Sunday, March 20, 2016

Sunday Tangle Time

Today was my first Introduction to Zentangle "kid style" class at this location - Beverlys Fabric. I let her Mom join in for the class   Fun, intimate class.

Thanks girls for starting your Zentangle journey today. Allison was quite the young artist.  Very impressive.  

Spring --Saturday Introduction to Zentangle Class

Today was an Introduction to this amazing Zentangle Art Method
at HOBBY LOBBY - La Mesa, CA. 
If you have taught yourself  Zentangle on the Internet or by looking thru the many Zentangle books and feel you don't need an Introduction class.. --- I strong suggest you find a Certified Zentangle Teacher in the your area (you can find one by going to under CZT's) and let us certified teachers show you all the Zentangle knowledge you can't get out of a book or on the Internet.   
I have had several students tell me they didn't need an Introduction class because they have been Zentangling for a year on their own.   First of all, you would learn in your first class,  we we say "tangling" not "Zentangling".   Zentangle is the name of the art form and tangling is what you do when you are drawing. 
You will learn embellishments, shading tips, history, relaxation and so much more..  After those students (that thought they didn't need to take an Intro class) finished my class, they sad "Wow, I learned so much more than I thought I would, you were right,  I needed to take an Introduction Class". 
RUN TO YOUR NEAREST CERTIFIED TEACHER AND TAKE A CLASS.  You won't be disappointment.  You will probably sign up for the next class too. 
A certified teachers have been to a four day seminar and taught by Rick Robert and Maria Thomas- the co-founders that designed this easy to do art form.  Because of this method, when you draw it is easy enough a child can complete, yet looks complicated and intricate.  Rick and Maria's motto is:  ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE, ONE STROKE AT A TIME".  Trust me.....  you need CZT's.
CZT's have blogs/Facebook closed sites/newsletters for all the CZT's all over the world.  In San Diego, this area's CZT's meet monthly and discuss many topics on Zentangle classes and more.
P.S.  Many folks are starting to try to teach Zentangle after they take a class.  I always mention in my class, please share with a friend (one on one type thing), but Zentangle is a trademark and you can't teach and/or charge a fee without being certified.  So check before you take a class to be sure the instructor is certified.  Or you might just be learning what they learned out of a book or the Internet. 
Back to my class I taught today....
This is one of the tiles we completed at the Intro class today.  
Good job Amy, Jan, Jackie and Tara. 
Thanks for starting your Zentangle journey.

Friday, March 18, 2016

Zentangle "Celtic" Style

                         Happy St Patrick's Day !!!  
Zentangle class today at Oasis - San Diego was all about Zendala tiles (Zentangle in the round). We tangled a pre -strung tile and our second tile, we were green with envy finally getting the Celtic knot tangle down.  

Also, to keep in the Celtic mood,  we took a break from my usual Hawaiian slack key music to Celtic -Irish music along with Andes Mints.  We enjoyed feeling Irish today.

May the luck of the Irish be with you all !!!
That's right -- I got in the picture today.   Thumbs up to Zendala day !

A funny thing happened today.
I added my tile I drew for instruction in the class photo.  We all checked out everyone's work and then took their own tile.   I was cleaning up and one of the tiles left wasn't mine.
Let me know if you would like your tile back !!! P.S.  You forgot to initial.   

Problem With leaky Sukura Micron Pens

Zentangle was having problems with Sukura's leady pens in the past. 
This was a message from Sakura regarding this problem:
If you come across this issue... before throwing out or returning...
The Pigma Micron pen was originally designed in the early 1980s as a disposable alternative for expensive, refillable technical pens. If you are familiar with technical pens, you’ll know they have to be carefully handled or they will easily leak.
Based on photos we’ve seen and descriptions we’ve heard regarding a leaking Pigma Micron pen, the source is the air vent collar located just below the silver tip of the pen. (See Illustration 1, Area A.) Under normal use, the air flows into the barrel through the vent area. The equalized pressure allows the ink to flow through the microscopic nib structure via capillary action. However, when the pen is unconsciously waved, tapped or spun in your hand while capped, the centrifugal force can cause the ink to come out of the air vent, which is the path of least resistance. Most people are unaware that they have used the pen as an outlet for nervous energy. We’ve seen people use their pen as a drum stick, wave it in their hand or use it as a pointer while talking, tap the pen on their desk while on the phone, unconsciously spin it in their hand, and swing it in their purses and backpacks. Centrifugal force can also be applied to the pen during shipping.
The performance characteristics of Pigma ink require a special ink delivery system within the nib, but the trade off is that the Pigma Micron has to be handled more carefully than an ordinary ball point pen. We pack our pens full of pigment ink. Pigment ink particles are much larger than dye ink particles and therefore more susceptible to gravitational pressure. The pen should also be stored horizontally when not in use.
Leaking Micron For a pen that has leaked, the area around the air vent can be carefully wiped clean, but there will also be ink residue inside of the cap.
Take a look inside of your Micron pen cap and you will see a secondary inner cap. (See Illustration 1, Area B.) This 2nd inner cap must also be wiped clean. Otherwise, every time you place the cap back on, the inner cap will transfer more ink to the vent area.
The pen should work fine after both areas are wiped clean.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Keno Poker night Ladies?

This lovely group of ladies normally gather to share Keno Poker Night
(not gonna lie--kind of interested in how that game is played).

 Instead, tonight Peg asked me to teach an Introduction to Zentangle class.  

They really did a good job tonight.

Thanks Peg for sharing this amazing art form with your friends.

           Welcome ladies, to the beginning of your Zentangle journey. 

With each class, always a warning:     caution, Zentangle can be addictive.

Zentangle Hummingbird Delight

Today the task at had was to teach a Zentangle Hummingbird class at Beverly's Fabric. I thought I would first show you a picture of my inspiration. Right in my yard, nestled in a safe place are two sweet little tiny miracles of life.

Today the gals tangled their very own hummingbird and watercolors.  We choose some bottle brush tree blooms to add to our little hummy.

Terrific job today ladies !!!

Fun class.  Another exciting thing happened today, it is the first day of "daylight savings time".  I've waited six months for its return. I have to say I was feeling the loss of one hour of sleep today. BUT -  Ahhhh I see the light !!!

Monday, March 7, 2016

Zentangle Color Me Beautiful Class

I can tell spring is coming. Color is starting to pop up everywhere in San Diego, California. My plumeria plants are budding leaves. You know what they say about plumeria plants?  No leaves, no water.  Let the watering begin.

Today at Zentangle class, we brought spring to our tile with tangles, bunnies, and watercolor pencils.  


Ahhh they are so cute.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Book club night


This evening is usually BOOKCLUB NIGHT for these ladies.  Tonight, Nancy surprised them with a ZENTANGLE night of learning something new.  So the evening went from this to:



So fun to learn something new, and best part was:  NO ART EXPERIENCE NECESSARY.   Some of these ladies can apply the Zentangle Art Method in quilting, scrapbooking, gift giving, greeting cards, and so much more.  


Start your Zentangle journey today !!! 
Look for a class with a Certified Zentangle Teacher that has been to trained 
by the co-founders Rick Robert and Maria Thomas.