Sunday, May 28, 2017

Botanical Garden Zendala Class

 San Diego Botanical Garden is a gem hidden away in Encintas, California.  I love going onto the property to teach a Zentangle class.   Zentangle  - Zendala (mandala) class  5/27/17 
An intimate class with two "eager-to-learn" lovely women, Leslie and Joan.  Thanks for coming !  If you have a chance to visit the Gardens, be sure to do so.  Beautiful



Oasis San Diego New Location

Lots of folks  I talk to are not aware that Oasis is in many areas of the United States where they hold classes/lectures  on many levels for folks 50 and older.  The San Diego Oasis used to be in the Macy's Department Store, 3rd floor, in Mission Valley.  They have relocated to: 

San Diego Oasis - New Location - Grossmont Shopping Center
5500 Grossmont Center Drive, Suite 269, La Mesa, CA  91942
(Other locations in North County)  check your area for one nearest you !!!

They will be having a GRAND OPENINGWednesday, 6/7/17 from 10:00-3:00
SD Oasis is thrilled to invite you to the grand opening of our brand new Learning Center at Grossmont Center.  The event is free, but registration is required.  Meet other members, talk to instructors, and join fitness class demonstrations.  I will be demonstrating Zentangle Art Method from 12:00-2:00.

Click on this link to see what classes Oasis has to offer - including  MY ZENTANGLE CLASSES



Friday, May 26, 2017

Zendala Class @ San Diego Botanical Gardens

Image result for Encinitas Botanic Garden

Come join me Saturday, 5/27/17 @ 2:00-4:00
at the beautiful, San Diego Botanical Gardens in Encinitas
for a Zentangle class with me,
Janet Masey, Certified Zentangle Teacher.
If you haven't been to the botanical garden, come early and walk around. 
The  class will be working with a tan Zendala (tile in the round).  Using three different colored pens, we will create a beautiful Zendala (Zentangle's image of a mandala).

Register below:  hope to see you there.
Register with the SD Botanical Garden:

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Weekly Diva Challenge #317

Weekly Challenge #317: "Photo Tangles"

Diva challenge idea this week is to use an image as your string  " I sometimes find that shiny magazine paper doesn't really play well with Microns.  Copy image and  cut out and glue onto tile." The basic premise here is to use the image as your string and tangle around it.

My tile below:

Since Memorial Day is right around the corner, I thought a military image with tangles would be appropriate.  A great change to thank all those for their services.  We appreciate our freedom because of you !!!


Sunday, May 21, 2017

Weekly Diva Challenge #316

Weekly Challenge #316: String Theory - Stripes!This is one of my favourite challenges... i so love coming back to it and revisiting it!!  For this week - create your string using stripes! They can be varying widths, they don't have to be uniform or even... basically anything goes as long as it's stripes.

Well, it took me all week to complete and I had one hour to spare.  Whew.  I traced my hand drew "stripes" across the page and used a different tangle one each stripes. I used graphite to shade the outline my hand. 

I often use this idea when teaching kids.  


How-to-Festival @ Mission Hills Library

Saturday, May 20th, I was invited to participate in the HOW-TO-FESTIVAL Mission Hills Library. 
Great way to demonstrate the Zentangle Art Method.  
I shared some history of how Zentangle got started and how this method takes the hard out of art.
We designed a bookmark with some basic tangles (patterns) and had a great time.

I love kids faces when they learn Zentangle.
Their eyes get big and want to learn more.
They get so excited when they start drawing and see how easy the method is. 
 Best part --- no mistakes.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Mother's Day

For all the Mom's, Step-Mom's, Grandma's, and all the mothering types.
I wish you a great Mother's Day.


Friday, May 12, 2017

Inflight Tangle

Inflight Tangle to Washington State to see my Mom for Mother's Day !!! Turbulence and all           

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

ZenGem Fun at Monday Club Meetup

Today at our Monthly Monday Zentangle Club Day, we asked Nancy Robinson to share her skills with ZenGem's.  There are so many different ways to create these beautiful gem like beauties.
Thanks Nancy.  Here are a couple I snapped a pic of.

            After class this week, at lunch, I had a little time to tangle.  Gotta love the ZenGem's.  

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Weekly Diva Challenge #314 UMT

What a fun challenge - UMT (use my tangle)
I decided to draw Sara Uram's tangle  "Scallamps" as a border tangle. 
After creating my border thought it was awesome all by itself and went monotangle with it. 
The whole  time I was drawing I kept thinking garlic cloves, garlic cloves, garlic cloves.
Fun tangle, thanks Sara.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Crest Library Meets Zentangle Art Method


        Look at this cute little library in San Diego County, Crest Branch
Just up on the hill from El Cajon near San Diego, Calif.

Meet Paula, the Library Branch Manager and Associate Librarian.  They had to be the friendliest librarians ever !!  Look at those faces.  Thank you for inviting me to teach Crest's older American's - Zentangle.

I love when a man joins my class.  Zentangle isn't a craft.. it is an art.  Guys really get into the line drawing. I remember one man in particular came up after class and looked me straight in the eye and said  "I really like this".  He was so sincere. 


I always get a "hangs up" for Zentangle after class.  Thanks Crest Library.  Let's do it again !!
Since Crest is a bit of a drive for me... my hubby, Mr. Wonderful "Tom" and my step mom, Sharon,
came with me to enjoy a beautiful drive up the windy road, high up on a hill with a spectacular view. Before class started we had a little time to drive around their small, quaint town.  Last time I was in Crest was when my girl friend lived there "many many" years old. A lovely drive.

The truth is that Tom and Sharon know if they come and help me set up.... I will feed them after.
Tom had a great idea to visit one of our favorite restaurants in El Cajon, Calif. 
Por Favor Mexican Food -- great patio with misters.  
A little tid bit story...  when I was performing on a clogging group --- way before Zentangle,
one of the places we performed each year was at the El Cajon's International Festival. 
After the festival we would go to Por Favor Restaurant and cool down after dancing.
If you haven't been there... go. .  Thanks for the memories Crest Library,  great drive and fun class.
                                                         Can you find me in the pictures? 


Monday, May 1, 2017

Holmes Elementary School and More Zentangle Art

Today, I was asked to revisit Holmes Elementary School in San Diego, California.  This was my
third class at this school to share my love of Zentangle Art Method to a yet another classroom.
Mrs. Mueller, the forth grade teacher, contacted me in hopes I could share this unique art with her classroom.  I asked what her classroom was learning about at this time. She mentioned they were learning about the Star of India.  In fact, they will be going on a field trip next week to see the magnificent ship..  Perfect, I designed a Zentangle project to incorporate my art work with their lesson plans.

Image result for star of india boat

Factoid:  Star of India was built in 1863.  Is now a seaworthy museum ship home-ported at the Maritime Museum of San Diego in San Diego, California. She is the oldest ship still sailing regularly and also the oldest iron-hulled merchant ship still floating.

One eye opening part of the class was when the bell rang for lunch and I told the kids, "sorry about running a little late", they said "it's okay" (I think they were enjoying the project). The kids stayed 15 more minutes.   We finished the ship and the teacher gave them their lost time we used up tangling. Thanks Mrs. Muller for the team work!

Mrs. Muller's class was well behaved and a joy to teach.  I have to say, as usual, the kids get quiet when we draw the structured patterns.  When you put pen to paper, you get out of your head.  That is the beauty of Zentangle Art Method.  During the process of drawing, you focus, relax and get into a state of well-being - a happy place. 

Twenty-eight students, 28 happy, proud of their work, students.  I got a thumbs up rating after we put all the kids art work on the floor and I could take a picture.  A favorite part of the class is to see each other's work.  One student told me he added a couple cartoon caricatures on one of the sails.  He   wants to be a cartoonist when he grows up.  I love the stories the kids share.


That's me and Mrs. Muller, the teacher.  Even Mrs. Muller gave the Zentangle class a thumbs up !!! 
She is thinking of having me back next year (and possibly before the end of this school year).  
Mrs. Muller had a "zen" quality to her aura.  I liked her the moment I saw her. 
If this post left you wanting a class for your room  or group.- just email me.
 Let me set up a class for you.  Check with your principal/PTA or other funds you have access to. 
Some teacher collect a nominal fee from each student to pay for the class.
Maybe an afterschool program would be the way to incorporate art back in the school.
Hope to hear from you soon !