Friday, March 18, 2016

Zentangle "Celtic" Style

                         Happy St Patrick's Day !!!  
Zentangle class today at Oasis - San Diego was all about Zendala tiles (Zentangle in the round). We tangled a pre -strung tile and our second tile, we were green with envy finally getting the Celtic knot tangle down.  

Also, to keep in the Celtic mood,  we took a break from my usual Hawaiian slack key music to Celtic -Irish music along with Andes Mints.  We enjoyed feeling Irish today.

May the luck of the Irish be with you all !!!
That's right -- I got in the picture today.   Thumbs up to Zendala day !

A funny thing happened today.
I added my tile I drew for instruction in the class photo.  We all checked out everyone's work and then took their own tile.   I was cleaning up and one of the tiles left wasn't mine.
Let me know if you would like your tile back !!! P.S.  You forgot to initial.   

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