Sunday, January 18, 2015

Football Play off Zentangle Class Sunday

Unfortunately, last week my Dad was introduced to Scipps Hospice.  During the first Doctor home visit,  the Doctor was intrigged with  my step mom's Zentangle tiles at their house  I  live next door to my Dad (I know, cool huh?) so they asked me to come over and tell her about Zentangle   
The doctor was interested and invited me to give an Introduction to Zentangle class at her home.  Nice little group,  her daughter and a couple of her friends.  Also attending was her daughter's two year old.  I never did a Zentangle class with a two year old attending.  She was so good.  Maybe the Zen wore off on her also.  Thanks to the standard poodle and miniature poodle there to entertainer and Apprentice pen (she used her arm as a tile).   Once again, four folks never heard of Zentangle and they were surprised how interesting it was.  Love that "aha" moment. 
And of course, being the class was in La Jolla, San Diego, we were only a couple hundred yards from the ocean, so I stopped to checkout the sunset before I headed home.
P.S.  What a fantastic playoff football game between Green Bay packers and Seattle Seahawks. (my husband taped the game and I got to watch the exciting ending to a "OMG, I can't believe Green Bay lost" game.   Wow.  Goooo Seahawks.   

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