Saturday, October 28, 2017

Zentangle and Fall Leaf at Lakeside Library

Feel the cool breeze in the air?  San Diego's heat wave finally broke to only 80 degrees in Lakeside California. I began to teach my fall Zentangle classes starting at Lakeside Library.

Our class today was a Zentangle Fall Leaf.  We learned many tangles to apply inside our "string" that happened to look like a leaf.  Embellished the border with  "Linked" tangle by Vicki Murray then followed with embellishments of "perfs" and "aura", to complete our leaf.  Students could go home and bring some fall color to their leaf with colored pencils.  However, just using black and brown sharpies to give contrast to our leaf looked pretty good without color.  I always say, "the patterns speak for themselves".
Students admiring each others finished project. 

Nice work guys.

I suggest students to bring to class their tangles to share. 
Today, a student shared her tangled pumpkin.
Thanks for sharing.

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