Thursday, December 1, 2016

Holiday Greeting Card - Zentangle Style Today At Oasis - Mission Valley

Can't believe the holidays are upon us.  During this stressful, busy time of year with all the parties and holiday festivities, remember to tangle to de-stress all this fun and excitement that leaves us tired and sometimes run down. 

This two hour Holiday Greeting Card class at Oasis - Mission Valley today passed by so fast. This was a ZIA (Zentangle Inspired Art) class.   We designed two greeting cards.

The first card, we practice a new tangle:  Showgirl and Auraknot.  Showgirl worked great for getting the fluff on the tree  (I like to call it - Flux in Vegas) and the star on the top of the tree we used Auraknot.  We added "Ahh" for snowflakes acound the tree, and used a clear gelly sparkle pen to give that snow sparkle.  Ohhhh ahhhhh....

  students at work

          This was our second greeting card.
  Made a string around our whimsical snowman and used tangles: 
Keeko, Tipple, Bales and Printemps.   
      To you and yours from JANET MASEY

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