Wednesday, December 21, 2016

 September  2016, several of the Certified Zentangle Teachers of San Diego put on our second annual "Tangle By The Bay". 
After many meetings and collaborating, we present 2016 memories of a fantastic day.

There were 50 tanglers together and speaking the same language.  What a great group of folks.

Denise and Nancy welcomed and registered all tanglers.
Susan Bowden, our MC, welcomed everyone and started the day off with a special treat. 
When Jason Poole went to seminar in Providence Rhode Island to become a Certified Zentangle Teacher, he share a song he wrote called ZENTANGLE HULA.  We played this video and Janet Masey (that me !!!) created a hula to dance along.  Thanks Jason, we loved the song.

This is our table filled with donated and given gifts for our raffles. 
Susan was able to give out winners of the great raffle gifts all day long.  Thanks to all that donated. 

We had several classes.  This is Janet Masey (hey that's me !) instructing a new class called,
"14 Shades of Gray"

Nancy Loomis showed us how to embellish our work and create more amazing tangles.

Charlotte Carpentier dazzled us with her pen knowledge and how to bling up our work.

This is Olivia, she was our photographer and go to girl for things we needed. 
Thank you for all your help before and during the retreat.
AND we loved to meet Olivia, Susan's dog (our mascot) that came with Bob (Susan's husband). 
Bob and Olivia brought all 50 lunches to us.  Thanks Bob !!!
Towards the end of the retreat, we let tanglers share some of their beautiful work with us.
Here are just a few of them.

I have to say, the best one was Nancy Robinson's unique Zentangle surprise.

Nancy Loomis finished piece.

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