Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Diva Challenge #187 -String Theory ---" Blind String"

This week Diva Challenge is making a blind string.  
Mark your corners as always with your tile and close your eyes and draw a string

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Friday, September 26, 2014

Zentangle and post surgery

My friend had her second knee replacement last week and told me once again-- Zentangle helped her thru the pain and recovery. Here is one of her pumpkins she tangled !!  She is on pumpkin number 5. 

Special October Class

Get your Fall On !!! class. 
Bring a pumpkin and I'll show you how to decorate with Zentangle patterns.
Intro Zentangle Class $35 ( includes mini kit  but  bring your own pumpkin)
If you had Intro Zentangle class already - $28 (bring your pumpkin)

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Zentangle is simple

All you do is add patterns.  Simple !!! 
 Find a CZT (Certified Zentangle Teacher) to get start tangling. 
Go to this URL to location one in your area. 

One Beginning --- many endings

At our Sunday Zentangle Club, we all started with the same beginning
--  one outlined maple leaf. 
This is what I love about Zentangle. 
Look how difference the "endings" came out?  All unique in their own way. 

Monday, September 22, 2014

Diva Challenge #186 "String Theory" Leaves Leaves Leaves

Diva Challenge is challenging this week.  In San Diego, we don't have fall colors.  I have been trying my whole life to time it perfectly when I travel to see this beauty take place.  Not being successful up to two years ago, I planned a trip by chance to visit my Mother in Washington State on Halloween.  Bingo !!!.  OMG, when I got off the plane, I couldn't believe my eyes.  I must of taken 300 pictures in  three days.  All of you that have "color" in your life... don't take it for granted. 
Now onto the Diva Challenge...Not having fall leaves available (or trees for that matter in my yard... I have plumeria plants).... yesterday by chance at our Zentangle Club, Susan's Aunt was visiting from Canada and since the maple leaf  is on Canada's flag which represents nature and environment as well as:   
The maple leaf wasn't chosen at random. Adoption of the maple leaf as an
 important Canadian symbol dates to 1860, when the prince of Wales was visiting.
 The English wore their traditional roses, the Scots wore their traditional thistles, and
Canadians needed something to wear as well, so they chose a maple leaf.   
Thanks Susan, it was a perfect Diva Challenge for today.  Who would have thought?  So today you got a little history of Canada, what I like to grow in my yard, and that everyone doesn't have color in their lives...  Thank goodness for watercolor pencils and Zentangle.
Susan dusted the tile first with several fall watercolor pencils, blended, and strung a maple leaf shape in pencil.  We tangled.  I choose to use a brown micron pen to go along with the fall colors. 

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Sunday Funday Zentangle Club.

     Three newbies to club today.... Charlotte Carpenter (drove all the way to La Jolla from Temecula) and Suzanne Wilka (drove all the way from La Mesa) and Susan's Auntie Elaine (flew all the way from Canada).   Great addition to the group.   Here are a couple things tangled and shown today at Susan Bowden's beautiful ocean view home.  Missed you Rho Densmore.  I have something from Patty Yokey for you........... 
 Suzanne's wood burning light plate.
Who's that behind her Zentangle pumpkin?   Of course, Suzanne. 
Great job on pumpkin mask.  Did you see that view to die for? 

Christmas in September.....  gotta start early on the projects for the Holidays. 

Zentangle lap board.  Wow, love the decoration you wood burned into it.

Charlotte.....  wow.

This is my handy tangle..... Maple leaf for Susan's Aunt from Canada Ya !!!

Teaching and Zentangle

I recently read an article by Deanna Marie Gibson from Bold Park Community School in Perth Western Australia.  The topic was:

 "Why encourage students to focus on the structured patterns which make up the    art method?  

We engage in Zentangle to address many different aspects of our students development.  Focus, creativity, relaxation, ceremony, empowerment, abstraction, fun and discovery are just a few
of the many benefits of this elegant activity.  We know that the development of intentional mark making, writing, needs an element of drill and practice to become embedded in muscle memory. 
The repeated patterns of Zentangle engage muscle and hand/eye coordination in creating memory
and a strength to support all fine motor tasks that are encountered.

Focus on the task of tangling clears the mind and gets rid of noise leaving the tangler ready to
learn and engage with new ideas and concepts. Ursula, our middle school/college math teacher,
has reflected that math lessons after tangling are more productive than those not.

Tangle patterns require seeing not only the whole, but the parts of the whole thus allowing for
greater understanding.  Tangle pattern "step-outs" break seemingly complicated and impossible
patterns into easy doable steps.  A lesson in life perhaps?

Seeing patterns in the world around us helps us not only to understand but create something
new by changing/combining patterns.

The strategies, tool and techniques that are learned when tangling are those you need to draw
and create in other mediums.  Success and empowerment is a powerful motivator when attempting new things.

The patterns combine to create images pleasing to the brain.  Thus confidence in being a creative person is restored and transfers to other forms of art.

Zentangle reminds us that "anything is possible, one stroke at a time®".  So at Bold Park we
have chosen to tangle with our students, to utilize the benefits of tangling to support the
development of our students.

Like all other elements of your child's development, Zentangle will work best if it is supported
and understood by parents and families.

I agree with Deanna, and have seen the results from students with my own eyes.  I hope this encourages all the teachers to see the Zentangle light and get the kids into this great media of art.

I live in San Diego area and would love to introduce the Zentangle Method into the school district.  Please call me for classes for all ages of kids/classes/after school and/teachers then they could pass onto children. 
Janet Masey CZT  cell:  858-505-9611

Monday, September 15, 2014

Ellen Degeneres Zentangle

Tomorrows,  I'm driving to Burbank to Warner Brothers Studio's to see the "Ellen" Show.  My daughter and I are going to be part of her audience that day.  On the information about what not to wear and how to get there... they mentioned you can bring Ellen a gift.  So being a CZT, I made her a Zentangle.  I'm going to share with this tile the story of Rick and Maria.  My hopes are she will have them on her show............. how cool would that be?

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Zentangle Pumpkin

Get your Halloween on "Nightmare Before Christmas".
Non Organic surface written with an Identipen. 

Friday, September 5, 2014