Thursday, February 28, 2019

University Community Library goes Beyond Basic Zentangle

You can finally call Southern California sunny again.  What was with all the heavy rain the last month?.  Gorgeous day.  Thank you Mr. Golden Sun.

Thursday is a perfect day for a Zentangle class.  Just ask the twenty folks at University Community Library in San Diego, Calif.  We worked on Beyond Basic Zentangle class. This class I shared more complex patterns, how to do tangelations (variation of patterns), tango's (blending two patterns together), string theory and tracing.

Friends that tangle together - say together.  Thanks for coming ladies.

We had a great class and challenged with Zentangle pattern "Oof".
Next two classes coming up   (note time changed due to library scheduling)
Series #3 is:  March 28th, Spring Bunny @ 12:00-1:30
Series #4 is:  April 25th, Butterfly with color  @ 12:00-1:30      

Monday, February 25, 2019

We found the Luck of the Irish today at Oasis

Fifteen of us got the luck of the Irish, with Celtic music and early St. Patrick's Day Zentangle workshop at Oasis - Grossmont Center, La Mesa, Calif.   I taught lots of tangles along with lots of fun. Some past tanglers, and always some newbie's.

Tangles used today were:  Mooka, Bales, Crescent Moon, Hollibaugh, Pokeroot, Tipple, Knase and Bales.

We extended the class l/2 hour so we had time to color our art piece.   Folks said they were scared to put color on their tile. Remember with the Zentangle patterns, color goes along way - you don't need much.   We did a little shading and hopefully they will put a little color on at home.  Zentangle and color - my thoughts are  less is best.  I usually suggest lighter colors as not to overbear the tangles.

As I tell my students, my suggestions are just that - suggestions.  Zentangle was designed for many ways to create same tile -tangleation's (variations), tango's (adding two patterns together).  There is no limit to the art.  So many tangles, so little time.  Enjoy the process and don't worry about the end result.    

Thumbs up for Zentangle !!!

Next Oasis classes are:  trying out morning and after noon times.
Only $15 - register online/call

Healing Art thru Zentangle - each class has a surprise project.  I won't disappoint. 
March 25th, Monday 1:00-2:30
May 20th, Monday 1:00-2:30
June 21st,  Friday 10:00-11:30
July 18th, Monday 1:00-2:30
August 16th, Friday 10:00-11:30

Sunday, February 24, 2019

Kensington/Normal Heights Library finds Zendala

We went off the grid today at Kensington/Normal Heights Library in San Diego, California. Changing the standard white paper to draw on... we choose gray Kraft paper, added a black sharpie and white Gelly Roll pen and completed a Zendala. Zendala is Zentangle version of a Mandala. I love the contrast of the white with the black on gray background.  

Using patterns Rainking, Diva Dance, Vitruvius, Tipple, Hurry and some embellishments, nine folks went a little father with their Zentangle journey.

Terry and Allison were new to
The Zentangle Method today.
Their art work turned out excellent.
Aren't they adorable? 

Mimi's Zentangle art piece today.

The best part about Zentangle is if you are a beginner or a seasoned artist - the art work looks similar.  Zentangle takes the difficulty out of art and creates beautiful images by drawing structured patterns.  Anyone can do it and the results are fantastic.  Zentangle is a secret gem.

Stephanie goes back as a tangler - she also teaches watercolor classes.  Beautiful work.  Love the Tipple in small form on the outline tangle.

The white pen replaces shading giving highlights here and there to add drama.

Friday, February 22, 2019

Found and Tangled at the Library

North Clairemont Library had hearts flying today. 
Seven students braved the oddity weather of hail and rain in San Diego to find art on a old book page.  I bought an OLD book from FRIENDS OF LIBRARY (they support my Zentangle classes). Being the book was older, the pages had a golden, faded color to them.  I released (didn't want to say ripped out - seem sacrilegious to do), a page and we found a phrase, poem, or collage of words - highlighted those words and tangled around them. Since it is still the "LOVE" month with Valentine's Day, we drew three hearts intertwined with Diva Dance pattern around them, and a tangleation of Henna Drum pattern.  


Even without color or words, this art is interesting.

Support your local Friends of Library and check out what the library has to offer.
 You will be surprised.

Monday, February 18, 2019

Skyline Hills Library Up Up and Beyond Basic Zentangle

There is much more to basic or Introduction to Zentangle class.  Twenty tanglers joined me and took Zentangle to another level.  For me, most valuable class is "Beyond Basic Zentangle".  You learn string theory, embellishments, enhancers, shading, tangleations, tango's, tracing, and more.

Below -
A couple students brought show and tell of projects they have completed with The Zentangle Method.

Tangle your own Valentine.
Zentangle - I
❤❤❤❤❤❤ you

Kim (President Skyline Hills Library), above left,  designed this Zentangle thank you card for me.
Good job Kim !!!

Skyline Hills Library - 3rd series class will be:
March 23, Saturday @ 10:30-12:00
Project will be created a Spring Bunny

Be sure to support your FRIENDS OF THE LIBRARY so programs like
 Zentangle continues being brought to library.  

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Bonita-Sunnyside Library Joins the Zentangle World

The Bonita-Sunnyside Branch library is a gorgeous, friendly library with a beautiful community room, perfect for teaching a Zentangle class.

Many Tuesday mornings I attend Bonita Library's Merrie Ukes and play with a large group of ukulele strummers.

I was asked to present a Zentangle class at this branch.  Yet another library joining me in sharing of this amazing art method.  The co-founders, Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas created an art.method that takes the "HARD" out of art by using simple materials then add corner dots, border, string and add "tangles".  Whaaalaaa. a beautiful piece of art.  Kids - seniors can complete a Zentangle tile.

A few lucky early students and I had "tangle" time before the rest of the group arrived.  Tangles are what we call the patterns. There are over 160 official Zentangle patterns (go to official site:  Zentangle creates a new pattern at each of the four certification seminars they hold each year.  So many tangles, so little time.

Many other folks have created interesting patterns that have been documented. Go to to see patterns organized by a Linda Farmer, CZT (Certified Zentangle Teacher).   New tangles are created everyday.  Get on her email list.

Eighteen bright eyed adults and kids joined me to see "what is Zentangle?". 

Tangles used today were:  Onamato, Crescent Moon, Rainking, Paradox, Tipple

Below we are admiring all the tiles created today.  Each student interprets my instruction and their tile reflects that.  A great activity to do as a multi-generation family.

Check out the Bonita Library website for other events/programs/classes.