Saturday, February 25, 2017

Holmes Elementary School Zentangle Introduction


February 22,  I was invited to my granddaughter, Elle's, 3rd grade class at Holmes Elementary School in San Diego, California.  Elle's teacher, Mr. Blasé,  asked me to come and teach
Zentangle Art Method.  I love to share this art method to the kids. 

From the moment you tell the kids NO ART EXPERIENCE NECESSARY and NO MISTAKES, they are all on board to learn this amazing method.

Watching 24 little faces learn about the history, the string, the "tangles" and ease of this art method, to the second "tile" applying the patterns we learned to bring to life MR. ROBOT,  made my day. 

Our first tile was typical, corner dot, border, string, add some tangles (that is what we call the patterns) and whalah..... an abstract piece of art.

Here is the picture of the kids second tile -
bringing to life Mr. Robot with the patterns we learn in our first tile.

 Since I couldn't take a picture of the kids happy smiles without their parents consent, we did next best thing... took a picture of them holding up their art work.    Oh, by the way, Elle's beautiful little face is front and center. 

I did get 24 thumbs up (or is it 48?) for Zentangle class today.  Thank you Holmes Elementary and Mr. Blasé for opening up your school for me today.

When will your classroom get to learn Zentangle?  Email me and I'll tell you how:

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Diva Challenge #303 Valentine

This weeks Diva Challenge  #303 is "Valentine".  
My Valentine Zendala are two tiles we did in class last week. 
We used a clear gold gelly roll pen to bling it up.  You can't see the bling, but it's there. 

 If you want to design a tile, go to
create your own Valentine and post!!!  Try it,,, it's fun

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Poway Adult School Adult Coloring Page - Zentangle Style

So many classes I teach, I start with "who has heard of Zentangle?" 
Usually one or two students hands go up.  They say "I've heard of Zentangle but not sure what it is."  Then I asked, "who has heard of the adult coloring books?  Everyone raises their hands. 

Certified Zentangle Teachers (CZT's) are authors of many of the adult coloring books. 
Zentangle is all about drawing structured patterns. 
Did you know you can create your own coloring book page with the Zentangle Art Method?
This class shows students how to make their own coloring page.
Never buy another coloring book again !!! 
  Today, since it is February, we created a Valentine coloring page.
 After designing our coloring page, we jumped into coloring,
learning new techniques with watercolor pencils & blending pen.

I will suggest that the "tangles" (patterns) speak for themselves,
you don't need a lot of color on the page.  Using lighter colors will let the tangles shine thru. 
  The ladies still have some homework to finish coloring.  I think they did a nice job. 

Meet the artist -   Lee, Betty S, Lois, and Betty M.




This was my first Zentangle class at my new location
We focused on Beyond Basic Zentangle today.  This second suggested class takes you from Introduction to Zentangle (kindergarten) to six grade in one class. 
We studied string theory, embellishments, tangleations (tangle variations),
tango's (dancing two tangles together), shading and tracing. 
Loved the new Art Therapy Studio.  Thanks Natalie (the owner). 
I always suggest that folks bring items they have worked on to share !!! 
Jane brought some of her "placemats" she has created. 
Aren't they lovely?   Thanks for sharing Jane.