Sunday, March 20, 2016

Spring --Saturday Introduction to Zentangle Class

Today was an Introduction to this amazing Zentangle Art Method
at HOBBY LOBBY - La Mesa, CA. 
If you have taught yourself  Zentangle on the Internet or by looking thru the many Zentangle books and feel you don't need an Introduction class.. --- I strong suggest you find a Certified Zentangle Teacher in the your area (you can find one by going to under CZT's) and let us certified teachers show you all the Zentangle knowledge you can't get out of a book or on the Internet.   
I have had several students tell me they didn't need an Introduction class because they have been Zentangling for a year on their own.   First of all, you would learn in your first class,  we we say "tangling" not "Zentangling".   Zentangle is the name of the art form and tangling is what you do when you are drawing. 
You will learn embellishments, shading tips, history, relaxation and so much more..  After those students (that thought they didn't need to take an Intro class) finished my class, they sad "Wow, I learned so much more than I thought I would, you were right,  I needed to take an Introduction Class". 
RUN TO YOUR NEAREST CERTIFIED TEACHER AND TAKE A CLASS.  You won't be disappointment.  You will probably sign up for the next class too. 
A certified teachers have been to a four day seminar and taught by Rick Robert and Maria Thomas- the co-founders that designed this easy to do art form.  Because of this method, when you draw it is easy enough a child can complete, yet looks complicated and intricate.  Rick and Maria's motto is:  ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE, ONE STROKE AT A TIME".  Trust me.....  you need CZT's.
CZT's have blogs/Facebook closed sites/newsletters for all the CZT's all over the world.  In San Diego, this area's CZT's meet monthly and discuss many topics on Zentangle classes and more.
P.S.  Many folks are starting to try to teach Zentangle after they take a class.  I always mention in my class, please share with a friend (one on one type thing), but Zentangle is a trademark and you can't teach and/or charge a fee without being certified.  So check before you take a class to be sure the instructor is certified.  Or you might just be learning what they learned out of a book or the Internet. 
Back to my class I taught today....
This is one of the tiles we completed at the Intro class today.  
Good job Amy, Jan, Jackie and Tara. 
Thanks for starting your Zentangle journey.

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