Sunday, July 2, 2017

El Cajon Library in San Diego has it going on. 
Saturday, 7/1/17 I was asked to teach a Introduction to Zentangle class. 
What a surprise to arrive and see all the rooms and centers and library station being used. 
Folks were reading, on the computer, and using all the facilities advantages to their upmost. 
I've been teaching Zentangle classes at the libraries in San Diego now for a year,
and the libraries have so much to offer.
You have to check out the county or city libraries in your area
and see what are on their "events" for the one closes to you

       This is a couple of the basic tiles we completed today.  Great class, great folks, and great room to teach in.


This gentleman wanted to preserve the outline we worked on and drew his own tortoise.
I hadn't see that before in one of my classes.  Good job.

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