Thursday, September 21, 2017

Scripps/Miramar Library all Tangled Up

Look at this gem of a library at Scripps Ranch, San Diego California. 
Beautiful, mission feel to this lovely, tucked away library. 

We got all tangled up in Zentangle Art at the library this evening.  Such a beautiful location.  How do I know? I arrived at the library early (you never know what the San Diego Freeway traffic is going to be like), and after seeing the little pond with ducks next to the library... remembered that right next door was Miramar Lake.  Wow, this 5 mile loop was filled with walkers, bikers, runners and families.The drive got me into the Zen zone and ready to teach a Zentangle class.

Miramar Lake - San Diego, Cali
 This was a big class with lots of ages, I call this multi-generation Zentangle class.  Nice when a family can come together and learn something fun for everyone and continue to engage in together.  Thanks Trevor ( branch manager), and the Friends of the Library, for inviting me to your beautiful library.

This was some of our art we created today.  I like to take a photo after class, and let the students observe the magic.
Seeing all the art together shows that even with same instruction, we all create our own art with our own flair.
 A lot of folks think they can't engage in art because they are not artistic. The co-founders of this art method - Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas, designed Zentangle Art Method to take the "hard" out of art.  By drawing structured patterns, any age can easily complete a "tile".  If you can draw a circle and a straight line - you got this.  Try it.
This artist - was an architect and as she said, " I drew lines for a living and enjoyed the class".  Zentangle is for every age, for ever level of artist or non-artist and for lots of different media.  Use Zentangle for journaling, wall murals, quilting, clothing, ceramic,  add to other media's you engage in, etc. 
The below, little artist,  was pre-school age (adorable).  You can see she was able to complete two art pieces.  I never heard a peek out of her the entire 1.5 hours because  Zentangle gets you out of your head and onto paper. I could be teaching one or 125 kids at the same time, same thing happens - a quiet room for the duration of drawing. 

The extra benefit of Zentangle, it puts you into a state of well-being  - happy place.  While you are engaged in drawing the patterns "tangles",  your thoughts are just drawing the lines, not anything else for the moment.


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