Monday, October 9, 2017

Oasis Zentangle Pumpkin Workshop 

Today's Zentangle class was at Oasis  in La Mesa, California.  This location is a special place for 55 plus folks that love to learn. 
The Zentangle Pumpkin Workshop is a popular fall class. Great group of folks.   

AND.... I can NOT talk about David.  He was so cute.  After my instruction on "tangles" we could apply to our pumpkin, he began tangling.  He took his pumpkin to a whole new level.  When I walked thru class to see how they were doing, he had applied fun little jack-o-lantern faces on his pumpkin.  I praised him for originality. Peggy, who brought him to class, said David likes to draw outhouses.  I told him to draw one on his pumpkin.   Thanks for coming to class today David.  You are a hoot.

 The almost finished project: The Zentangle Pumpkin. 

Thanks for coming Marilyn, Pat, Carol, Lydia, Karen & Barbara
and of course David - who had to leave early.
These clever pumpkins make great house warming gifts for those fall get togethers. 

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