Monday, April 13, 2015

Diva Weekly Challenge #213 "Traced Object String"

This weeks Diva Challenge is to find an object and trace it then add tangles.
I chose 3D glasses.  If you have never watched fireworks thru 3D glasses,  run, don't walk and buy some for the next time fireworks are in your area.

While watching a sporting event at the stadium, fireworks were let off after the game (which made them very close to view).  With my handy dandy 3D glasses on, I watched the show...  It is like watching a kalidascope turning all the colors and prism effects.  After the fireworks stopped  -- the person sitting behind me said I was a better show from my exciting from watching the fireworks thru 3D glasses than the fireworks.  Try it -- you will like it !!!"

For more tangles from the Diva Challenge go to link:

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