquarters.  Go to to find one in your area.

USA  1,540
Austria 3
Australia 30
Bermuda 1
Brazil 1
Canada 111
China 3
Belgium 4
Denmark 1
Ecuador 2
Finland  1
Germany 4
Hong Kong 15
India 4
Ireland 1
Italy 2
Mexico 1
Netherlands 13
New Zealand 2
Singapore 8
South Africa 5
South Korea 2
Spain 3
Sweden 2
Switzerland 4
Taiwan 95
United Kingdom 15

Total CZT's:  1,904

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Zentangle Art Everywhere

If you haven't started to notice !!! Zentangle Art Method is getting put in lots of advertisements!! Check this out what I found from Trader Joe's this week...
This is the Zentangle pattern (tangle) Bales.  I love it !!!

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Sunday Funday Tangling

Chris, Sylvia, Terri, Lorena, and Dottie all joined me at my Introduction to Zentangle class today.  We covered history, theory and the benefit from taking a class from a certified Zentangle teacher.  We covered six patterns and two tiles.

Good job ladies --thanks for joining me today. Students were too shy for photo of thumbs up for Zentangle !!!   On to the Zentangle Beyond Basic class.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Alcohol Ink Saturday

Look what I made today...  Come to my Alcohol Ink Class 10/24, Saturday, and find out how easy it is to make something beautiful and watch the ink swirl (see classes on home page).  Fasinating. SOOOOO EASY.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Zentangle Art Method

Another "ah ha" moment sharing the Zentangle Art Method to students.
The Zentangle art form is so easy.  The co-founders (Rick and Maria) found a way to take the "hard" out of art.  They designed a process that makes everyone able to be an artist.  In the dictionary, the definition of artist is " some one that engages in art".  All of you that don't raise you hand when I ask in each class, "art there any artist in class today",  start raising your hands and be proud of what Zentangle Art Method lets you create.  whoo hoo. 

Weekly Diva Challenge #238

Weekly Challenge #238: "UMT - Tri-bee by Beate Winkler, CZT"

This months Use My Tangle is called Tri-Bee by Beate Winkler from Germany.

When I saw UMT this week... it looked organic and all flowers take me tropical after my love of the islands.  Patterns used, variation of Echoism, Bamboo, Tri-bee, Betweed, a flower from Tangled Gardens.  Ahhh, can you feel the tradewinds bloooooowing?

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