Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Happy Holidays to all my blog bubby's . 
Thanks for visiting my blog and sharing all your comments and thoughts during this year.
 I'm excited to say that  2015 will be my third year in Zentangle and I love that each year seems better than the last.

Thanks to all my students that spent the time to start their Zentangle journey with me and
let me share my passion of this very interesting art method.
I've meet some amazing people during my journey thru tangling and can't wait to see what
the new year holds. 
From my hubby and I (Janet Masey-CZT) in San Diego California.
Happy New Year

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Diva Challenge #198 K.I.S.S

The last Diva Challenge of the year is one that is perfect for me.  Keep it Simple Silly.  Being a hairdresser by education, this is a very busy time of year for me, not to mention just out of a two day stay in hospital for diverticulitis.   I had this little reindeer guy on my stack of "finish later" and thought he was perfect for this challenge so I stuck him in the tree and "snap" done... 

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of you that enjoy my blog and partake in this amazing art form ZENTANGLE.  I always tell my students, that Zentangle will change your life in some way when you begin.  It has made a big different in mine. 

HAPPY NEW YEAR - bring on 2015.  Tangle on my friends

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Diva Challenge #197

The Diva Challenge was to use the brand new official Zentangle® pattern introduced at last seminar in November - Arukas.  Very clever name -  Sukura (the supplier of the best micro pens us tanglers use) backwards. 
Yesterday was our monthly Monday Zentangle Club get together.  We had three new members join.  There were seven of us and all of us were CZT's.  Newbie, Karen was still on cloud 9 from just returning from seminar in Providence, Rhode Island, where they introduced this official pattern. Welcome our other new members -  Denise and Izumi.   We worked on the Diva Challenge today during meeting and shared Zentangle talks that are always interesting and helpful. 
Zentangle Spoken Here
Zentangle is starting to grow (inch by inch) in San Diego area.  I still have to explain what the art form is when I introduce this amazing new method of relaxing and drawing, even though Rosie O'Donnell introduced Zentangle on THE VIEW several months ago. 
Arukas with N'zepple
More Diva Challenge entries

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Diva challenge #196

Diva Challenge #196, All Dolled Up.

Billie Lauder shared her Tangle Folk with us and I'm waiting for her book (hopefully soon) to come out.     I love these little people.  Thanks Billie.  Put me first on the list for the book.

Positive from a Negative

This was an email sent to Rick and Maria (Co-founders of Zentangle)  after Ferguson situation.  This touched my heart.
Good evening! 

I'm a resident in Ferguson, Missouri.  I don't know if you know about all of the unrest my community has been facing over the past few months, but today brought something beautiful. This past Monday night after the Grand Jury announcement, many of the local businesses were broken into, looted and burned.  When I drove to work on Tuesday morning I was shocked to see the damage. By that night all of the businesses had boarded up their windows. 

Some inspired artists decided to look at these boarded up windows as an opportunity to beautify and heal Ferguson.  For the past 3 days local artists have been out painting murals and messages of hope. I have been practicing Zentangles for the past few years and wanted to share the joy it has brought me with my community. 

The beauty shop, Beauty World, which had been burned on Monday night, became my Zentangle paper. The black and white paint became my pen. I was hoping to show through Zentangle art that, as you say, anything can be accomplished one stroke at a time...even working toward unity, equality and peace.  

In my heart, though, it was also a way for me to show that black and white can work together to create something more beautiful than any one shade can create on its own. My community is diverse and we are more vibrant because of that diversity.  We have the opportunity now to work together to create something more beautiful for our community, for our children, for our future. 

I have learned that Zentangle is not just art.  It's a type of meditation. It's an expression of energy.  It's a message of hope.  That's what I wanted to share with the community of Ferguson.  I wanted to share an image of my painting with you because without your teachings, I couldn't have created such a work of art.

Thank you for providing this art form that helps me to work through and express my emotions and thoughts during this transformative time. 

Thank you!  C.



Monday, December 1, 2014

My Favorie Zentangle Book

My new favorite Zentangle Book is PATTERN PLAY
by Chris Letourneau, CZT and Sonya Yencer, CZT

I love they way they encourage tangleations (multiple tangles together)
Love Love Love it.  Thanks Chris and Sonya