Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Del Mar Kids Expo October 2016

This weekend was my first time having a Zentangle booth at the Kids Expo in Del Mar - San Diego.   There were so many cool things for kids to engage in and try out.  Parents had tons of information to take in for their kids.  Today was just a demonstration, not a class, of the Zentangle Art Method.  I only taught one patterns,  but you can can see how easy and amazing this art form is with one simple pattern.

After teaching 2500 kids at the San Diego Zoo this summer, I found out two things: 
1. I LOVE teaching kids, and
2.  Kids LOVE Zentangle.  We make a good match. 

Here are a couple candid shots before the crowd came in Saturday October 15th/16th, 2016.

My daughter, Crystal,  helped me set up and direct traffic at our booth
while I taught a simple "tangle" to the kids and adults.  
Here comes the kids creative work !!!



A Family that tangles together - stays together

The booth next to us was all about reptiles (snakes, iguana, giant water iguanas, giant boa snake, pink snakes, white snakes and more).  I was so scared they would get away.  The giant water iguana was on a lease and walking around, up kids legs, and showing off his six inch tongue.  Ewwww.

My daughter loves all creatures and had a blast touching them and watching them all day. 
The following day my friend Susan (doesn't like her picture taken) didn't want to have anything to do with them.  Later than day, she did meet them and pet them, and even told me their names.  LOL
  This is Susan facing her fears and petting a big 'o lizard.

There was also a "have lunch with a mini donkey" a couple booths down  (FYI - they are so cute),
My daughter had to reprimand a little boy that was pulling on the donkeys ears too hard. 
Don't mistreat the animals, my daughter will get up in your face.
Back to an awesome day sharing Zentangle.
My friend, Susan Bowden, a fellow Certified Zentangle Teacher, helped out on Sunday and we enjoyed looking at all the creative kids and adults learning about this amazing art.  I never get tired when they finishing creating a bookmark and say "wow.. this is so cool".  My favorite students both Saturday and Sunday were the Dad's.  They did some awesome art.  They were the most surprised how the method works.

Susan asked this young girl if she wanted to make a bookmark, she said "I can't draw". Those are my favorite students.  I love to prove them wrong with Zentangle Method.  Zentangle takes the "hard" out of art. If you can write your name - you can "tangle".  She was surprised to find out that she can draw.  Her smile tells it all.

   This Dad's work was amazing.
This family was all smiles during their stay at my booth.

This little girl needs to be at a performing arts school.....    she had the creative juices flowing with drawing, smiles, and bubbly personality. 

This family had the art skills.  The boy in blue "only works in black and white".  Perfect for Zentangle Art Method. 

Thanks to Crystal, Susan, Sharon (my step Mom) and of course Tom Tom, my hubby, that helped me set up and pack the SUV.  Ending a long weekend at Tio Leo's for dinner was a nice way to finish a busy weekend.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Fall Zentangle Pumpkins

Today at San Diego Oasis - Mission Valley, I taught a Zentangle pumpkin class.  We had fun learning some new tangles and decorating our vinyl pumpkins.  Chris, Valerie, Jody, Camille, and Jan all jumped in (some with a little hesitation with making a mistakes) to tangle our pumpkins.  Remember, there are no mistakes in Zentangle Art.  It is a bit different working on a round surface instead of a flat tile right at first.  My suggestion is to hold your pumpkin in your lap - so it won't roll - and tangle away.

Pumpkins are a great decoration for Halloween and also a beautiful fall decoration on your fireplace.  I encourage my students to give them away as hostess gifts during your fall parties and make some interesting conversations at the party.  Go ahead, boast about your new found art method.  

Last week I taught a class at a friends home.   Jayne shared with us a yummy pumpkin truffle from Trader Joe's.  I couldn't resist going to Trader Joe's after my class today and hunt these delightful treats down.  The cashier next to use had a great shirt on.  Zentangle is everywhere, I just couldn't resist snapping a pic.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Tierra Bonita Elementary School

Ms. Glynn at Tierra Bonita Elementary School reached out to me and asked if I could present a Zentangle class to her 4th & 5th grade class.  She likes to bring someone into share with the class that has passion about a subject. 
Ding Ding Ding.  Winner, that would be me !!! I love sharing Zentangle.  After teaching 2500 kids last summer at the San Diego Zoo summer camp program, I found out that I LOVE teaching the kiddo's. 
Today's class, the kids went back to kindergarten (Zentangle basic's) and completed a beginner tile. Our second tile was a pumpkin design (well, it is fall season, even if San Diego doesn't have fall colors - it's starting to get colder - 60's). We applied the tangles we learned on the first tile, to add to decorating pumpkin shape.  Now the kids can get a real pumpkin and decorate.  GOOD JOB GUYS.  Thanks for letting me share Zentangle. 
When are you going to start your Zentangle journey?  Email me to start your journey.  Let's have a class.
Zentangle Art Method takes the hard out of art.