Monday, March 24, 2014

Difference between doodle and Zentangle

   Doodles are mindless drifting scribbles  (aimless, unfocused, done while doing something else, unstructured/chaotic)  and tangles (the patterns of Zentangle) are deliberate and thoughtful (mindful, done with intent, focused, purposeful, sole activity, attention in the moment, helpful activity) and take you to a place of calm, and redirection your  thoughts to a better place and let you Zen out away from stress, fear, anxiety, sad, bored, etc., and/or just let you create something beautiful.

Flower are always a good thing
My tangle today was inspired by Helen Williams. 
 Happy Monday, I know for most of you, Monday is a reminder that the weekend is over...
 but for me (being a hairdresser), it's my Sunday funday
and everyone else is at work so it's my favorite day !!! 

Try to tangle this picture.                                       This is my interpretation...
 This is what I meant  "you will start seeing tangles everywhere". 
Can you see it?

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