Sunday, January 29, 2017

Monday Zentangle Club Christmas Party 2016

Today, Wendy hosted our 2016 Christmas Zentangle Club Party.  Wow, her house was so cool.  This is a pic of her "art" studio.  What a great room.  Thank you Wendy for sharing your home with us all.

We put together a beautiful way to hold your Zentangle tiles.  They are were different, yet the same.  Just like Zentangle tiles.

I brought a fun activity that proved to be interesting.  That's a word you use when you aren't sure if it's good or not so good.  Check out the attempts to use a "nose flute". 

This is Zentangle's new scarf that has tons of "tangles" on it.  If you are looking for a gift for someone that loves Zentangle.  Go to to purchase.

This was mine !!!

Fun celebration Wendy... thanks

     Image result for north thurston public school lacey wa pic   
Lacey, Washington

On January 23rd, I was visiting my family in Olympia, Washington.  Claire, my niece, asked if I would  teach a Zentangle class for her 3rd graders.  She had mentioned that her class has 13 "busy" boys in the class. I assured her I could create a quite time while "tangling".
As soon as we started our Zentangle project, all  the children were quiet and engaged in this new, unique art method.  I think the part kids like about Zentangle, is there are no mistakes, no erasers. 
After class is my favorite part about teaching kids.  Being a hairdresser as well as a Certified Zentangle Teacher, this one 3rd grade boy stood out. He had shaved both sides of his hair and bright orange long hair on the top. His question to me was "is your phone number on your information you gave us?  I want to call you about Zentangle.  I really like it."

Some of the other statements after class from the other kids:
Can we do another one?
Will you come back?
Can we make up our own "tangles"?
This was fun.
I assured them I had left a Zentangle project with Mrs. Harrison and she has had a class from me and can share all that she has already learned.  Claire told them she had a book and would work with them on more Zentangle art. 
Thanks Claire, loved your classroom and mostly the kids. 

 About the time I started tangling... my Mom requested a Zentangle girl to hang in her bathroom.  This was the piece she still has I did for her four years ago.


Here is a fun extra item.... Look at this hairdo !!!

Thursday, January 19, 2017

ZenGem Monday

This is Marie, today she had a private Zentangle ZenGem class with me.  We designed a bracelet and added some "gems" Zentangle style with watercolors pencils, and colorless pencil.  She is a great students, always ready to learn more. 
Marie and I not only share the love of Zentangle, but we both enjoy playing the ukulele. 
 Fun day with you Marie.  Thanks.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

This class is a four series class: 
1st week -  Introduction to Zentangle
2nd week - Beyond Basic Zentangle
3rd week -  Animal Tangle,
and last but not least....
4th week -   Coloring Book Page Zentangle Style.


After our first tile, I like the students to observe all the tiles and their similarities and differences due to personal inflection.

Four happy students.  Thanks for starting your Zentangle journey with me today !!!
Check out Spring and Summer catalog for more classes at the POWAY ADULT SCHOOL.

City Heights Weingart Library San Diego California Zentangle Class

                           Wednesday,  January 11th, City Heights Weingart Library in San Diego.

This evening, I shared the Zentangle Art Method with ten lucky kids and adults at the library.  I've been teaching Zentangle classes since June 2014, and I yet to have more than one or two student raise their hands when I've ask "who know what Zentangle is"? 
Because of the adult coloring books, more folks are becoming more aware of patterns.  By the way, many of the coloring books have been written by many Certified Zentangle Teachers.  Tthe books are an extension of drawing structured patterns, just like the Zentangle Method.  I tell my students to create their very own personalize coloring pages with the Zentangle patterns.
               And yes I have a class to learn just that  (check out my class icon on home page!!!
After completing the paperwork, background check, fingerprinting, etc, - I'm happy to have been accepted on the library PERFORMERS LIST.   So grateful that the City/County have found this art method interesting enough to compensates me for my services so many folks can attend my classes at no charge. I've taught many class for the libraries in 2016 and lots more scheduled for 2017. 
The difference in an individual class and the library class is you won't receive a mini kit with supplies to take home (I loan them to you), and we complete only one tile (that's what we call the paper we draw on), but you still get same information and great class experience with a Certified Zentangle Teacher that has been trained by the co-founders that designed the art method - Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas.  Check out the orginal website:
Thanks Jennifer, the Branch Manager at City Heights Weingart Library, for setting up a Zentangle Introduction Class for the folks that frequent your library.  I had a great time sharing this art method with all that attended. 
The library wrote up a nice advertisement for their patrons.
And whalaaaaaa....  Didn't they do great (below)?  We had grandparent with granddaughter, a man and women "couple", young lady, young man, Muslim Mom and two daughter, Jennifer, the Library Manager sat in class again, and my favorite little guy, Anthony, he was 10.  After class he was the first one to ask "where can I have another class"?  I got handshakes and lots of questions about classes - they all wanted to learn more.  That's exactly how I felt, April 2015, my first Zentangle class.  I was one of those people that never did "art" because it was hard.  Zentangle takes the hard out of art.  I LOVE IT. 
                                Best Part NO ART EXPERIENE NECESSARY
If you could do me a favor, if you have taken a class and learned about Zentangle Art Method and think the art form is new, exciting, and something folks need to experience (even if just one class), share the word and let's get more and more folks into creating Zentangle Art and during the process the added benefit is.... you relax and de-stress.
Tangle on my friends.
All the same yet different with individaul flair.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Zentangle Introduction Class @ Solana Beach, California

I'm so excited to start teaching Zentangle classes at my new location
Dancing Canvas Expressive Art Therapy Studio
742 Genevieve Street, Suite F
Solana Beach, CA

This is a beautiful studio that shares meditation, relaxing, and art all together.  The studio is quiet and peaceful for a wonderful location to share Zentangle Art Method.  Best part it is right next door to a delicious Mexican restaurant, Fidels'.  Nice after thought from a class.  Right off the Freeway at Del Mar Race Track.

Come and start your Zentangle journey here, or continue your journey with one of my other classes.

January 15th,  1:00-3:00 Introduction to Zentangle
January 29th   1:00-3:00 Beyond Basic Zentangle
February 12th 1:00-3:00  Zentangle Hummingbird Design
February 26th 1:00-3:00 Zentangle Dreamcatcher Design

Monday, January 2, 2017

Happy New Year

I brought the new year in with our three grandaughters, Lilly 5, Elle 8 ,Chloe 10, my hubby, Tom Tom, and daughter, Crystal.  We had a sleepover with Beat the Parents game (the parents lost), spaghetti dinner, movie "It's a Pet's Life", and of course cowbells, horns, party hats, sparkling cider in fancy glasses, and rain at midnight.  Yes, I said rain, here in San Diego.  It is so rare that we maybe get 2 inches the whole year, and I think we had 3/4 inch this evening. 

Only three out of six of us diehards made it to midnight.  It was the grandkids first time bringing in the new year   Thank you rain Gods for letting up at midnight so we could celebrate the new year in the front yard.  Thanks to my step mom Sharon,  next door neighbor,  for the contribution of "cowbells".  Those dang things are loud. 


I hope you all continue to tangle and create some beautiful Zentangle pieces this year. 
I have lots of classes coming up in the new year and hope you join me for a class or two. 
Check out my classes at the top of the home page. 
If you haven't started your Zentangle journey yet..... 
come and join the rest of us and hop into the amazing world of Zentangle.

  You don't get it, till you do it.


We heading out to the San Diego Zoo this evening for the Jungle Bells night Zoo.  They had everything lit up and tons of other folks had the same idea.  It was a warm night (70 degrees) with the cloud cover "before the storm". 

It never fails, I see Zentangle art becoming popular in many locations.
This was one of the tank tops you could buy at one of the boutiques at the Zoo.