Thursday, January 31, 2019


This well kept secret is nestled in an urban section of Carmel Mountain Ranch, in San Diego, California.  The owners, Lisa and Darius Miller, created a beautiful intimate, friendly experience at their winery.  The owners wanted to bring two ideas together - wine and relaxation.  
This was a perfect match with wine and Zentangle.   Zentangle is a meditative art method that creates beautiful images by drawing structured patterns.  During the process you relax, focus and get into a state of well-being- happy place.  Add a glass of wine, and what more could you ask for?

  Friendly staff makes it feel like family.

Thirteen mostly "newbies" to Zentangle had a delightful evening sipping and tangling.

Above is Donna, a seasoned tangler.  She comes to many of my classes.  There is always something new to learn at each class.  I teach about 30 different classes with The Zentangle Method in mind.  Today's workshop was a ZIA (Zentangle inspired art).  Here are some of the students art work.

 Thank you Lisa and Darius for asking me to share Zentangle.

Join me for next class at the Koi Zen Cellars Winery:  March 20th, 6:30-8:30
The workshop will be creating a Zentangle Koi Fish.

Register on line or call:  858-381-2675

Monday, January 28, 2019

Hearts Are Flying at Oasis - La Mesa

As January comes to an end and Februrary begins - one holiday we always think of in February is Valentine's Day.  I actually was married on  February 17th.  So this is a big month for hearts.❤

San Diego Oasis is a location for folks over 55 and they encourage all to continue to learn, grow and stay healthy.  Zentangle Club at Oasis in La Mesa, California, we created a Zentangle Valentine's Day art piece.  Using Warts and Wobbles pattern for our border, Diva Dance pattern around half the heart, Florz for background pattern. All eighteen turned out delightful. Students had option to add a little color or leave black and white.  Either way, fantatic.  Good job folks.
 Happy Valentine's Day Everyone

Kensington-Normal Heights Library Get Organized

In the quaint little town of Kensington/Normal Heights in San Diego, California, this adorable tiny library, nine of us found a way to organize our Zentangle patterns.

A Zentangle journal is a great way to organize or document your journey with The Zentangle Method.    The journal page had four small boxes and one large box (tile) drawn on each page.  We choose four patterns (tangles) and drawn them in the four smaller boxes with name. Then, in the larger box,  we created a basic Zentangle tile.  Adding four dots in each corner, connect the dots, add our string and tangles.  Whaaaa laaaa.  A beautiful Zentangle tile.

Kensington/Normal Heights library is a great support of Zentangle class.  Check my classes for the next one at this library.  Be sure to register by calling library.  There are only ten seats. 

Thursday, January 24, 2019

University Community Library

University Community Library in San Diego, SoCal was Introduced to The Zentangle Method today.  Eighteen folks joined me at the library to learn what in the heck Zentangle is all about. 

After teaching 10,000 students in the last four years, I still can't believe Zentangle is a foreign word to most people.  Even Rosie O'Donnell shared "Zentangle"  many years ago. 

THE VIEW and Rosie O'donnell

In 2014, on THE VIEW TV morning show, Rosie O'Donnell talked about dolls she was selling for Rosie's Theatre Kids (for less fortunate children) to raise money for them.  The best part was that she told everyone about Zentangle art method that she used to draw on the dolls and auction them off.  She even had Howard Stern tangling on the show.  Rosie has been tangling for years.   How cool is that?

My passion is to get the word out about this unique, one of a kind art method that takes the "hard" out of art.  Zentangle motto is "anything is possible, one stroke at a time".  

If you haven't done so already, take a class from a Certified Zentangle Teacher.  CZT's have been certified by the co-founders of the art method and taught, history, philosophy, and technique in the way the method was design. 

Look at the difference of one of my students art work before (art work using what she learned from books and Internet),  to what her art work looked like after taking a class from a CZT.

Learning from Internet and books:
Art working after taking class from CZT:

  More depth and texture.

Great group of eighteen newbies to Zentangle and seasoned tanglers.   Patterns learned today were:
Onamato, Crescent Moon, Rainking, Paradox.

University Community Library is having a four series class of The Zentangle Method.
 #1 - Introduction to Zentangle
 #2 - Beyond Basic
 #3 - Bunny in a Basket
 #4 - Butterfly with color

You can take all four classes or any one of them.

When will you start your Zentangle journey?  Check my classes for a class near you.