Monday, October 17, 2016

Fall Zentangle Pumpkins

Today at San Diego Oasis - Mission Valley, I taught a Zentangle pumpkin class.  We had fun learning some new tangles and decorating our vinyl pumpkins.  Chris, Valerie, Jody, Camille, and Jan all jumped in (some with a little hesitation with making a mistakes) to tangle our pumpkins.  Remember, there are no mistakes in Zentangle Art.  It is a bit different working on a round surface instead of a flat tile right at first.  My suggestion is to hold your pumpkin in your lap - so it won't roll - and tangle away.

Pumpkins are a great decoration for Halloween and also a beautiful fall decoration on your fireplace.  I encourage my students to give them away as hostess gifts during your fall parties and make some interesting conversations at the party.  Go ahead, boast about your new found art method.  

Last week I taught a class at a friends home.   Jayne shared with us a yummy pumpkin truffle from Trader Joe's.  I couldn't resist going to Trader Joe's after my class today and hunt these delightful treats down.  The cashier next to use had a great shirt on.  Zentangle is everywhere, I just couldn't resist snapping a pic.

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