Saturday, September 29, 2018

Kensington Normal Heights Library find their Dream(catcher)

The Dreamcatcher

Native Indians believe that night is full of both good and bad dreams.   When a dreamcatcher is hung above where you sleep, it catches the dreams that drift by.  The good dreams go thru center of web and slide down the feathers to those sleeping below.   The bad dreams are caught in the webbing and destroyed (burned) at the first light of morning sun.
Traditional dreamcatchers are only 3-5 inches across.  The must be made from natural materials.  Every part of a dream catcher had a meaning.  The dreamcatcher represents the mind, body, spirit aspects of our personality, moods and emotions. The ring and the web represent love, honesty and purity.   All of the combined elements on the dreamcatcher represent aspects of earth, fire, water -- all things we need to live.

Once the dreamcatcher is hung freely, it represents the element of air.
  The hoop represents the earth – “the circle of life” made from a willow.  The dreamcatcher is patterned after a spider’s web to catch bad dreams and keep them from entering the dreamer’s head.

Fun class at Kensington Normal Heights Library, a small, quaint library.

Kathy relaxing with the Zentangle Method while creating a Zia (Zentangle Inspired Art).

This is Ursula and she brought her friend Phyllis, that was visiting us today all the way from Utah.
Welcome Phyllis to the start of your Zentangle journey. 

Below is Ursula's dreamcatcher with beautiful Santa Fe, Native Indian colors.  LOVE IT.

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

The Wedding

The months of planning is over.  My daughter is Mrs. Riley as of 9.22.18.  What a special day.  Here are a few pics from the day.

The perfect day for my daughter.
I retired from hairdressing in July, but have dedicated my time to hours of making wedding decorations and helping with all that goes into this huge day.  So much fun.  Now I'm officially retired and teach a couple Zentangle classes a week.  Perfect blend of tangling and relaxation.