Saturday, December 7, 2019

Here Comes the Holiday's

                           Zentangle class today was at Tierrasanta Library in San Diego.
                           Eleven folks joined me to bring in the beginning of December
                           with a Zentangle Angel Greeting Card.

                        December is here, and that means THE HOLIDAYS ARE AMONGST US.

                       Holidays can mean exciting, fun, celebrating, cooking, eating, family/friends,
                       parties, joy, and love.  This time of year can also mean, stress, lack of sleep,
                       anxiety, sadness, lonely, overwhelmed, over eating,  and depression 

                      Zentangle has been proved to help with many issues as in:  depression, anxiety,
                      sad, mad, bored, etc.  So...
   Just when you think you are going to loose it,
                      grab a pen and paper and "tangle".  You will be surprised at the results. During
                      the process you are focused on your art, instead of your surroundings.  AND,
                      you might make a beautiful gift for someone else that might be feeling the
                      same way and give that person a smile for the Holidays'.  

                     Join me in one of my classes this December and get "happy" with this secret gem.


                        Today's  class used Joanne Fink's idea of dangles and I created this fun
                         ZIA (Zentangle Inspired Art) Zentangle angel  greeting card.

                                  Doesn't matter whether you are young or older, an artist or never had
                                  any experience with art - Zentangle was designed for every age and
                                  NO ART EXPERIENCE NECESSARY.

This is Cece and her Mom, Caitlin.  Cece is seven years old. Look below at their work.  No matter what age or ability - Zentangle makes beautiful art. Great job girls.
Terrific job Judy -- Love her hair.

                                       I had fun looking at the personalities class gave to their angels
                                      from their hair, to there face.  Just by changing the size or shape
                                      of the dangles - creates a whole new look.  


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  1. I enjoyed making these angels. I had a hard time with her hair...but then Janet said she loved it. Go figure!!! Well, she is a professional hair dresser, so she should know what is in style!!!