Sunday, September 13, 2015

Do you need a class from a Certified Zentangle Teacher to learn to tangle?

     Several weeks ago, I got to meet Mary when she attended one of my Introduction to
Zentangle Art Method classes.  Three weeks later, Mary came to her third Zentangle class
of mine (and brought friends)   She shared with me a couple of tiles she had drawn just with
the information from the Internet she found and then she showed me some tiles she had
completed after getting a class from a Certified Zentangle Teacher --me !!!

     You be the judge....  the first two tiles are learning off the Internet...

Or these tiles after taking classes from a Certified Zentangle Teacher....

    The below tiles (that is what the paper is called) is full of color even though it is just a black
and white piece.  The shading, the contrast, the interesting placement of tangles (that what we
call patterns)  but most of all it looks complicated and intricate yet easy enough for someone
with no art experience necessary to accomplish is what makes it much more interesting from
a CZT.  I say, if you can write your name, then you can tangle.

     Wow...good job Mary.  A+   --- thank you for coming to class and sharing all your tiles.

     Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas (the co-founders of this art form) hold six - 4 day seminars  
per year in Providence, Rhode Island.   All  CZT's have attended to become certified.  Rick and Maria taught each of us the history,  theory, and knowledge in the same way they want the art
method to be taught to our students in which it was designed.  From the correct way to draw the structured patterns, to the embellishments, the shading, and all the tiny extra help to make the
most out of your art.   (i.e. the art form as well as the process of relaxing, de-stressing, therapy
and meditation.)   Rick and Maria took the "hard out of art".

    There is a whole world of CZT's that we keep in touch with thru websites, Facebook,  Clubs/meetings, workshops, retreats to share with each other the world of Zentangle and how
we can become even better teachers of this art form. This community of folks are dedicated to
give our students the best we have and all the knowledge we find/share.

     Someone might share with you how to Zentangle  (we call it tangling)  and we want everyone
to share Zentangle because it is amazing, but after you get exposed to Zentangle, look up a CZT
in your area and take at least one class. I bet you can't take just one class ... If you can't find a
CZT on your own,  go to (the official website)  under teachers and find the closes one to you.  You would be surprised to see that we are located all over the world. 

     If you want the whole experience...... take a class from a Certified Zentangle Teacher,
I guarantee you will be amazing at the difference, just like Mary.

           (with each class I tell my students.... WARNING: Zentangle can be addictive)  

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