Monday, July 28, 2014

DIVA Challenge #178 Duo-tangle

This weeks Diva Challenge was to draw a duo-tangle based on your initials. 
After looking at "J" and "M" patterns, I had to use these two. 
 "J" (for Janet) is represented (for my biggest fear in life -sharks) so I used the pattern - JAW2 .
   The "M" (for Masey) is represented by a brand new pattern by Betsy Wilson - Maryhill.  
  I met Betsy at CZT 14 Seminar, June 2014
 and she showed and told us about her pattern she was going to submit. 
 How exciting to have your pattern accepted.
Thanks for a great tangle Betsy.

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  1. Wow Janet! That's WAY cool! But why so scary? Instead of eating Maryhill, I'm thinking maybe a fun sun or maybe a sunflower pinwheel! I love the splash of color...nice meeting you too, take care!

  2. Oh that is really nice ... I like it a lot!

  3. Nice combination of the two tangles. Does remind me of a big sun.