Thursday, June 28, 2018

Point Loma Library goes UP 

This was my first Zentangle "teen" class without any teens today at the Point Loma Library in San Diego, CA.  We had a library associate join us, 6 adults, and four small children.  Even a Grandpa.  Thank you all for joining me to create a Zentangle Hot Air Balloon project.  No matter what the design, learning new patterns is fun.

This was ZIA (Zentangle Inspired Art).  Typical Zentangle tile is abstact.  

           UP UP AND AWAY

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Rancho San Diego Library finds a Tortoise.

What a fun class today at Rancho San Diego library in East County San Diego, California.  A community room full of 23 eager students wanting to know "what in the heck is Zentangle"?

I love that most students come to find out what that funny word is.  Zentangle was started by the co-founders (Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas) as a meditative art method.  Rick being a Monk for 15 years in India knows all about meditation.  Maria is an illustrator and knows all about drawing and patterns.  Together they created a system or process to take the hard out of art.

I shared a basic, original Zentangle tile today then we applied our pattenrs (we call them tangles) to our next project - a ZIA (Zentangle Inspired Art).  Typically Zentangle art is abstract to help with the meditation process.  I teach more than 30 different classes and today our 2nd project was - Zentangle Tortoise.

add some garden tangles and wha la

Fun part of class is looking at everyone's finished project.  All the same, but with their own flair of personality. 

Thanks for starting your Zentangle journey with me today.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Skyline Hills Library Started Their Zentangle Journey Today

Kim (Presidents of Friends of Library at Skyline Hills), attended one of my classes at another library.  She loved Zentangle and brought me and Zentangle to her library to share The Zentangle Method.  Kim is a retired librarian and saw a new, unique art idea for the patrons of this beautiful library.  Who doesn't need to relax, focus and get into a state of well-being - happy place?

Seven students (including three guys - I love it when the guys come, they LOVE Zentangle too) started their Zentangle journey.

Side story:  Last week, Pia, a students at another class, said her husband gets frustrated at art classes they go to.  She wanted to bring him to a Zentangle class and show him this new method of art - no frustration.  She brought Dave to class today, and BINGO - Dave liked it.  It wasn't hard and was relaxing !!.  WARNING COMES WITH CLASS:  Zentangle can be addictive..

I like to call basic or introduction to Zentangle - Zentangle kindergarten.  After your get the basic method under your belt, then you can soar with so many new ideas in the Zentangle world. 

Zentangle can be applied in any media:  quilting, canvas, materials, metal, gourds, great for journaling.  Also has been proven to help with:  depression, anxiety, fear of flying, PTSD, bereavement, chronic medical conditions, cancer therapy, guided art in school, early art development for kids, takes the intimidation out of art.

 Zero art experience necessary.  That's why they call Zentangle a secret gem.  

This is Rick and Maria (the co-founders of Zentangle) project they had CZT's do at one of the seminar classes.

The CZT's (Certified Zentangle Teachers),  always go back to the basic method because it is so simple, so meditative, and relaxing.  No mistakes, no erasers, no rulers.  Zentangle takes the hard out of art by making it easy-to-do yet looks complicated and intricate by drawing structured patterns.  
When will you start your Zentangle journey?  Check out my classes above and find a class near you. 

Thanks Friends of Library at Skyline Hills and thanks Kim for making it happen. 


Friday, June 22, 2018

Point Loma/Hervey Library and the World

For my class today I got to head to the beach, Point Loma/Hervey Library in San Diego, California.

The reading program at the libraries this summer  is "Reading Takes You Everywhere".  No surprise my teens Zentangle class took a back seat to summer fun in San Diego for my first class at this bi-level library.  The five students that joined me today got to see the "magic" of Zentangle.

Point Loma is also the home of the Fort Rosecreans Memorial and Cabrillo National Park. If you haven't been, and you are in town, go see this beautiful locations. 

Image result for point loma images


Today we put "tangles" on the globe and added a little color.  Zentangle can be applied in many different areas and on any media.

I loved all the art on the floor of our classroom.  You could tell you were by the beach.

Where will your reading take you this summer?

I will be at the Point Loma/Hervey Library again 6/27 @4:30-6:00 with a HOT AIR BALLOON workshop.  Come on by.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

"Reading Takes You Everywhere" This Summer

The summer program at the San Diego city/county libraries are "Reading Takes You Everywhere".  Today at the University Community Library in UTC, San Diego, California we did just that.                             
Ten happy travelers hopped onto our Zentangle VW Bus and design an adorable (as one student called it) Beach Boys, 60's, beach mobile.  

The final touch was to add a little color for a vivid sunset. 

I think I take off and head to the beach after class today.  "GROOVY"

Monday, June 18, 2018

Poway Library Found and Tangle Zentangle Class

What do you do when you have a very old book? Don't throw it away... Create a beautiful ZIA (Zentangle Inspired Art).  Today, 6/16/18, at the Poway Library in San Diego County, CA, we did just that.  We created a poem/phrase/collage of words and then tangled around them with the Zentangle Method..  The libraries love this class - and so do I.

After  the Zentangle class today, the Poway Library had a party to celebrate this building:

Celebrating 20 Years in Poway

Image result for poway library images from 20 year celebration 6/16/18
If you haven't been to a library in the past 10 years... you gotta go.
The libraries have so much to offer all ages.  And you don't even have to whisper anymore.

Fantastic job everyone !!!
Thanks Poway Friends of Library for hosting this Zentangle class.
   Hope to see you in class next time.