Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Weekly Diva Challenge #208

Weekly Challenge #208: "Duotangle - Cubine vs Pokeroot"

I just love me some duotangle.

A duotangle is a term that originated here on my blog - and it means to use ONLY TWO tangles and their tanglations throughout your tile. 

For this week's challenge please use only Cubine and Pokeroot and their variations. (follow the links for the step outs)

I used Cubine for my border and wrapped Pokeroot around it.  That was fun !!!

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  1. Pokeroot seems very shaken by Cubine with sharp arrises.

  2. I love how you flipped some of the cubes around the border. This is a great design - nicely done!

  3. Nicely done! Love how you moved the Cubine around.

  4. Especially like how the cubine in the middle seems to be a window overlooking space. This is a fun rendering ...I agree with ChristineC, pokeroot seems to be huddling together in some type of solidarity. Wow...we can really imagine all kinds of're an illustrator! LOL!