Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Poway Adult School Adult Coloring Page - Zentangle Style

So many classes I teach, I start with "who has heard of Zentangle?" 
Usually one or two students hands go up.  They say "I've heard of Zentangle but not sure what it is."  Then I asked, "who has heard of the adult coloring books?  Everyone raises their hands. 

Certified Zentangle Teachers (CZT's) are authors of many of the adult coloring books. 
Zentangle is all about drawing structured patterns. 
Did you know you can create your own coloring book page with the Zentangle Art Method?
This class shows students how to make their own coloring page.
Never buy another coloring book again !!! 
  Today, since it is February, we created a Valentine coloring page.
 After designing our coloring page, we jumped into coloring,
learning new techniques with watercolor pencils & blending pen.

I will suggest that the "tangles" (patterns) speak for themselves,
you don't need a lot of color on the page.  Using lighter colors will let the tangles shine thru. 
  The ladies still have some homework to finish coloring.  I think they did a nice job. 

Meet the artist -   Lee, Betty S, Lois, and Betty M.




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