Sunday, October 28, 2018

Spider vs Jack-o-Lantern

Kensington -Normal Heights Library comes with a flair of that neighborhood feel in
(SoCal) - Southern California.

With less than a week before Halloween, thought I'd bring the spider and web out in our drawing.  I brought grey toned paper to class and the students will use their black pen with white Gelly Roll pen to create web and highlight.

Drawing a pumpkin is easy (or I couldn't have done this free hand).  Create the center arch, then aura out on each side till you like your pumpkin shape.  Add stem and whaaa laaaa. Mr. Jack-o-Lantern.

Happy Halloween Folks !!

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Falling into Fall at North Clairemont Library

My Zentangle class today at North Clairemont Library in San Diego, Calif,  was only a mile away from my home.  How perfect is that?  Eighteen women AND man (yes, one), joined me today to create a Zentangle Fall Greeting Card.  I found an adorable jack-o-lantern with a fun winter hat on to trace for our card.  It was so cute..  

We traced our pumpkin, and tangled (Florz, Printemps, Verdigogh, Bamboo),  Remember NO ARTIST EXPREINCE NECESSARY.  We got out the watercolor pencils out and brought some fall color into our art piece.  I even gave out kisses today.  NO... not real ones, Hersey. Just like chocolate... your gonna love Zentangle.   Well, it is almost Halloween,  Can you say TRICK OR TREAT?

Look !!!! That's right,  guys like Zentangle too.  FYI  Zentangle is an art not a craft. Zentangle is for all ages, kids, teens, men, women, and seniors. He chose to leave his art piece black and white.  He did red in his holly berries in Verdigogh.  Good Job.

What costume are you wearing for Halloween this year?

Happy Fall Ya'll

Friday, October 19, 2018

Uncork and Unwind Into Fall

Students came to get fall started at Koi Zen Winery in Carmel Mt. Ranch in San Diego, Ca.  We brought the season in by using the Zentangle Method and decorating faux pumpkins.  

Thirteen ladies and friends came to start their Zentangle journey and a couple return tanglers too.


This table of eight friends wanted to celebrate birthdays at the Winery and take home a decoration for the home or give for a hostess gift during the holidays.      HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!

Thanks to the owners Lisa and Darius for a fun class at their beautiful winery.
Next class at this winery is January 30th and March 20th.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Bonita Library Got uke?

Today, my hubby and I dusted off our ukulele's and headed to Bonita Library.  A friend told me last week they had a group that meet every week to strum.  I used to go to Today's Piazza's in Encinitas, CA to strum and dance hula for many years.  A great reunion with strummers I knew way back when.  Can't wait to go next week.

I hadn't been in touch with Bonita Library to share Zentangle, so I dropped my Zentangle brochure off with the Manager of Library today and hopefully, Bonita Library will join many of the other city/county libraries and start their Zentangle journey also.

Below is Diane - we used to play uke together for events. So nice to catch up.

Side story:  Diane was traveling in Colorado, and had some spare time to shop and wondered into a antique store.  The owner asked if she was looking for something specific?  (if you didn't know - if you play the ukulele - you can never has enough of them.  Between my husband and I, we have 12).

Anyway back to the story - Diane asked the owner if he had any uke's.  He said he did but it was at home but he lived real close.  But first,  he told Diane that it has an etching of a man and a woman in a loving way on the uke.  This seemed a little strange as she was hoping it wasn't X rated.  She was relieved to see that it was a tasteful etching of just a couple.  Whew.  On the inside it was dated 1935.  Now that was a find.  A little banjo uke from Colorado.   

If you are in the San Diego, CA area and have a uke, join the Merri Strummers most Tuesday's at Bonita Library.  Check a library near you to see if they have the same program.

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Renaissance Takes Allied Garden Library By Surprise

Today at Allied Garden Library, seventeen folks went back into the renaissance time and created a Zentangle tile.  With Renaissance tangling we begin with a mid-tone and add both light and dark. We call it "Renaissance" because its inspiration are the sketches of the great masters of the renaissance who used this method of drawing.
Renaissance Tile Tangling – Zentangle

Below is Kathy, she brought yet another friend (her name was Kathy too) to see this new amazing art method.  I asked Kathy after class about Zentangle and she said "I LOVE IT".