Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Pacific Beach Library gets Tangled Up

I headed west today to Pacific Beach for my first class at Pacific Beach Library in San Diego, California.  Best part, a short drive from my house.  I have driven past this library all my life and never noticed it was a library and a huge one at that.  The branch manager, Christina, was so friendly.  Great community room to teach Zentangle Method and about 22 students came to learn about Zentangle.  A couple familiar faces, but most were newbee's wanting to know what "Zentangle" is.
Today was not an Introduction to Zentangle Method class, but a ZIA (Zentangle inspired Art).  With the holiday season upon us, today's class we created a holiday greeting card.

Always fun to admire your fellow "tanglers" work. Pacific Beach Library rocks.

Monday, November 27, 2017

Holiday Are Here at Oasis - La Mesa


As we begin the holidays in San Diego, Cali, we came together at Oasis (classes for over 55) in La Mesa.  

I always encourage folks to create their own greeting throughout the year and especially in the holidays.  Using the Zentangle Method, you never have to buy another greeting card again. This is just one of the classes for Zentangle greeting cards I have already taught this season.

Good job ladies........  Thanks for spending the afternoon with me and tangling.

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Friends, Holiday and Zentangle

What a delightful day at my friend, Carol's home today.  We were joined by Cathy, Debbie (her sister from Texas), and Rebecca for an Introduction to Zentangle Method class.  Four folks that had no clue what Zentangle Method was and they still came eager to learn "what all the talk is about" Zentangle?

Before we get into the class, take a look at Carol's cool dining table.  Yes, it is a piano.  Not a real piano, but so real looking, you had to try to play "heart and soul" when you saw it.   Isn't it cool?

Zentangle is a easy-to-learn art method that creates beautiful images by drawing structured patterns.  During the drawing process, you relax, focus, and get into a state of well-being - healing art.
First we learned the basic Zentangle tile - abstract, with string and patterns (tangles).  

Then we moved onto our second project - a Holiday Greeting Card with the Zentangle Method in mind.  We call it ZIA (Zentangle inspired at). 

Look at their faces below, when I asked how they liked the Zentangle class?  Always smiles.

Thanks to Carol for hosting class, ladies for joining us,  and Happy Holidays.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Don't Buy An Adult Coloring Book

No need to purchase an adult coloring book - design your own coloring page with the Zentangle Method.  May of the authors of those books are CZT's -  Certified Zentangle Teachers. That is just one of my many classes I teach with the Zentangle Method in mind.

Today at Poway Library in San Diego, California, 17 of us created a fall coloring page.

This is Sylvia, her Mom and Karen "the librarian".

This young boy (below), created a super cool design.  Everyone thinks their art work isn't good, but look how cool his art turned out.  I say that my instructions are only suggestions.  That is the great part about Zentangle:  no mistakes, no erasers.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Oasis - La Mesa, Alcohol Ink with a little Zentangle

One of my favorite classes but most involved is Alcohol Ink Class.  Typically, I only have one class a year because of all the materials it take to bring to class -  well worth it though. Alcohol Inks are COSMIC. When applied to surface, the inks blend into each other without joining the other color.  You just have to try it for yourself to see the magic.

Nine students and I dove into Alcohol Inks today - no, we didn't consume Alcohol.  Alcohol Inks are very vivid paints that you apply to ceramics tiles, paper, and many other surfaces.  I like to drip fall colors onto my pumpkins before I tangle them.   Today we designed bookmarks on Yupo paper.  It is a plastic paper that isn't porous.  As you can see in the bookmarks below, the Alcohol Ink creates a "stain glass" feel on the surface.

Each student created three bookmarks.  After letting the Alcohol Ink dry (which is super fast) we tangled a bit of Zentangle lines to enhance the colors.  You don't want to take away from the color of the inks, so just highlights of lines create a nice foreground for the bookmarks.

Take a gander at these beautiful bookmarks.

Tada ...  Aren't they beautiful.