Saturday, December 22, 2018

What Are Your Wishes & Dreams?

Eleven hopeful students joined me today at the Kensington/Normal Heights Library in San Diego, CA, to create a Zentangle Wishes & Dreams Jar.  Whether a gift or for yourself, this little jar is very powerful.  When you write down your thoughts, it makes it real.  Letting go of the thought after writing it down and placing  inside jar and let go. See what magic happens when you go back several weeks later to see if it came true.  

Below is Mathew.  He joined the class - not knowing what Zentangle was.  He wanted to make a gift for his sister for Christmas.  He choose the "Let Go, Let God" template.  Matthew was the I.T. guy.  He helped the ladies with several things (i.e. directions to another library GPS).   Thanks for coming Mathew.  You were so helpful.  

This is Stephanie's Wishes & Dream's Jar.  I love the color.  She sent me a picture of her art after we had a Tangle Folk class another day at the library.  This was the result of fusion of watercolor and Tangle Folk.    LOVE her.

Holmes Elementary School Greets Zentangle Snowman

  Mrs. McTaggart invited me back to her 5th grade class to share Zentangle with the kids.  They choose a greeting card snowman to "tangle".    Mrs. McTaggart told me that the kids that had my Zentangle class before shared with the kids that had not, and said, it's really fun, you will like.
This is my granddaughter, Elle.  Her work is amazing.

One of the students said she was in my San Diego Zoo class a couple summers ago.  Glad the kids like Zentangle. So easy, and so fun to do.

Thank you Mrs. McTaggart for letting share Zentangle with your class again.  I love teaching the kids.

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Poway Zentangle Wishes & Dreams Workshop

I returned to the Poway Library with 16 students to teach a Zentangle Wishes & Dreams Workshop.  When you write ideas on paper, it makes them more clear.  We decorated our jar with Zentangle patterns topped it off with a name tag and ribbon.

What would your wishes & dreams jar have in it?

Below is Lynn. I haven't seen her at my class for a long time.  We got to say hello,  hug and tangle.  Lynn is an awesome tangler.  Nice to see you tangling again Lynn.

We tangled, we colored, we admired.

One students brought her Dad and Mom and son.  This guys says it all, look at that smile.  He really enjoyed the project.

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Ukulele and Allied Gardens Library

Before heading to teach my teen Zentangle Kaleidoscope class at Allied Gardens Library in San Diego, I headed to Villa Bonita Senior Center.  Bonita Library has a Ukulele group "The Merrie Uke's" and we performed for the seniors with a holiday ukulele concert.  We had solo's and hula dancers to add to the entertainment.
One of the strummers is Steve.  He really looks like Santa Clause (beard all).  This time of year, he is employed as the perfect Santa.  He shared his HO HO HO with the seniors, jokes and treats.  They loved him.


At the library, the 14 kids and two adults attended a workshop to create a "kaleidoscope" that turns into itself.  We drew patterns and colored then glued, taped, and admired.....

Thanks to Sharon, my Step-Mom, for helping with the folding and gluing.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Lakeside library found angels today 

Eight lovely ladies joined me to bring angels to the Lakeside Library in San Diego County.  Love watching the other patrons at the library as they walk by looking at my screen as I instructor the students.  Zentangle is so easy. This simple mason jar lid holiday ornament was fun to create and a great housewarming gift or attach as gift ornament.

I brought my Step-Mom, Sharon to help with glue gun today. Didn't want any injury's from that HOT glue. Those things are dangerous.


The first ornament below, was by a woman that thought she couldn't complete an art project. She said her hands didn't work well enough to draw or her anxiety level keep her from trying.  Love to prove those folks wrong.  Anyone can create Zentangle art and during the process, relax, focus and enjoy the moment.  I love her art piece.

One student was going to use mason lid for the top of a mason jar with hot chocolate mix inside.  Great idea.  Below is Sylvia's ornament.  She wanted to be an animator when she was young.  I love her faces on her work at some my classes.  Adorable.  You missed your calling girl.

The student in the center with her holiday hat on, just happened to be at the library at the right time, and found out - SHE LOVED ZENTANGLE.