Sunday, September 21, 2014

Sunday Funday Zentangle Club.

     Three newbies to club today.... Charlotte Carpenter (drove all the way to La Jolla from Temecula) and Suzanne Wilka (drove all the way from La Mesa) and Susan's Auntie Elaine (flew all the way from Canada).   Great addition to the group.   Here are a couple things tangled and shown today at Susan Bowden's beautiful ocean view home.  Missed you Rho Densmore.  I have something from Patty Yokey for you........... 
 Suzanne's wood burning light plate.
Who's that behind her Zentangle pumpkin?   Of course, Suzanne. 
Great job on pumpkin mask.  Did you see that view to die for? 

Christmas in September.....  gotta start early on the projects for the Holidays. 

Zentangle lap board.  Wow, love the decoration you wood burned into it.

Charlotte.....  wow.

This is my handy tangle..... Maple leaf for Susan's Aunt from Canada Ya !!!

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