Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Diva Challenge #188 Nathional Coming Out Day This Week.

Daniel wrote to "the Diva" with his heartfelt message for this weeks challenge: 
His name is Daniel, and he is 12 years old.  
Daniel told me that October 11th is National Coming Out Day.  Daniel's friend is gay, and so he wanted me to help him support his friend and to issue a challenge with a LGBT theme. 

Daniel says:
I think it would be a good way to further inspire tanglers and raise awareness if you considered a challenge to somehow put some aspect of LGBT in a tile. Perhaps using the colors of the rainbow, or using tangles that start with L, G, B, and T, or using those letters as a string?

   This is Daniel's Zentangle tile for this week.
This is such coincidence that the Diva Challenge this week is "National Coming Out Week"   Tomorrow my brother-in-law in Arizona is getting married to his partner after more than a decade of being together. I'm so happy for them.
Here is my Zentangle tile for them.

Congratulations Don and Joey !!!
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  1. lovely image for your brother - togetherness

  2. What a lovely tile, Janet. The hands really show the meaning of this.

  3. Great way to do this challenge. I am sure your brother in law will love it!

  4. Love it - what a very special tribute to your loved ones.