Sunday, May 29, 2016

ZenGem Class

I love the ZenGem's.  Great class to teach, adding Zentangle and the "gem" together.  I liked putting in a bracelet format, and adding some bling bling (glitter pen) to the "metal" to simulate gold/silver  (sorry, doesn't show up in picture).
        This class takes time, and patience to set the layers down and blending, blending, blending.  You can add the ZenGem's to any title.  LOVE THEM.

Thanks Charlotte Carpenter for your "step-out",  I handed out after class for reference.

Hobby Lobby Introduction to Zentangle Class

Welcome, Gaye, Sherri, Jennifer, Shiela to the beginning of your Zentangle Journey. 
Thank you for joining me at Hobby Lobby for a class.  Wasn't it fun wonder the store after class?
We had a special guest today, another Certified Zentangle Teacher, Susan Bowden, sat in on our class.  It just so happens that Susan and I were high school buddies and we started our Zentangle journey together.  After all these years we are closer than ever. 
Zentangle has a way of making friends closer.  That's why I encourage those that come to class to bring a friend.  Something exciting is always better to learn with a friend.  Right Susan?
Special shout out to my step-mom, Sharon,  for assisting in set-up and break-down at class today.  I'm lucky to have her help.

Look, there I am on the left. 

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Two Zentangle Classes This Weekend

Start your Zentangle journey...
Introduction to Zentangle Method, Saturday 5/28/16 @ Hobby Lobby - La Mesa, CA  10:00-12:00 $35 Prepay on blog:

Zentangle ZenGem class at my home, Sunday, 5/29/16, San Diego, CA 1:00-3:00
$35 Prepay on blog:

email me for more information and directions.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Color Me Beautiful Class

The "adult coloring books" were started by the Certified Zentangle Teachers.  I tell my students you can make your own pages to color by "tangling" your own. What is more colorful than a peacock?    Here is my pre color page in Zentangle fashion and then added color.


 Below is Sharon's, Jan's, and Tricia"s pre color page.  Homework-- is to fill in color.
Just a reminder... color adds a lot more thought process and choices.
If you want more relaxing experience, stick with the basic Zentangle.  
"Corner dots, border, string and tangles.  Ahhhh back to basic - so relaxing". 

Monday, May 16, 2016

Next Zentangle Introduction Class

Come and start your Zentangle Journey with me at HOBBY LOBBY, May 28th, Saturday @ 10-12.

If you haven't been introduced to Hobby Lobby, make sure you leave room before or after class to stroll thru this huge store.  I call it Home Goods meets Michael's. 

This two hour class will start you on your way to learning the Zentangle Method. Learn several patterns and the history and ease of this wonderful art method.  Do you need help relaxing, de-stressing, and getting to a wellness place and during the process you create a beautiful piece of art?  This is the place to be......................
$35, please prepay for class on this blog:  make sure you include the date of class and title.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Rancho Penasquitos Library "How-To-Festival"

     Today I participated in the HOW-TO-FESTIVAL being held at several library's in San Diego, CA. Among the participating libraries were the Central Library, Pacific Beach Library,  Rancho Penasquitos Library,  and Otay Mesa-Nestor library. 
          Each library had several "classrooms" with different instruction each hour.  I taught a demonstration at the Rancho Penasquitos Library The Zentangle Method today with about 30 young kids, teens, and adults.    We completed a bookmark and you can see by their smiles that I left them thirsty for more Zentangle.  What a beautiful library.  I can't wait to go back and teach Zentangle classses there.
                                       Have you started your Zentangle journey yet? 

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Black Wednesday

Today, class was "dark".  Opposites attract for Zentangle class. Usually we use a 3.5 x 3.5 white tile, but today we switched it up.  We brought our dark side out with a black tile and used a white pen (and Zenstone) instead of a black Micron pen (and graphite pencil) to apply our "tangles". 

After we "Diva Danced", and Echoism'd, Hug(gins), Mooka'd, shaded and embellished - we added some sparkle to our tile.  You can't see the glimmer in the picture, but we LOVED the added bling bling to the tiles today. 

Great Job Jan !!!!!

Have you started your Zentangle journey yet?  check out my class schedules and join in the fun today.  

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Zendala Dalla Alla Dalla Day!!!

Today we dabbled in class with tan prestrung Zendala tiles.  I love the round of a Zendala and the black,  tan and white color pens of a Renaissance tile. Thats right, two , two ... two classes in once. 

Had a lovely time sharing ideas of this amazing method. Nice to speak the same language of Zentangle with other like minds.  

I even taught some new tangles to try.  If you haven't jumped out of the square and into the round tile ... come over to the round!!!  Don't be square all the time !!!

Tangle on tanglers !!!

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

California Women's Choir Convention and "Wellness Day" Introduction to Zentangle.

I was asked to attend this convention to share Zentangle during their wellness day
for the ladies that came from all over California for their yearly
California Women's Choir Convention. 
What a great group of women I meet this weekend during my
demonstration and Introduction to Zentangle class.
Never gets old seeing their faces when they "get it". 
 Boy can they sing !!!

This is Susan... she wants a second class !!! and bring her daughter.  Zentangle -  "sharing is caring".