Thursday, August 25, 2016

Last Janet's Zentangle Zoo Class for Summer of 2016

From June to August every Wednesday this summer of 2016,
I was teaching Janet's Zentangle Zoo to
125 -- 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th graders, or 50 -- 5th, 6th, 7th graders. 
I think they taught me more than I taught them. 
 How to be open, listen, and enjoy learning something new and exciting.
These are some of the many beautiful Zentangle giraffe faces the kids drew today. 
Many of the counselors came up to me while taking their kids off to their next camp class and said Zentangle Zoo was the best class this summer.  What teacher doesn't love to hear that?  Lots of the counselors drew the art work each class also. 

This evening I got an email from the Zoo's Little Artist.  This put a big 'o smile on my face.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Zentangle Zoo with Janet Masey

Today was Janet's Zentangle Zoo day at our beautiful San Diego  Zoo (the 100th year celebration).  The group of kids I was lucky to teach were 5,6,7th graders.  The theme for them today was learning about birds.  My peacock tangle project was perfect for that theme.
By just adding some tangles (that's what we call the patterns), you can embellish or fancy up any art work. 
Here are just some of todays kids art work from Big Artist campers. 

The following are just a couple up close pics I took
I asked the 45 kids what they thought of their first introduction to ZENTANGLE...
I know a lot of kids ask me "where can I take more classes of Zentangle" Art Method. 
Email me and let's set up a date for your next class (bring your family and/or friends. 
I teach about 30 different type Zentangle classes.  Look under home page under classes. 
Email: and ask for a class.  Bring your whole family next time. 
I also will be at the KIDS EXPO at Del Mar October 8,9th - drop by and get information. 

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Monday "Under The Sea" Zentangle Class

Today's class took us out to the ocean at the tail end of San Diego's beautiful summer.  Well, not literally. Our Zentangle class today was "UNDER THE SEA".  We began by drawing our "terrarium" which was probably the hardest thing to do of this piece, and then added Mr. Seahorse and began tangling our ocean themed tile.
This pic is the ladies hard at work.
Here are several of the finished pieces.  I told them they just created their own coloring book page, and several were able to apply some watercolor pencils on their piece during class and others were taking them home to do so.  Hey Jan Neeb.............. I didn't get your pic of your art before you headed to your Doctor appointment. 

This is my assistant with set up and take down in class..... Sharon.  Oh yeah. she is my Step Mom !!!

Today was her Birthday and we were heading to Olive Garden to celebrate after class .
Thanks for all your help Sharon and HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Saturday Zentangle Dreamcatcher Class

Today I thought I'd change up a new class I've been wanting to teach.  My daughter loves dreamcatchers being 1/4 Indian, I decide to have a class in her honor. 

One of my next door neighbors is part of the Jamul Indian Nation.  I asked her if she would come and cleanse the class and talk about dreamcatchers.  Unfortunately, she hurt her back and was on bed rest and couldn't attend today class.  I asked her questions and drummed up all the info I could find about dreamcatchers and gave my spill on the topic. 

Here is how the first part of my class went today.  Image -- Native American flute music playing in the background, six attentive students waiting to hear about this well known item that many of us have purchased over the years. 

My wonderful neighbor, Liza, made sage wrappings for all the students at class today.  I passed out one to each of them,.  Not knowing if Beverly's Fabric wanted to have a cleansing in the Fabric store (I didn't ask - I guess I knew the answer, fire hazard), I opted to just hand them out and they could go home and cleanse (smudging) what they wished.  FYI, a couple teachers said they would cleanse their school room. 

A side story about that... when I went home from class and told Liza the class went well, and that one of the teachers was going to cleanse their classroom, Liza said that she worked in the classroom thru the years and would cleanse the room as well, and had great results with calm, good feelings brought  to the room.

SMUDING:  brings person back onto balance and cleanses the body and mind of negative spirits and impurities.  The practice of smudging, or purifying a room with the smoke of sacred herbs, can help clear negative energy from a space.

<em>Edit Article</em> The Ancient Art of Smudging

Native Americans believe that night is full of both good and bad dreams.  When a dreamcatcher is hung above where you sleep, it catches the dreams that drift by.  The good dreams go thru the center of the web and slide down the feathers to those sleeping below.  the bad dreams are caught in the web and destroyed (burned) at the first light of the morning sun. 

Traditional dreamcatchers are only 3-5 inches across.  They must be made from natural materials. Every part of a dreamcatcher has a meaning.  The dreamcatcher represents the mind, body, spirit aspects of our personality, mood and emotions.  The ring (hoop) and the web represents love, honesty and purity.  All of the combined elements on the dreamcatcher represents aspects of earth, fire and water - all things we need to live.

Once the dreamcatcher is hung freely, it represents the element of air.  The hoop represents the earth - "the circle of life" and made from a willow. 

The web is patterned after a spiders web to catch bad dreams and keep them from entering the dreamers head.  Each dreamcatcher will have items selected to represent the person the dreamcatcher was designed for.

Feathers are added as a symbol of breath that is essential for life.  Owl feathers represents wisdom (feminine), and Eagle feathers represent courage (masculine). 

Beads are added, one for the spider that made the web, and many beads represent good dreams that get trapped during the night. 

Arrowheads on the dreamcatcher  increases strength and protection.

Here is a group picture of the dreamcatchers drawn today 'Zentangle Style'.  All look similar but yet individual flair to make each one unique to that person - like a dreamcatcher.

I posted each one by themselves so you can enjoy the beautiful of them all.

Not only did the class complete a dreamcatcher,
but also made a coloring book page to go home and color if they wish.
Here are a couple..... colored dreamcatchers.  Fun class to teach !!!  

Mid Summer Zentangle Zoo


 I'm enjoying my first year teaching Zentangle Art Method at the famous San Diego Zoo.  I have three more classes out of the eleven scheduled for the 1st - 8th graders this summer. 

Today the project for the kids was tangling an elephant head and trunk.

My first class was 125 -- 3rd-5th graders.  After class I mentioned I wanted to snap a couple pictures of their art work today and it was like a stampede to get to the front of the auditorium for a Kodak moment.   They were so proud of their art work.  One little girl shouted out during class. "I LOVE THIS".

Kids love to share their Zentangle Art.
Second class today was 125 - 1st -  3rd graders.  They are so cute when they like something, it is written all over their faces.  Best part of today was when one of the great counselors that lead the kids during their day at camp at the Zoo, came into the auditorium with his group and he said to his kids, "this is the best class at the Zoo, it's Zentangle". 
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh  made my day!!!
After the second class was leaving the auditorium, a young girl asked me to tangle on her arm cast!!! That was a first for me.......Ahhh I love teaching the kids. Two little 3rd grade boys came up to me after class and said "thank you, this is fun!!!

I'll be sad when summer is over and my classes end at the Zoo.  I will be crossing my fingers and toes that I get to teach again next summer at the world famous San Diego Zoo.

Monday, August 8, 2016

San Diego Zentangle Club Monday

Fun day tangling. Today, tanglers got together for the San Diego Zentangle Monday Club.  

Today we decided to take a piece of cardstock and trace our hands then tangle the outside of the hand image.  We came up with some amazing pieces.  But, you be the judge.


  Janet's backyard

Gina's    Linda's

 Susan's Rho's

Before adding color and shading...................................after adding color and shading

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Zentangle Dreamcatcher Class

You don't want to miss this class.  I am teaching a Zentangle Dreamcatcher class, but the best treat is my neighbor Lisa,  who is Native American Indian, is going to share the background behind the dreamcatcher and maybe a little "cleansing" of the class,  plus to top it off... drum and flute Indian tunes.  Get ready for a fun class. 

August 13, Saturday, 1:30-3:30@ Balboa Avenue (in Clairemont) 
Prepay for class on my blog:  list class and date.
Only five seats left. (Bring mini kit-basic supplies & watercolor pencils) 

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Artist & Craftsman Supply

Today, I taught an Introduction to Zentangle® Art Method Class at a  new location, Artist & Craftsman Supply in Hillcrest in San Diego, California. I met four, super fun and interesting ladie, Candy, La Ree, Maria, and Rose. Jackie was unable to attend, we missed you but she wants to have me teach an in service education class for the teachers at the  elementary school she teaches at.  I'm always down for showing the teachers something they can use for guided art as well as journaling and the best part for quieting down a class after recess or lunch. 

Here is the small world part of today... La Ree son's and my daughter went to elementary together, that was 15 years ago. What a great day in a new location with some spunky ladies.
You will note I gave them free rein to embellish Florz tangle.  I love the hearts that Maria used, and Rose used a variety of open and darkened diamonds.  I'm going to teach Florz from now on with "hearts", thanks Maria. the other tangles (that's what we call the patterns), used were Tipple and Ambler and a variation of Shattuck were taught today so we could include into our second tile......... the sea turtle.