Friday, July 29, 2016

Janet's Zentangle Zoo at San Diego Zoo

Tangling today at the SD Zoo before "Janet's Zentangle Zoo" first class of 125 3-5th graders..   Ahhhhhh feel the Zen?

Today we tangled a giraffe head for both classes.  Some of these 1,2,3rd graders did amazing work.   I'll try to get a couple kids pics next class!!!   One little 6 year old told me he was a professional artist because he sold his art (my husband thought maybe his uncle bought it) - but you never know. I guess I should have gotten his autograph.
Not having taught 125 kids, twice in one day, I'm still impressed that Zentangle keeps all those kids engaged for 40 minutes.  After class one little boy will ask if he can take my art work home.  Kids are adorable and fun to teach.  What I learned today, don't ask 125 kids a questions.  They all answer at once.  Lesson learned...

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Doggie Tangle

Who doesn't love a cute little puppy delivering flowers?  Don't miss the next animal tangle class.  What animal calls out to you to tangle?   

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Poway Library Introduction to Zentangle

If you haven't had a chance to visit the Poway Library in San Diego, then you need to head
out the next chance you get and take a look.  This library is located in beautiful Poway. 
With such a large facility, they have lots of different opportunities to offer at this location. 
  Zentangle is EASY and like nothing you have seen before. 
The co-founders of Zentangle, Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas, took the HARD out of art.
Through drawing circles and lines, you can create beautiful images
that look intricate and complicated, yet easy enough for kids to seniors to do.
Create your own coloring book pages by learning Zentangle Art Method.
The class today at the library was just like all the other classes I teach -
you don't get "it" till you do "it".  Then the addiction starts.
A warning comes with every class I teach - WARNING, ZENTANGLE CAN BE ADDICTIVE.

After class I have the students put their "tiles" together to admire all the different art work they completed.  This is always an eye opener.  All the tiles look the same, but yet different because of interpretation of my instruction.

This was their response when I asked "did you enjoy learning the Zentangle Art Method"?



Thursday, July 21, 2016

Poway Library Introduction to Zentangle Art Method

                                                   13137 Poway Rd.  Poway, CA 92064
                                       Saturday, 7/23/16, I have been asked to teach an
Introduction to Zentangle #101 (10:30 - 12:00) at the Poway Library in San Diego, CA. 
Guys as well as gals and kids 8 and up are welcomed
The best part: tuition is free.
Thank you FRIENDS OF POWAY LIBRARY for hosting the cost for all the students that come.
The Zentangle Method is an easy-to-learn, relaxing, fun way to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns.  You have heard of the adult coloring books?  Now join me, Janet Masey, Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT) and learn to make your own coloring pages by learning the Zentangle Method.

 Saturday, 7/30/16, I will also teach a second class at the library 
Beyond Basic Zentangle #102 (10:30-12:00)
 You will go from last week beginning Zentangle, to more advanced techniques.  This class will also be sponsored by the FRIENDS OF POWAY LIBRARY so the cost to students is free. 

Come and start your Zentangle journey with me, Janet Masey - Certified Zentangle Teacher.

Due to cost factor:  typical Zentangle mini kits will not be provided.  The library will provide cardstock and sharpie pens. 

Zany Zentangle Zoo

Today my class at the San Diego Zoo was with 6th, 7th and 8th graders.  I introduced Zentangle Art Method and our project was to creating a coloring book page by adding "tangles" (Zentangle terminology for patterns).  Doesn't the 'after' peacock look much more interesting than the 'before' version?  I always tell the kids, if you can draw a circle and a straight line... you can tangle.

 I didn't get all 40 students art pieces in pic, but didn't they do a fantastic job? 

Gee whiz FYI:   Did you know that lots of animals at the Zoo have a companion?  The two are raised from babies and spend their lives together.  Next time you go to the San Diego Zoo, see if you can find the animals with companions.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Zentangle Pop Art Sunday

Sunday we had a popping good time with Zentangle Pop Art class today at Beverly's Fabric in San Diego, California.  This is the perfect example of creating your own coloring pages with Zentangle Art Method.  Many of the Certified Zentangle Teachers (CZT),  have written the "Adult Coloring Books".  When you learn the Zentangle Merhod you can create amazing coloring book pages and add color. 

             We learned some new tangles, and coloring techniques and had a popping good time.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Saturday La Jolla Zentangle® Day

With summer upon us in San Diego, getting into La Jolla takes some time as folks head toward the beach.  Lucky me, my class was early enough to beat the traffic and grab a parking spot near the La Jolla Community Center.  If you haven't been to this facility before, you should check out their list of opportunities here. Such  a beautiful location and wide variety of events.
San Diego Oasis was nice enough to sister out to the La Jolla Community Center to offer an Introduction to Zentangle® class.  Funny thing was, the two students that came were from Valley Center, an hours drive away.  Thank you for driving the distance to start your Zentangle journey.  I promise you, it will have been worth the drive.

Thank you joining me today, Valerie and Chris.  Nice work ladies !!!  A pleasure meeting you two.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Zentangle @ the San Diego Zoo and 250 Kids

Today I taught two of my largest Zentangle classes to date at the San Diego Zoo.   Both classes had 125 students in them.  I was warned that the 1, 2 ,3rd graders might be a challenge to keep them, engaged.  I knew better.  
I began the class by teaching the Zentangle Art Method.  When I teach Zentangle, I always ask them "who thinks art is hard"?  Usually,  most of  the kids (and adults for that matter),  raised their hands.  When I told them I was going to show them how to take the hard out of art, I saw lots of smiles.  After the 40 minute class...learning new patterns, we call them, " tangles"  and placing the tangles  in "sections" the kids fell in love with Zentangle.  As the large group left the auditorium,  they held their art up to me and said "thank you, I love Zentangle". They were so proud of their art.
  Ahhhhh I love teaching Zentangle to the kids.  Can't wait to go back next week.

Can you say "Zentangle"?
      My View

The kids view

Monday, July 11, 2016

Diva Challenge #275. GIVE PEACE A CHANCE

Weekly Challenge #275: "Guest Post: Give Peace a Chance - Suzanne Fluhr, CZT"
Today was our San Diego, Monthly Zentangle Club Meeting, this month at CharKat's Creative Insanity Studio (thanks for the hospitality).   Char suggested we incorporate our project which was an "Organized Zentangle Frame" along with Suzanne's suggestion for the Diva Challenge this week, give peace a chance.  This was my completed project. 

" We need to stop hating and start loving." 
Create your own tile for this week's challenge. Go to:

Sunday Yen and Yang Zentangle® Day

Opposites attract like our class - Yen & Yang today at Beverly's Fabric.  When you put two colors together - like the extreme opposites - black and white, you get a great contrast.  Being a Certified Zentangle® Teacher, we are always talking about contrast when you pick and choose your tangles, paper or your drawing implements.

This great project brought paper and pen to the opposites to give this piece great "contrast". 

I choose Yen and Yang (ZIA -  Zentangle Inspired Art) for the class title and literally went with the Giant Panda bear (since I am teaching Zentangle classes at the San Diego Zoo this summer),  I have Zoo animals on the brain.

A couple shy gals for picture taking, but their work was fantastic. Sorry Janice, your panda bear didn't get upright.  We had two newbie's to Zentangle today and they did fantastic. They will be signing up for a Introduction to Zentangle class this month. 

So many folks think when they have been "tangling" what they learned in a book or on the Internet, think they don't need a beginner Zentangle class.  I usually tell students when they tell me this, come to my Introduction class, and if you don't learn a lot more information than you know now, I'll return your class tuition.  To this day, no one has asked for their money back and have thanked me for how much more they learned.  You need a  class from a CZT.  We will show so much more than a book or Internet can.  Rick and Maria (the co-founders we took the four day seminar with) were the designers of this art.  There is so much more to Zentangle than just lines and circles. 

Take a class from a CZT and see for yourself.!!!

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Saturday Morning with Kaiser Pediatric Unit @ Zoo and Zentangle®

I spent this beautiful Saturday morning at the San Diego Zoo teaching Zentangle®.  Not only did I enjoy the ambience of the largest Zoo in the world, but also their celebration of the Zoo's 100th year anniversary. Happy Anniversary San Diego Zoo. 

Today, the Zoo welcomed 40 pediatric kids from Kaiser and their siblings and parents.  After being introduced to many of the familys at the entrance of the Zoo, we enjoyed a lovely stroll thru the Zoo to the Education Center, where they served a continental breakfast with coffee, and juice and had a event schedule of fun activities, art, animal experience and of course, Zentangle !!!

I have to say the moment I stepped onto the Zoo property,  the staff was delightful.   The Zoo educators and Zoo employees that run the event  are so giving to the Kaiser family's.  The Zoo has been hosting this wonderful experience for the kids and family for nine years.  Thanks to Staci, Rachelle, and all the other Zoo employees along with the Kaiser Administrator for the event - Lisa plus the beautiful families they invited.   I had a smile on my face all morning long. There were even two Ramona Pageant winners there to volunteer (tiara's and all).   The girls were so beautiful and sweet.  Thanks girls

Today we celebrated Zen Day at the Zoo.  After breakfast, Joe (the art teacher that has been teaching art at the Zoo - I was told "forever"),  provided tiles, bushes and paint for the kids to paint or draw a special tile.  Joe was a great guy and super positive with the kids.  You could tell many of the kids had been to this event before and all enjoyed Joe, and this day  special especially just for them.   Boy, did I see some great art for this project too.

I was lucky to be invited to introduce the kids and family to the Zentangle Art Method today.  Zentangle fit perfect for their Zen Day at Zoo.  Not only does Zentangle create a beautiful piece of art, but durng the process you relax, and get a sense of well-being - healing art. A great experience for the families to have a focus away from their issues at hand and the whole family has something they can enjoy together.

We tangled a elephant and wow, did I see some nice art (some great adult art also).  The kids as well as the adults got the "ah ha" moment as we all have gotten after they see the concept of Zentangle.  I told them they could make their own coloring books with the Zentangle method.  They were sent them home with homework to color their art.

Thank you San Diego Zoo, Kaiser Pediatric Unit, and Zentangle for providing a heart felt day for me and all that contributed and attended.  I hope I am invited back for another feel good morning. 

Friday, July 8, 2016

Zentangle Yen and Yang Class (Black and White)

Sunday 7/10, at Beverlys Fabric, 11:30-1:30 -- I'll be teaching a class called Zentangle Yen and Yang.  We will be working with black and white paper as well as black and white pens with lots of tangles.  Prepay for class on my blog $35   Come spend Sunday morning with me and some cute little panda bears.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Janet's Zentangle Zoo

I contacted the San Diego Zoo several months ago to see if they would they be interested in Zentangle classes for the Zoo.   Of course they hadn't heard of Zentangle Art Method before, so off  I went to the Education Department to demonstrate what Zentangle Method was,  The two educators found it very intriguing and I was asked to come back to teach Zentangle at the Zoo thru the summer for the kids camps.  What a wonderful experience I had today for my first Janet's Zentangle Zoo class.  Has a nice ring to it !!!

When I arrived at the Zoo and located my room to teach in, I saw the mass of difference age children going to and fro outside to their next activity; classes, presentation, animal experience, lunch, etc.  On such a warm day, the air conditioner was set, I went about setting up my document camera/projector, arranged the tables so the kids could see the screen, set out our project paper and a pen,  started my slack key instrumental quiet Hawaiian music, dimed the lights a bit and even had a couple minutes to spare and tangled myself before the kids arrived.  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Zen.

When the 27,  6-7th graders arrived, the first word from many of the kids when they walked into the room was "wow"............ the prepared room was quiet, cool, soft music, nice change from the rest of organized chaos scene outside.

I was asked to keep the Zentangle project centered around animals. For today's project, I picked the largest creature at the Zoo, the mighty elephant. Each of the kids had a outline of an elephant and added string for tangling, a sharpie pen we completed their Zentangle elephant.

I normally ask before my classes starts, "who has heard of Zentangle?"  Many times the answer is zero  have heard of Zentangle..  Most folks have trouble even saying Zentangle the first time.  Today, two kids raised their hands that were familiar.  I then ask, "who has heard of the adult coloring books"?  Of course, almost all their hands go up. I said, today I'm going to teach you how to make your own coloring books with the Zentangle Art Method. Many of the Certified Zentangle Teachers had designed the adult coloring books.  Look for the CZT (Certified Zentangle Teacher) after their name.  The adult coloring books are designed around drawing structured patterns just like Zentangle Method.

As I started to instruct the class and to my surprise, the three "college kids" in charge of the camp goers,  immediately sat down at a table, also started to complete the project instead of standing and observing.  Now I have 30 students.  Like I always say, any age LOVES Zentangle. 

When the Director of Education came into the class to see how this trial of Zentangle classes was going, she was quiet surprised to find the a room so quiet you could hear a pen drop, and all the kids engaged in this new found, easy-to-do art.

I'm am never surprised at each of my classes. Before class, one of the questions I ask is "who thinks art is hard?"  Just like today, most all the hands go up.  No matter what the age, during/after class I hear comments, like: 
I love this,
Thank you,  it was fun
Oh, now I can do art.
Can't wait to go home and do more
This was great.
Today, the three college kids told me they really enjoyed learning Zentangle
One adult at another class said "I'm so happy" after class
When can I take another class. 

Because of the privacy act of posting kids pictures without parents consent, I couldn't post a picture of their smiling faces after class.  I would have shown you the drawing of my elephant we completed in class, but one little boy sitting next to me asked if he could have my art work, and could I signed it for him.  How adorable. 

I told the kids now they could go home and color their animal with colored pencils and next week, if they have my class,  we will complete a peacock.  I LOVE TEACHING AT THE ZOO.

Next week, my classes will be 100+, 3-5th graders, and the second class will be 1, 2 and 3rd graders.   I can't wait to share the Zentangle art method with more kids.  Zentangle takes the "hard" out of art and best part, you relax and get into a well-being place.  Happens everytime. 

Thanks San Diego Zoo for letting me bring something new and exciting to the kids.