Sunday, September 27, 2015

Zentangle Pumpkin Design Class

Fall is here and Zentangle pumpkin classes are in demand.  Today's class, we learned lots of new tangles that work well on pumpkins at Beverly's Fabric...and used some old favorites too.  Great for holiday house warming gifts !!! You can't buy these in the stores.. yet. 
(Three ladies were camera shy. I understand.)

Great start on the pumpkins girls... they are going home with homework (finish Mr. Pumpkin) and then start the other colors (orange/black/white).  WARNING:  Zentangle can be addictive...

P.S. The pumpkins come in many sizes and types.  I prefer the "craft" pumpkin (from craft store - i.e. Michael's - glossy or matte finish).  Some pumpkins have a waxy coating on them and "gunk" up your pen.   

Lynne is working on Rick's Paradox tangle.
Linda is working on tangle "Zander"

Don't forget to finish off your pumpkin with some stem topper.
Raffia and artificial leaf's attached with glue gun is what I used below.
You can also add a note tied on with raffia. 
I used my business card to give my surgeon a thank you gift (pumpkin) for a job well done.

P.S.  After turning the pumpkin, the stem looses it's color. 
        You can use brown and black Identipen to re-color.

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