Sunday, December 29, 2019

Kensington Library Goes Cartouche

Cartouche  (Car – touch)  Decorative border or frame surroundings on images or inspirations.

Today, we bring back this lovely word to describe our approach to using the Zentangle Method to create ornate frames and borders.

Rick and Maria (co-founders of the Zentangle Method) love the Renaissance era.  Maria is a superb calligrapher and this style works well with her projects she designs.  One of the old world words is cartouche - decorative way to embellish pic.

Ten eager folks at Kensington/Normal Heights Library in San Diego, had fun creating a Zentangle cartouche.  Before class, I asked students to bring a old, sepia, black & white pic.  For those that didn't, I downloaded some fun pics from Hotel Del Coronado in the 1880's, beach scene, or San Diego back-in-the-day photos.  I think I spent a good two hours looking at all the pics - even Marilyn Monroe and Tony Curtis while they were filming Some Like It Hot movie at the Hotel Del.

Okay back to our class.  

Above is old Santa Ysabel in the mountains of San Diego.  If you have ever been there - you can still purchase the best bread you will ever buy.   Put on your bucket list to do.

Above is the Point Loma Lighthouse.  FYI - my friend Willie Withers grew up in the light house.  His Dad was in the coast guard and maintained the premise.  Now that is interesting.


Friday, December 27, 2019

Using the Mudd Cloth idea - we created a faux leather bookmark using the Zentangle Method at University City Library in San Diego.  

African Mudd Cloth, each patterns has a meaning
Just one of the many things that makes traditional mud cloth so special is that each piece has a story to tell. Even the arrangement of the symbols on the cloth reveals something secret about the intended meaning, and this language of the cloth was passed down from mother to daughter.  One of things that is so extraordinary about mud cloth is the complexity found in its simplicity. There are some basic symbols that everyone agrees on – a twirl for life and a concentric circle to represent the world, for example. But these motifs were traditionally codes for a small group of people. They just weren’t meant to be understood by the uninitiated. It is the language of a community so there will always be just a little bit of mystery for the outsider.

To get the leather feel of our "tile" (paper) you can use, a brown paper sack (I found Trader Joe's are the best) or Kraft cardstock.  Spray with mixture of water & glycerine to help soften paper and scrunch, scrunch, scrunch- till paper is leather like.  Do this while watching your favorite TV show.  It makes the time go faster.

Monday, December 23, 2019

North Clairemont Library Angels Get Wings

North Clairemont Library in San Diego got busy with mason jar lids to create an adorable angel using the Zentangle Method. Fifteen cute and different decorated tangled angels.

University City Library Gets Hit With Snowflakes

I found this clever arrangements of library books.

Kids (and some parents) today at University City Library found snowflakes in San Diego joined me in a Zentangle class.  Using the Zentangle Method, we design some fun snowflakes on blue cardstock.  Kids from ages 6 to 12 learned that Zentangle is so easy and you create amazing art.

Saturday, December 7, 2019

Here Comes the Holiday's

                           Zentangle class today was at Tierrasanta Library in San Diego.
                           Eleven folks joined me to bring in the beginning of December
                           with a Zentangle Angel Greeting Card.

                        December is here, and that means THE HOLIDAYS ARE AMONGST US.

                       Holidays can mean exciting, fun, celebrating, cooking, eating, family/friends,
                       parties, joy, and love.  This time of year can also mean, stress, lack of sleep,
                       anxiety, sadness, lonely, overwhelmed, over eating,  and depression 

                      Zentangle has been proved to help with many issues as in:  depression, anxiety,
                      sad, mad, bored, etc.  So...
   Just when you think you are going to loose it,
                      grab a pen and paper and "tangle".  You will be surprised at the results. During
                      the process you are focused on your art, instead of your surroundings.  AND,
                      you might make a beautiful gift for someone else that might be feeling the
                      same way and give that person a smile for the Holidays'.  

                     Join me in one of my classes this December and get "happy" with this secret gem.


                        Today's  class used Joanne Fink's idea of dangles and I created this fun
                         ZIA (Zentangle Inspired Art) Zentangle angel  greeting card.

                                  Doesn't matter whether you are young or older, an artist or never had
                                  any experience with art - Zentangle was designed for every age and
                                  NO ART EXPERIENCE NECESSARY.

This is Cece and her Mom, Caitlin.  Cece is seven years old. Look below at their work.  No matter what age or ability - Zentangle makes beautiful art. Great job girls.
Terrific job Judy -- Love her hair.

                                       I had fun looking at the personalities class gave to their angels
                                      from their hair, to there face.  Just by changing the size or shape
                                      of the dangles - creates a whole new look.  


Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Who ya gonna call? Oasis Nutcracker

Oasis - Grossmont Lifetime Learning (55+).  December Zentangle class at Oasis was festive and fun with raffles and kissing (candy).  Our class was all about using the Zentangle Method and creating a Holiday Nutcracker.  Did you know?

According to German folklore, nutcrackers bring good luck to your family and protect your home.  A nutcracker is said to represent power and strength, serving like a watchdog, guarding your family against danger.  The nutcracker bares its teeth to evil spirits and services as a messenger of good luck and good will.  Long ago, rare or unusual nutcrackers were part of the social dining tradition.  Serving as whimsical conversation pieces. 

You learn something everyday.

Zentangle patterns speak for themselves, but a little color goes a long way.  We added some red to enhance Mr. Nutcracker and that is all it needed. Tangles used:  Flux, Nightsbridge, Wud, Meer, Cubine, Knase, Bales, and Tipple,  

Remember, so many tangles, so little time.
To all my students (over 1,500) that joined me in class this year...… thank you.